Fish & Bird Sousaku Izakaya

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 705-1539

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Jenessa Kildew

Great customer care. I had a technical issue buying online (not their fault- I somehow made an error) and they promptly worked through on the phone with me to get it resolved even when their restaurant was obviously in their peak busy hours. Very kind and helpful. Would give them business any time!!

Tony Yeung

Outdoor dining. Portion is small. ?? OK to try.

Debra Cauble

We drive 1.5 hours from Sacramento for the wonderful food from Fish & Bird. During pandemic we get takeout and make at home items. All delicious. Today we picked up the makings for sukiyaki along with other items. So delicious!

Patrick Suzuki

Great charcoal bbq ?

Zhedi Zhang

Expensive yet remarkably delicious. Staff are very attentive, outdoors seating is a bit cold though:)

Mark Nelson

Superb, creative menu and excellent service.

John Ro

Good outside seating making best of pandemic dining.

Joanne K.

It was our first time dining outdoors at Fish & Bird Izakaya. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. The yakiniku ($65 per person) was not cheap but worth what you were paying for. The yaki onigiri (+$6) we added at the end was disappointing and I wouldn't recommend this for other people. The house special cocktails were a bit bland for us but as soon as we mentioned it, the bartender made special cocktails for us for the next round. Overall, I would recommend this place to family and friends :)

Arisa S.

Best outdoor dining experience during covid!Since this place only has 6ish curbside tables, I highly recommend making a reservation on or over the phone. I called in to book a table for two about an hour before my visit on Friday night. In terms of safety measures, the tables were well spaced out, and the staff were all wearing masks. Our server Daniel was friendly and frequently checked on our table while maintaining a safe distance from us the whole time. He really went above and beyond and made our visit a pleasant and memorable one. Now onto the food, we started off with the Agedashi Tofu. The tofu was fried to perfection, crunchy on the outside and silky on the inside. The dashi tasted comforting though I think it contains bonito broth. If you're not vegetarian/vegan, this is a must try! We got some complementary salad as well.We also tried the Saba Misoni (simmered mackerel in sweet and savory sauce) and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. The mackerel was super soft with no bones. The panko-breaded chicken cutlet in the curry was so crunchy, I can't get over it!As someone who grew up in Japan, I highly recommend this place if you want to venture beyond California rolls and try some authentic Japanese food.

Melanie W.

WOW! Really, just wow. From service to the dishes themselves to the kindness they showed our dog, outdoor dining at Fish & Bird is where it's AT.Last night was a beautifully warm Saturday summer night, and I was able to call in for a reservation an hour later for 8pm. Although they close at 9, we never felt rushed and our server did an amazing job at creating an atmosphere that was inviting and relaxing. (I forget his name but he was an Asian guy with glasses - if you're reading this, you're awesome!) Last call for main dishes was around 8:45 and they came by our table to let us know. Desserts and drinks are still available after that. Outdoor dining was great - our table was far from others (not just the very basic 5-6 feet minimum that some places do), and there was enough light to eat although our table didn't have a lamp/candle or anything. There was a low partition between us and the street which was nice to separate us from people walking by. We had a dog with us, and they were so sweet to him! Offered him water and some freeze dried beef snacks that he was obsessed with. Onto the food, this is one of my new favorite places because the dishes are impeccable. You can tell how much thought was put into each one. + Chawanmushi uni: explosion of flavor. Comparable to the one from Skool in SF, but this one tasted a bit sweeter and lighter. So good, but would also pair well with crackers!+ Chicken katsu curry rice box: the sauce is cooked over two days I believe, and the rich deep color makes that obvious. Some of the best curry I've had. The chicken is moist too! Came with a refreshing vinaigrette salad with pomegranate seeds and tomatoes.+ Saury sushi: very aromatic and refreshing. They tucked pieces of imitation crab into the rice, which was a nice surprise! + Mackerel stew: I'm forgetting the exact names of these dishes, but this was such a tender dish. They use only fish cheeks, so your girl was feeling like ancient Chinese royalty eating this dish haha! So many pieces of fish with a rich but light broth, amazing. + Agedashi tofu: I LOVE agedashi tofu and have to order it everywhere I go. Comes with a piece of eggplant and 3 shishito peppers. Very tasty but the skin was a bit chewy. One of the better agedashi tofu I've had overall. + Seagreens & corn tempura: so crunchy! Was very salty though, so we couldn't finish the dish.+ Hot house sake: tasty! Perfect to pair with all of the above dishes. There were about 7-8 servings of sake inside the small size.I'll be back!!

Justin W.

We had a family dinner while visiting UC Berkeley. We were delighted to have a nice outdoor dining table far away from the other tables. I ordered the set menu that came w/ cocktail drink. The special for the day were all Maguro (tuna) related dishes. The Maguro Yule Don (similar to poke) and Stewed Maguro Head (miso flavor) were very authentic and tasty. The services were great despite the pandemic that caused the loss of staffs. Will visit it again in the future.

Jessica S.

Forgot to review this but we ordered takeout and it was one of the best takeout experiences I've had! Chicken Katsu curry was super thick and dark and delicious, toro bowl was good, best duck confit I've ever had (my fav dish) and loved the cod fritters too. The only thing that was disappointing was the Uni chawanmushi texture and taste was a little offExcited to come in person to try their grilled meat

Maichee V.

If you're hesitating whether to eat here or not, please just go! Such a cute/sweet group of people running this restaurant. Extremely attentive, accommodating, and well trained staff who loves what they do every day. Had such a great time eating out during a pandemic, they really make sure you feel safe and comfortable by seating tables far away from each other. Good food, good drinks, professional and lots of safety measures during COVID-19.

Regina S.

We really felt lucky this place had adjusted in time for my birthday celebration. We really enjoyed their service + exceptionally prepared + authentic Japanese ingredients. We ordered: Japanese A5 Wagu & Seafood Wakiniku (2 people minimum)Chilled Uni ChawanmushiKarei KaraageYari-Ika FryRoasted Strawberry ShortcakeWhite Miso Yuzu Ice CreamWe recommend: 1) Loved the Wakiniku for medium to experienced barbecue experienced person. We have decades of Korean BBQ grilling skills, but Izakaya (the Japanese grill) requires a more experienced hand. 2) Chilled Uni Chawanmushi was exceptionally smooth and delicious. You must be a uni lover to enjoy. 3) Both desserts were perfectly not overly sweet! The Roasted Strawberry Shortcake was a mouthful of Japanese creme with full strawberry bites. Really generous portion for 2 people. And the White Miso Yuzu ice cream had a savory and sweet balance with lots of flavor it reminded me of salted caramel! Perfect if you're into Yuzu flavor, not just sweet citrus. Price: We did think it was pricey for a college town like Berkeley, but if you found Fish & Bird in SF--you'd think it was a steal. So curb your expectations to exceptional food for SF Bay Area price, not Berkeley.

Jason H.

Glad I went. Nice evening with great food, nice hosts and reasonable prices. A lovely Izakaya. Go.

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