Rick & Ann's Restaurant

2922 Domingo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-8538

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Dylan Jackson

One of the best breakfast/brunch spots in East Bay. Menu is a great combination of classic offerings and unique options, plenty of vegetarian dishes, and their scones are just incredible. The food is just as good for take out as it was when there was dining indoors.

Benoit Wells

Get the buttermilk pancakes. They're the best packages I've ever had

James Kirby

My favorite East Bay cafes for working during lockdown - #4, Rick and Ann’sOne of my favorite places to work during lockdown is the seating area outside Rick and Ann’s. I usually pretend that I’ve just had an expensive game of tennis at the Claremont Hotel and am doing some Important Work before I hop into my hybrid SUV (sometimes it’s an imaginary Tesla). Other times, I put on a blond wig, baseball cap and shades and pretend that I’m Taylor Swift on a low profile retreat at the Claremont. I might sing or hum a little bit of Invisible String as a finishing touch to that completely plausible scenario. Seriously though, it’s a great place to hang out and there’s a very peaceful vibe – so please don’t all turn up at once!I originally used to get a coffee from Rick and Ann’s and a pastry and slice of pizza from Fournée. After a while I realized that Rick and Ann’s pastries are pretty darn good too! Plus, they have a different selection every day, providing a nice change from the (admittedly awesome but 6000 calorie) chocolate almond croissants from Fournée. I recommend R&A’s scones and muffins and also items like the pecan bar if you have an especially sweet tooth. Then I discovered the vegan burrito – it’s $7.50 for one of the healthiest and tastiest burritos that I’ve ever had – packed with zucchini, potatoes, black beans and spinach.There’s a lot of seating in that area – both shady and sunny – and free Wi-Fi from Peet’s if you need it. I’ve also been to several work events that were catered by Rick and Ann’s and can vouch for their other dishes – it’s hearty comfort food made with good ingredients.I’m also giving the Rick and Ann’s 4/5 “green stars” for social and environmental impact, based on this:• R&A’s have spent more than three decades making healthy food using local ingredients.• Reasonably good selection of vegetarian and vegan options (try the vegan burrito!)• They’re doing a good job at minimizing waste during lockdown. Cardboard containers and compostable utensils, if you need them (although you should be bringing your own utensils at this point, one year into lockdown).• When we’ve had R&A catering, there’s also a good effort made to avoid unnecessary waste.• They really seem to treat the staff like family – you can look up a story on Berkeleyside (Oct 2020) that describes R&A’s financial troubles – like many businesses, it’s under serious financial strain during lockdown. Though it all, Ann has stood by her staff. Support them if you can – get the pancakes if you’ve never had them or stop by for a pastry. The pantry and pastry counter is open even outside of their regular mealtimes.If you’re still not convinced, consider that Steph and Ayesha Curry were regulars!Interested in writing green star reviews? If so, please check out the Green Stars Project.

Sonal Gupta

delicious!!! the food is great with some unique / creative dishes and the service is wonderful

James Kirby

My favorite East Bay cafes for working during lockdown - #4, Rick and Ann’s

Jennie J. Mauney

The atmosphere was fun and relaxing. Service was adorable, and the waiter suggested his favorites which didn’t disappoint at all. The place was very elegant and sophisticated.

Connie Randall

This is a very successful restaurant, especially notable given its proximity to several other breakfast options in the same block. It is a happy, efficient, delicious spot best avoided on the weekends, unless you bring a snack while you wait....but don't! eat anything beforehand or you might be sorry because every single bite is yummy. There is community seating as well as some private tables--take the first option offered or the wait increases.....

Dakota Wade

I come to this outstanding place from time to time as I like the good air that is exist in this place. The staff is highly attentive and qualified. The service is awfully rapid. Needless to say, the food they prepare is highly distinguished. I frequent often and I was always joyful. The price is honest. I highly recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Bowen Bryan

I like this place! They offer fantastic dishes, their menu is large, The chief cook in that restaurant is a professional, I like very much eating all their food. The food is consistently good, the attitude towards the customers is nice. I frequently visit this place and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it to all my friends.

Diane H.

I have gone to this restaurant for years, and always loved the food. But my last take-out order was more than disappointing. I ordered a Caesar salad from the kitchen (as suggested by a young man who works there) because the already made up ones have olives all through them, which I don't eat. The person who took my order knew it was for later, but the salad came already dressed (which I didn't know till I opened it up that night) and was soggy and the lettuce all wilted. And the amount of parmesan negligible. On top of that, I ordered 3 buttermilk pancakes to be eaten there, outside. I finished two and ran out of syrup and went in to ask for more. She said it would be $1. I just paid $8 for 3 pancakes and the syrup was enough for two? I won't order either of these items again. Disappointing.

Angie C.

Lunch of meatloaf sandwich with french fries was delightful. DELIGHTFUL. I was surprised by how much I was raving about my meatloaf sandwich and the side of fries.

We used to come here for weekend brunch before the pandemic, but now I've found Rick & Anne's for the meat loaf (3 slices to reheat for dinner, or a meat loaf sandwich for lunch).

There's walk-in and take-away.

Angie Chang

Tasty meatloaf sandwich for lunch is a great deal with the French fries and pickles


New Year’s Eve dinner - OMG so much scrumptious food for a single order!Plus bake yourself sweet potato biscuits.Very excited!

Emily Hilton Wetzel

Still wonderful during Covid! We picked up pancakes, a tuna melt, and a turkey club. Delicious, and great service. A Bay Area institution!

Varuka Knox

This is the best french toast I've ever had.

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