Thai Delight Cuisine

1700 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 549-0611

Recent Reviews

Norbert Elliott

Very disappointed with paying $8 for this not even half full mango sticky rice and $4.50 for the smallest Thai iced tea. Anywhere else would’ve given double the amount of rice and mango... is rice getting expensive or something?!

Wesley Nichols

Delicious and Authentic flavors. When I fought Muay Thai in Thailand, this reminds me of the same country cooking. Green and Red Curry along with Tom Yum.


The food was good. I got a good amount of veggies in my noodles which is usually rare. The portion size was good as well. They have vegan and vegetarian options.

Cynthia Harbaugh

This place has changed hands several times over the years and this latest change is the best. Decor is updated and service is excellent. Not busy for lunch at all, needs to be busier. The food is always consistent and delicious.

Nathan Oliver

The food has been good sometimes, but more often very good. Like most places, prices are probably higher than they were three years ago, but they're still pretty good. This is my current go-to Thai food place.

Rachel P.

I got Tom Yum to go. It was exactly what I needed. It is so delicious. It was fast, healthy, fresh and amazing.

Ronny Elfassy

Best Thai food ever and the nicest owners. There is no better place to get vegetarian and vegan Thai food than here. Highly recommend the vegetarian pad thai and the whole menu is delicious!!!!!

Mary K.

I'm not sure if they are under new management? But definitely great service! The food was delicious way better than a few years ago... this is my second time ordering dinned in and take out. Definitely recommend!

W D.

Love the food. They have gluten-free options, using gluten-free soy sauce and not just removing the sauce from a dish which a lot of restaurants do. The waitersand waitresses are always very kind and helpful.

Sam S.

This is a great place and good is so fresh and tasty! Thai cuisine with great service and taste never goes wrong.

Yelp U.

Ate lunch here today with 3 friends. There was one other customer when we arrived and one when we left. Very relaxing and comfortable environment with great service and fine food. I had the Shimp Pad Thai. It was delicious but only had 3 shrimp and some tofu. All were happy.

Michael Stark

I had dinner there last weekend and the food and service was excellent. Thanks.

ken w.

I think the food quality at Thai Delight has objectively gone downhill in recent years. It used to be a standout place, but my last few meals from here were mediocre at best. Tonight I had a Pad Thai that was bland and had very little in it besides noodles, tofu, and egg. Hardly any veggies at all, not even the classic scallions, even though I ordered vegetarian Pad Thai. The flavor profile was bland, and it was SWEET--too much sugar. The spring rolls (fried) I got were likewise bland. Even the dipping sauce was basically just simple syrup--more SUGAR. Hardly any other flavors and almost no spiciness. These really must be new owners, and perhaps ones that have no experience with Thai cuisine and all its nuances and subtleties. Sorry to say, I'll avoid this place, and you probably should, too.

Meriel E.

This is my all-time favorite Thai food restaurant. At first I was dismayed not to see Chicken Pra Ram on the menu as it is my favorite dish, but I was assured that it was fine and I could order it as a lunch item which of course I did. I hadn't realized that the ownership had changed as I don't get in to Berkeley very often these days, and the service was still excellent. I was even given some extra Peanut Sauce. So delicious! My friend thoroughly enjoyed having the Spicy Tom Yum Noodle Soup - with the request that it would not be too spicy. It was perfect! Yes, I miss the original staff, but delighted that Thai Delight continues to delight! I look forward to my next Chicken Pra Ram - I have still not found any other Thai Restaurant that offers such a tasty version.

Suchi B.

I have been ordering from this place for the last nineteen years, and their standards never wavered. So I was shocked by the dismal food quality when I ordered on August 28th. The usually delicious fried rice was replaced by a soggy raisin, pineapple mishmash between a pulao and fried rice, we had to go looking for the meat in the tasteless duck curry, and the BBQ pork was bland. Later we browsed recent reviews and found out that the restaurant changed hands in the beginning of August which explains a lot. I am sad to have to strike off this beloved Thai restaurant from my go-to list.

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