1830 Fourth St, Berkeley
(510) 845-8100

Recent Reviews

Mitzi Manzano

Good food & value. Nice presentation

Sandra Lind

This is my top 1 restaurant in the east bay. Amazing food, atmosphere and service. Always a happy and satisfying experience.

John Flores

I celebrated my graduation today in this great restaurant. Well we passed a brilliant evening and the venue was certainly one of the reasons for the successful event. The team participated in a very nice manner, the cooking was appetizing and my guests were extremely glad. We shall surely return for more events. Thank you very much.

C Avila

The place serves large dishes and for convenient rates. very welcoming staff members. Highly recommended.

Kayla Meadows

Great ramen, great service, hit the spot! Hygienic as well.

Iris S.

The food is delicious! Rustic Japanese cuisine becomes elevated to superb presentation and tasty fresh ingredients! Excellent service and food! Plus I love that the Latino waiters really know their way around the japanese food they are serving; so Berkeley!

J. M.

Bit pricey but great food. Everything was great except that they didn't measure my temperature (or any other customers) when I got in. Even though I was seated outside, I felt uncomfortable. There were other tables near me with customers that didn't check their temperature.In this time of pandemic, I feel that these outdoor dining restaurants should take precautious procedures and measurements.

Truthteller X.

My favorite Japanese restaurant. Low key, always quality food, and cute decor that is modern, comfortable, and minimalistic. Love their agedashi tofu. Nobody does it like them!

Midori T.

Truly disappointed. Made reservations, our first time eating out since the lockdown in March for our 48 anniversary. Picked it because we've frequented and was familiar with the outside seating with the heat lamps. Noted on reservation that it was a special event. When we arrived, hadn't realized they added additional seating in the street, no heat on a cooling evening. This was all they had available. They said they could reseat us when a table became available, but didn't look like it was going to be anytime soon. It seems as if any note I left was not read.

Victoria Lynn Curtis

Amazing presentation. Fresh sushi and good service

Jenny F.

Yesterday my husband and I attempted to have lunch at Iyasara and had an awful experience. We arrived a bit before 2:00 and were told by Dan that although they didn't have any seating, we were welcome to wait around for someone to leave. We saw several parties who appeared to be finished and had lots of dirty dishes on the table. One party even had their credit card sitting on the table for 10 minutes while the staff was largely absent. Finally the server Katie came by and we politely if she could possible take the credit card. At that point Katie looked at us and said "you're telling me what to do". I was stunned by this response. I am in the service industry, and i understand the customer is not alway right, however our request was simply just that, a request. We were not ordering Katie to do anything, and it was an outrage for her to be so aggressive in her response. As a customer, to be treated this way , was disgusting. To add insult to injury, after Katie went back into the restaurant, Dan came out told us we were no longer welcome to wait. Additionally , there is a sign at the restaurant which encourages customers to observe the "1 hour seating rule". It appears the customers are expected to follow guidelines which the service staff won't. Terrible experience. We would welcome a response from the owner to discuss this matter.

Mary Jane Alcala

Food is always beyond gratifying. Service is always superb. I've been to this restaurant several times and each time brings joy to my heart. I ordered food for take out yesterday and it was quick, was given a glass of water while waiting.

Landry Mccarthy

Excellent and flavorful food, I loved the vibes the spot has, and the workers were friendly. Will definitely come back again.

Stephanie C.

Came here early on a week night. Make sure to make reservations because they're fairly busy. They only have heat lamps for some tables so definitely layer up.Some of the freshest sashimi in the East Bay!! Highly recommend the chirashi bowl if you love raw fish. I'll be back to try some of their hot dishes and appetizers.

Emily Barazi

Some of the best Japanese food we have ever eaten!! Amazing!

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