Da Lian

1674 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 883-1883

Recent Reviews

Sinéad Gangler

The food here is outstanding! Dream options for vegetarians and carnivores.

Mike R.

Good curbside pickup during Covid. Order over the phone, pay with your card and pick up your good without going inside.

Ryan M.

An honest review: I've been coming here for years, fairly more often during the quarantine, (they still do take out) and I have learned that I always get what I pay for. Yes, the food is a bit more expensive if you're comparing it to chinese takeout shops, but this is high quality cuisine that took some effort and care to make. I'd recommend the honey walnut chicken, paired with one of their fresh garlic noodle dishes. Everything is always delicious and the quality is excellent, but I've noticed some people complain about how traditional the recipes are followed. Don't get it confused, this is chinese food catered for an american palate. The staff is always very friendly and courteous, and I have yet to experience a time I was greeted without a smiling face.

Mary K.

I'm so disappointed before coved-19 food was good. Waisted my money! Ordered a lot of our favorite food for my family... green beans Was not fresh at all,honey walnut shrimp had a fishy smell and soggy undercooked and the veggies in chow main was soggy couldn't eat it.... wow the orange chicken Smelled sour and even the fortune cookies are stale........... sooooooo disappointed ! Waist of money And food. I want my money back

Ben E.

The highlight of the meal for me was the homemade garlic noodles. I think the only homemade noodles I have gotten from a Chinese spot were the ones at Shandong in Oakland. I substituted tofu for meat. I feel like the tofu could have been better. We also got some spicy garlic eggplant, which was solid.

Paige Hval

We ordered the pork brisket soup and the Hunan beef. Both were fantastic and had really nice, rich flavors. The meat in both dishes was tender and delicious.

melvin chan

Great place . Tired the noodles great. Service need improvement. Overall l will be back.

Cynthia M.

I don't know what happened to this place. Maybe they had a server who called in sick, but we were standing for almost ten minutes waiting for someone to seat us. The person at the front was dealing with take-out orders but when I asked a wait staff person if we could sit down, she pretty much ignored me. When we finally got our table, we received a pot of tea without cups and we had to ask for water. The staff seemed overwhelmed and our food took longer than expected. The staff did not check-in with us at all. They just dropped the food at our table and walked away. We like the food, but my husband doesn't want to come back. They also changed the chairs which were very hard and uncomfortable.

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Friendly people, great food, reasonably priced. I often order to-go and it is always ready exactly when they say it will be ready. No waiting around, but better yet no cold food either.

Robert McCurdy

I love this restaurant! They provide fantastic food, they have a rich menu, The chef in that place is a professional, I love very much trying all their dishes. The dishes are always fresh and tasty, the service towards the clients is nice. I go often to this restaurant and I not even once was discontended. I recommend it to all.

Oscar t.

Very good Chinese lunch destination for me, Hong Kong crispy noodle is my favorite. The hot and sour soup is VERY Spicy aNd good, nice lil salad to start and a fresh won ton to boot...

Jeff Maley

Fantastic food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Nofel Naoman

Great food, more then satisfying quantities. Friendly service. Okay sitting.

Potted P.

Has always had great service for many years, the food is almost always consistently good (once every few months it gets a little off but it's barely noticeable, and usually for to training somebody new) I've been here for many years and have never disliked my meal, the staff or any other amenities! Highly recommend from a local (me) who has lived in the area over 15 years.

Dave Kielpinski

Some of the best handmade noodles in the Bay Area! Homemade pot stickers and xiao long bao as well! Been here dozens of times and it’s always great.

Derek H.

Everything was a bit under-seasoned and boring. However, I enjoyed the fact that none of the food was overly greasy. Also seems like they use quality ingredients. I would be open to coming back if I ever find myself in North Berkeley, but it won't be at the top of my list otherwise. We ordered: spinach dumplings, noodles with pork brisket, and orange chicken.

Eri S.

To go order. The sweet lady holding down the fort told me that any of the noodle dishes can be made vegetarian. Got the garlic noodles with pork brisket, but made with tofu instead, based on her recommendation. Menu (and she) said it's spicy but it wasn't. Liked the fried garlic on top, noodles were fine, tofu was juicy and flavorful, steamed spinach was just that. I really wished there were more spice to the dish. You could get this for the spice adverse without problem. Maybe it's actually spicy if you get it with pork? I ate within 5 minutes of getting the order so it was still really hot, the noodles were already quite soft so I would recommend eating at the restaurant to get the best texture. It was ok but not something I would drive to eat. If I was already parked in the neighborhood, I might try again.

Samuel Chen

The food here was super tasty! I'd definitely recommend getting the schezuan fish! Also, service was pretty good. Finally, the portions were a lot bigger than the other reviews let on especially the noodles which come in a pretty standard bowl for noodles at a reasonable price for the Bay Area.

Marbo Cheng

I tried the Zhajiang hand pull noodles and preserved vegetables Lamb hand pull oodles. I would definitely recommend the Lamb noodles. The Zhajiang noodles were a bit disappointing it didn't have enough soybean paste and the pork were not chopped thin enough.

Arlene Acuna

Excellent handmade noodle dishes. And the usuals, eg honey walnut prawns and snow peas chicken were delicious..not overly sauced nor too salty.

Kathleen Q.

Ordered the chicken mu shu and green beans. The mushu is not very traditional. It was a stir fry of cabbage, chicken, and eggs. There werent any mushrooms, bamboo, etc. things that are traditionally in mushu stir fry. It still tasted alright. The green beans were good. However, i think it was both too sweet and too salty at the same time. If the dressings were held back a bit, i think it wouldve tasted much better. I could only eat it because i paired it with rice, which eased the saltiness and sweetness.

Amy S.

Just went here for lunch after touring Berkeley. Spicy Chicken with Eggplant-- delicious tender chicken (I don't usually like white meat chicken ) with non greasy eggplant. Highly recommend. My son and our cousin both got the spicy pork noodle soup. They thought it was delicious but both agree they would ask for less spicy next time (btw they both eat spicy foods). Can't ask for a better lunchtime meal.

Janice Sommerville

Good food and staff.

May Lee

Great food and friendly staff.

Jenny L.

It's certainly one of the better Chinese restaurants I've been to in Berkeley (although there isn't much competition) but I think it's still not as good as Oakland's Chinatown, which isn't far away. I tried the sesame onion pancake/bread (芝麻大饼) and 'farm fresh threesome delight' (地三鲜). Both are simple dishes that honestly you can make at home relatively easily but sometimes it's nice to be lazy. The sesame onion pancake is the thick style. I wish there was more green onion - most places tend to skimp on this and this place was no different. It wasn't overly oily though which was good. I felt like the 'threesome delight' was too sweet and wasn't a good mix of the three vegetables - eggplant, pepper, and potato. It was probably 70% potato, which is obviously the cheapest element of this already basic dish and I also thought it was too sweet and not really "fragrant". This place is also on the pricier side for Chinese restaurants. Long Life Vegi House, which is not that far away is much better value - although I do think the food here is better. Overall, if I was craving Chinese food and had to stay in Berkeley I would probably go here but I would be hesitant to recommend this to people looking for really great Chinese food.


My wife and I visit Berkeley from outside the country at least once a year...and have often ordered food from Da Lian for take out on several occasions. The food has always been tasty and well prepared as take out. Tonight, with our 40 year old daughter in tow, we decided to eat inside the restaurant...and what a mistake. We were shown a nice table and presented with menus and a pot of tea in the second dining room. As we past the first dining room, it was completely void of diners. Our order was taken in a timely manner and was even recited back to us as confirmation. Our order included a simple glass of wine and appetizers whilst we waited for our entrees. Then...we waited. And waited. And waited even more. After over 25 minutes and giving the wait staff questioning stares, our wait person approached our table and asked to take our order again...explaining that our order was somehow 'lost'. We immediately decided to leave the restaurant in search of a proper restaurant and, as we passed through the first room of the dining area, nearly all the tables, which were empty upon our arrival, were now occupied and had been served food while we never received water or a simple of glass of wine. We also noticed that all of the other patrons who had been served in a timely manner were Asian while we were the only white customers in the restaurant at the time. Probably coincidence though.

Lucille E.

last week's lunch was poor: 1) Mongolian Beef thick tough slices of been, fat around edges, 2)fish so-so, 3) prawns so-so. A past dinner was good.

David Zink-Brody

Very family friendly, warm, attentive service and rare hunan specialties (sesame bread) along with the usual favorites. Often comp an extra like traditional dessert for large groups, particularly when kids involved.

Lana K.

The best noodle ever and anywhere!!! And the people are fast and friendly.

Charissa Ong

actual real chinese food! legit noodles. I am much pleased

Hannah C.

This place is awesome! Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for those of you that need it! We started with the sesame green onion bread which was phenomenal, followed by veggie fried noodles, Sichuan chicken, and king pao tofu. It was all excellent. The chicken was tender breast meat, and out of my whole plate, I had no weird grizzly bits! Hot tea comes straight to the table and is complimentary, as is the standard soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil. I can't wait to go back and try more menu items! I have a feeling this is going to be a new weekly spot. The ONLY downside is that they don't take AmEx, but it's an easy issue to resolve.


I visited this restaurant twice during my stay in the Berkeley area. I ordered their special spicy noodle soup in my first visit. They were great especially the pickled cabbage soup. The second visit we chose to stay out of their northern Chinese noodles and chose lamb dumplings accompanied with chow fun noodles, the result was mixed this time. Their pan-fried beef chow fun flat noodle was not typical Cantonese style. The noodles were not fried long enough for my taste. The northern style bao with ground lamb was pretty good. So my recommendation is to try their northern style Chinese noodles for sure and experiment with the rest depending on your preference.

Cecelia Lucas

Fish ball soup. $5.99. Holy smokes this was spicy. My husband who normally eats fire sauce was sweating up a storm. Not too many fish balls though. Mixed with glass noodles, seaweed, and tofu noodles and spam.

Shivin Devgon

I ordered their mapo tofu. Big portions and good ambience and service

Deborah Malbec

My favorite Berkeley Chinese lunch restaurant

Katherine L.

My friend kept badgering me to come here because it was supposedly (by many international Chinese folks' opinions) the best Chinese food in Berkeley! So this past week I had the opportunity to go with a big group, and we all really enjoyed it! There were 8 of us, so we made a reservation. But on 8pm on a Thursday, there weren't many people in the restaurant, especially since it's a bit farther from campus and considering it was dead week for UC Berkeley students. However, the food was PHENOMENAL: Green Onion Lamb: 5/5, so tender and rich with oniony flavors (lamb goes soooo good with onion in Chinese dishes) Da Lu noodles: 5/5, the clams added such a great creaminess to the clear broth and tender noodles Zha Jiang Noodles: 4/5, I didn't enjoy the flavor of the sauce too much but the quality was sooo good Crispy Chicken with Walnuts: 3/5, the chicken was a bit dry after the batter and fry MaPo Tofu: 4.5/5, it wasn't nearly as spicy as normal mapo tofu, but still great nonetheless Vegetable Garden: 5/5, a standard Chinese vegetable dish Chicken fried rice: 4.5/5, a standard fried rice Kung also Fish: 4.5/5, for some reason this barely resembled kung pao, more of a lightly fried fish really, but the flavors were still so savory and amazing! Overall the FOOD: flavors were terrific even if they didn't quite align with the descriptions at times, and a really worthwhile experience to have come here. You have got to try the noodles too; they are handmade! SERVICE was great, especially since there were so few people in the restaurant. Food came super fast, and we shared family style. AMBIANCE was really nice, felt super warm (not temperature but mood/welcoming) and would be a great spot for a romantic meal! Can't wait to come back!!

Julia Y.

This is not an impressive place. Having grown up with Northern Chinese cooking myself, I was excited to try the "Zhajiangmian" which is a classic Beijing noodle dish. It's traditionally a ground pork + fermented bean paste based sauce on top of hand-pulled noodles, finished with julienned cucumbers for texture and freshness. However, this dish at Da Lian was so Americanized, and to me tasted like regular lo mein. It was oilier and sweeter than usual. I'm guessing a little bit of oyster sauce and hoisin sauce were used (which actually is a Southern Chinese version of Zhajiangmian), but I didn't taste any of the classic bean paste in here at all. Disappointing! 2/5 The "Yu Xiang Rou Si" (shredded pork with garlic sauce) was more authentic. This dish should be a rather sour, tangy dish with crunchy chestnuts and thinly sliced bamboo and green pepper, and shouldn't be too sweet. This dish delivered an above-average impression. 3/5 I'll add some extra Yelp points for the inexpensive bottle of Mondavi Reserve Cabernet ($22!). We spent around $40 each including tip. All in all, I will not be taking my parents here as I know what they'll say (dishes are overpriced, and too heavily doused in strong sweet sauces with little authentic flavor.)

Yoshita S.

Horrible Yelp sucks I'm pretty sure they have paid money for promotions. Service is horrible. Food is really bad. Don't come. I'm not going to waste my time writing about how they can improve Just can't believe their rating!

J J.

Service is miserable. Absolutely no refills on water, no matter how wildly you wave, same for replacing your napkin, which fell on the ground. Bring your own canteen. Furthermore, the waitress carries your soup to you, with her thumb submerged in the soup. Steamed shrimp dumplings (from their Dim Sum section) are good and fresh. Dry-sauteed green beans are very good--no need to get the tofu added since it will be too chewy and overdone, anyway. Was a bit of a go-'round to get them to understand that we merely wanted the homemade garlic noodles, vegetarian, with fried tofu. She kept smiling back and saying we wanted it with the pork brisket. We did not! They were tasty, but the chef needs to do a better job of coating them with the garlic sauce and not relying on the minced garlic on top to flavor the noodles. The blanched spinach, which is really probably more a garnish, is not good or bad. Just meh! Wonton Soup is very good--nice wontons with NO grizzley pork, and the wrappers are delicate. Still, we asked for a new soup without her finger having taken a dip in it and then pantomimed how to carry the soup without her intrusive, dirty thumb in it. She got it, but we saw her bring soup to the table next to us, with her finger submerged in the soup, again! The food is much more enjoyable and tasty to-go so that you don't have to deal with no water refills or watch the breach in steriile technique. Really, the worst service in terms of getting noticed and communication we have ever experienced. It's gonna be fun to order take-out over the phone!

Cole Lawrence Peltier

It is not "Dalian" food nor is it traditional northern Chinese food (不是东北菜), but it is also not your common "Chinglish" food that we often see in the US. It has some minor differences. Nonetheless, the food is rather good and the service is well. However, they do not give you chopsticks unless you look Chinese apparently.