La Capilla

1106 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4906

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Jim Pollock

I need to try more of their menu but I love the tacos so so so much!!

Glenna H.

This spot is so yummy. The chips, the burrito, the habanero salsa! YUM I got the fried fish burrito and it was really solid. Would recommend.

Linda K.

I recommend this place for the smoothies, Mexican food, even breakfast. I had a great vegetarian meal consisting of the kale and mushroom tacos and green rice salad with black beans. Just add the red and green salsas to give it all an extra zing!

micah f.

Their 23 spice mole is so good. The veggie mole plate is full of kale and sweet potatoes smothered in the rich sauce. Their green rice is so good, and that plate is so full of flavor that I keep ordering it. The bad news is that means I don't get to eat the other amazing offerings rolling across their menu. They do everything so well here, and they really make sure everything is delicious, full of flavor, and really healthy. We're vegetarians, but rarely get to eat this many veggies when we dine out. My wife always gets the vegetarian plate. When she gets her plate first, I always drip some puppy tears, fully whining. Why won't she let me sample her perfect plantains? When my plate comes, or right before it comes, when I smell it, I've already forgotten about my wife's order, and my wife as well. It's mole time. We weren't excited about La Capilla when the coronavirus tilted our world, because we weren't sure how it would survive the trip home. Delivery is always a catch-all, but maybe you know how to make that work better than I do. However, when I went to pick up an order that I placed over the phone it was super easy, very safe, and the food was delicious! I really tried to save some for the next day, and was partially successful. To make it easier, next time I'm going to order some of their perfect potato taquitos.

Joan L.

Something about the food here-always fresh. I order the plantains, beans and cream, and the tortilla salad with chicken. Must have the agua Fresca. Corn tortillas are organic.

Toni M.

Calle 10, now closed, was a sister restaurant. They served a posole verde that was marvelous. Once I tried it I never ordered anything else when we were there. When they closed and reopened as Italy on Gilman and I read in Berkeleyside Nosh that the ownership remained the same and that they were part of a small restaurant empire, I wondered whether any of the other locations served my posole verde. The first time we did takeout from Italy on Gilman I asked and a very helpful young woman told La Capilla served it. I looked up the menu and didn't see it, so assumed I had misheard her. When I returned to pick up another dinner Saturday night I saw her again. She recognized me and wrote down the name of the restaurant. She said the posole verde had started at La Capilla and that her uncle put it on the menu at Calle 10.Last night we did takeout from La Capilla, posole verde for me and a fish burrito for Alan. He ordered and I picked up. There is no parking in front, but there's a parking lot right next door, which is very convenient. I parked and walked in. The woman at the counter was a bit brusque. The food was ready and I paid and left.Alan was disappointed they didn't have shrimp, but really liked that there was fish in every bite. He said there were lots of ways to customize the burrito, some w/ a small upcharge, some free. He had a spinach tortilla (75¢ more) and he thought the rice was brown rice. Sauteed onions were free. The burrito was neatly wrapped and didn't fall apart as some do. The posole was different from that at Calle 10. The broth was thinner and the chicken was cut in small bites, rather than torn into chunks. The vegetables that came w/ it, finely shredded cabbage, chopped onions, radish slices and cilantro, were separately wrapped together in foil. Thankfully, there were no serrano pepper slices for me to find and pick out. The radishes, rather than shredded, were large coins, and that didn't work as well for me. As w/ the Calle 10 posole, it came w/ homemade tortilla chips, enough to share w/ Alan. Bottom line, I liked it, but not as well as the rendition at Calle 10. I would have it again, though, and would cut the radishes up so they blend better into the soup. It made for a good dinner.

Ron McDowell

Great quality home cooked Mexican food, delicious smoothies and excellent prices. The cochinita pibil is most excellent!

S G.

My previous glowing review and photo for this business have been stollen from Yelp. There are copyright content trolls going around nominating people for Elite status, which I've turned down twice now. This review is for this morning's experience. The cashier was rude and hard of hearing. When I raised my voice so she could hear me, she asked me to stop shouting! Unbelievable. I ordered a $3.85 taco, but she quoted $4.22. I asked her for the tax percentage, but she kept repeating 37 cents. I explained that wasn't what I asked for, and repeated my request for the tax percentage applicable. She repeated the same thing. I explained that her quote was wrong, and asked for my money back. She was doing strange stuff with the computer screen and wasn't quick enough returning the $5. You need some basic math skills to be a cashier, and if you see something wrong, fix it. At 3.85, with tax at 9.5%, that is more than 4.22. Her quote would be a 8.77% tax. That's wrong.

Sandra K.

Greasy authentic Mexican food . Organic meats had a Cuban torta , crispy tacos and Cochinita Pibil taco. Their tortillas are made with organic corn masa so you definitely taste the different in quality.

Mister R.

Only good things to say about La Capilla.They first caught my attention when I was strolling through university and seen their sign for their $2.50 tacos. (Yes there is more food items) I have gone there for over a handful of times now ever since. Why? It's consistent. Yes, it may be on the pricier side but 1. We live in the bay area and 2. for the quality of the food, there is no way you can really complain. They always have a fresh agua fresca daily as well that is a must for me with the food. Try the green verde enchiladas, they're pretty fire. Anyway, the staff there have always been cool and welcoming. Also, La Capilla is doing the whole COVID guidelines by wearing masks & gloves so kudos to that!

Dorian F.

Love this place! Great food, people, service and prices. Thank for your attentiveness during this Pandemic Highly recommend

calguy 100

Went here today. I am shocked at how far off and out of reality the + reviews on here are. Maybe it's the Corona Virus impacting the restaurant, but not only did they get a simple order wrong, they dont follow Corona Protocol. Chef was not wearing a mask. They dont sanitize the pens for signing credit card statements. My food was utterly disgusting, my burrito was sloppy and wet. It was all rice. I gagged.Better off going to Cancun on Allston or Picante on Gilman. Barf

Tito L.

Bomb food. A little stingy with the to go salsas but that's most places. The pollo picoso sandwich is fire! Cheap flavorful tacos too.

Gary Schatan

A step above, worth visiting for well conceived & soulful Mexican Food!

Ashley D.

So the 2 burritos for my husband and I was fine. But I order 1 cheese quesadillas for my kids and I was thinking it would be one large one so that they can atleast have something in their tummy. NOPE! It was two small corn tortillas with just cheese in it and some white crumble cheese on top....seriously? my kids said they were still hungary! I could of just made my kids some better looking and tasty quesadillas at home! SHAMEFUL! Don't come here if you are trying to feed a family with young kids they rip you off paying almost 9$ for 2 little corn tortillas with generic cheese. I won't be coming back!!

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