909 taqueria

41819 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 366-0440

Recent Reviews

Jon Schwarze

Saddest torta I’ve ever seen. Burrito didn’t come with any of the extras I ordered and was charged for. Not a legit Taqueria

Thomas Spivey

$16 for the worst burrito I've ever had. It was barely bigger than a taco bell burrito and was full of nothing but rice. Thanks for the "carne asada" burrito guys. Never again. Absolute trash.

Garrett D.

If you're going to have a drive thru...why don't you start to ask for a order then when you pull up to the window it is ready?? It makes no sense. Don't have a drive thru if it's going to take the same amount of time as if you're dining in

Gary Hendley

A dark menu drive thruNo lightsVery over priced1 burritoFriesDrink$25.00I could of went to a real restaurant for more foodLess $...

Drea A

Went here after a road trip from LA. This was our first stop & we're very glad we came here! We did not expect very good Mexican food in Big Bear but this definitely hit the spot. Is it the best? Not exactly but if I'm ever in the area, I'd be happy to come here again & try more items.Food: 5/5

Chris Henry

More like a 4.5 but 5 stars if I wasn't a scrooge lol Food was great gf had an asada burrito and I had crispy chicken tacos ??

Geoff L.

I feel like these guys give it some effort sometimes...but we really only come here when there aren't too many other options open. The food is so-so but the wait...holy smokes...even though they tell you that it's gonna be a while, it STILL takes so much longer than it should. I mean, this isn't gourmet, there aren't tons of ingredients, the line is never that long, the quantities are small...I'm running out of excuses for them why mediocre, overpriced food should take so long.

Rafael Oliva

If you want authentic Mexican fast food in Big Bear, this is the place, if not go to East LA lol. I grew up in East LA and I know good Mexican food! A good Mexican restaurant is also defined by their hot sauce. This place has good hot sauce. It is not good food until the hot sauce is top notch. Also their meat is not dry and is tender. That's also a huge plus! I recommend their carne asada nachos! They will not disappoint. Their tacos are good! Don't get me wrong, it's not 100% East LA authentic but whom ever put this together knows their stuff. Lastly, they use Monterey jack cheese on their nachos! Not that yucky yellow cheese. That was huge for me. In the grand scheme of things, this place is what Big Bear needed. These other "Mexican" places here are good but for the price, I'd rather give 909 Taqueria my business! I was 100% satisfied!

JJ Sanders

Not a plesant experience.Thought they might be closed as there wasn't any activity. I said hello at the drive thru order area, couldn't hear anything ( or So I thought) and pressumed they were closed and was going to continue driving to exit. I saw their drive thru window was open as i was driving by so I said hello. A young woman comes to the window I went to ask her if they were open and she scolds me saying I was supposed to order back there. I mentioned I said hello and couldn't hear anything thought they were closed and she stated very rudely that it's because they hadn't said anything. I some how end up apologizing for being in their drive thru. Camt comment on the quality of food as it wasn't for me. This was my first visit here so not sure and will sadly probably be my last.

Ronnie A.

Due to the reviews I didn't wanna go, but one night I said F it. It was so funny at the cash register there's a child of some sort waiting to take your order. He actually really good and so was the food. The prices are pretty outrageous but the tacos we FYE.

Jac T.

The meats are great surprise to see tripas being served in Big bear. The lengua meat was tasty place to try out if you want some Mexican food

Gerson Gomez

Tacos are a bit small and the seasoning of the meats are pretty much all the same for all the different types. The chicken burrito had no taste at all. Staff taking orders could have been a but more friendly also.

Brent Richter

Really good food, tasty and fresh. Authentic street food and probably the best Mexican place in the area. While it looks street, tastes amazing and like it, the prices are steep!

Bella B.

$16.50 for a burrito! LOL! It doesn't matter if that burrito has Kobe beef and lobster in it. NO burrito is worth $16.50 and this one doesn't taste like it's worth $5! When you've had better burritos at Del Taco that tells you everything you need to know! Go next door and pay $12.99 for a burrito at Hacienda grill that is really worth it! Their food is class and its a nice place and environment. This place makes me itch. Dirty. Overpriced. RIP OFF!!!!

Curtis W.

Paid 80 dollars for food didn't even get half of it, worst service I've ever had in my life, never going to this establishment again, then they had the audacity to say we have to pay for everything they didn't give us yeah that makes sense.

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