Round Table Pizza

1411 W Covell Blvd Suite 111, Davis
(530) 756-1000

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Hall

Very good service. Everything got here on time. Would recommend

Samantha K.

This place is a disaster. First, I attempted to order Round Table on DoorDash. They accepted the order and then cancelled it 45 minutes later... 5 minutes before it was supposed to be delivered because they supposedly couldn't fill the order. Next, I called the order in. They said it would be ready in 20 minutes. When I arrived, they had no record of my order!!! Awful customer service! They did absolutely nothing to make this right despite cancelling two orders and blowing up our dinner plans. We will never go back.

Eugene C.

The food was great. The cashier and workers were also very helpful and friendly. I usually have a good experience and really enjoy the salad bar at Round Table pizza. However on saturday 9/21/19 there were a good number of flies in the salad bar, and also on the tables. My personal sIze pizza had a lot of flies on it. My soda cup also had 3 or 4 flies swarm around it. There were only 3 tables that had finished which needed cleaning. The rest of the restaurant was enpty. I was surprised by how many flies there were on Sat. Afternoon. Hopefully that problem will get better.

Jagveer Singh

40 minutes for a personal pizza

David Lee C.

I have had both dine-in and delivery experiences from a fair number of Round Table Pizza locations, and I really believe this is the best chain pizza place I have been to! Since I live in Davis now, it is where most of my recent experiences are from. They always do a good job; when it is for delivery, it is in a timely fashion and the delivery people have always been friendly. If you are getting your pizza delivered, then I suggest you do as I do, and program them into your speed dial. You'll thank me later. But even if you decide to dine in, it is very good. They do a good job of keeping their salad bar well stocked, and they have the latest style of soda vending machine with a gazillion options. It is pretty much the only pizza place I have done business with in several years. I see new ones opening up in town, and think "I should try them out," but when push comes to shove, I always call Round Table Pizza back.

Max W.

Pizza was good and their lunch specials were great but when we came in the place was deserted and no employees in sight. An employee who was not on the clock actually had to go back twice to get someone to come help us at the register.

Donna S.

This has been our standard take out pizza for years and years until last week. I ordered with the app and even though I thought my request was simple to understand--one Arthur's supreme, half with anchovies and half without anchovies. I also spelled that out in the comment section. My husband arrived to pick it up at the appointed time and they couldn't find it. A manager was called and eventually found it in a stack-- cold pizza by now. Then he discovered it was half supreme and half cheese. They obviously didn't understand the order. My phone number was available and no one called to clarify. When my husband requested the correct pizza they answered "no" but eventually the gave a refund.

Rob W.

I visited Round Table yesterday because my son earned a free pizza from the local library as a summer reading achievement award. The woman at the register called her manager over, who coldly told us the certificate was missing some sort of stamp, and they wouldn't honor it. Instead of feeling proud of himself, my son was just about in tears because he felt they were accusing him of being some sort of thief. Nice work, Round Table. Way to show a kid that it's way more important to mindlessly follow a bureaucratic process and "catch" him missing the tiniest detail, instead of remembering that the spirit of the program is to encourage and reward him for doing something positive.

maria luz

So clean and very nice students there.

Justin Turner

They always ask you " what kind of dipping sauce would you like" , then when you tell them they NEVER deliver it to you as well as napkins. My advice, go in and pick up.

random spiker

Absolutely love this place. Food was good and they have my childhood favorite drink I have not been able to find for years. Diet Pepsi vanilla. Staff is very friendly too.

Arlene Thompson

Outstanding service and very clean

Ann R.

This was our first and last time to Round Table Pizza. We ate in and the service was probably the worst we have ever had. We ordered 6 bbq wings and 6 MILD buffalo wings as well as pizza. After a while the table behind us was given wings and we heard the customers say, " these are supposed to be lemon pepper. " The waitress took the wings off the table, went into the kitchen, then came out and put the wings on our table. I asked her if they were the same wings that were given to the table behind us. She got a panicked look in her face and admitted that they were saying, "They didn't eat any." The order was wrong anyway being 12 very hot buffalo wings. I politely asked the waitress to take them back and bring a corrected order. Meanwhile our pizza arrived and we were well into our pizza before the wings arrived.and it was 12 bbq not 6 and 6. The pizza was okay but nothing to bring us back.

Joel Gussman

If all of the national pizza chains, round table is, hands down, my favorite. Good quality ingredients; good food presentation. Good everything all around..

Erin B.

Came here for lunch and was greeted by Lexi. We were wanting to watch the Red Sox game and they didn't have it available on any TV but then Nicole made it happen for us. She set up the red Sox game on one tv for us and cartoons for our kids:)) her service was amazing and attentive and made sure our food was hot and fresh and fast! The service that I got made me feel like I want to come back again and again. Thank you Nicole for making our experience a great one!

Tricia M.

$42 for a large cheese pizza and 12 twisty breads is just too much! I can't understand why this place is so expensive and never has any coupons or deals. But it's nice inside and they have a good beer selection- tho I would never come here just for a beer. Wish they would drop the price a bit and I would be on board!


This place is great, the pizza is delicious and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. They had initially messed up my order but when I called to tell them they said they would make right and make it again for me. That was some awesome customer service they saw the problem and corrected it and I really appreciated that. So even though they messed up my order they made it right and that's what counts.

Noren R.

I have been to many Round Tables and this is not my favorite. Let me rephrase- Probably one of the worst. The salad selection had limited lettuce, old dried out carrots, smushed bad tomatoes amongst the good ones, dirt left on the skin of some of the sliced cucumbers ... need I say more. Lots went wrong this trip. I'll try to go in chronological order. We were given the wrong receipt when we ordered. It can happen... But we also had to wait over 30 minutes for our pizza. There was only one other family before but they were eating their salad before we even arrived. So their pizza should have already been started. The point is I've had my pizza made faster before. And I've also had full on delivery pizza done before our dine in order was even completed. Sad. While waiting for dinner, I noticed one of the workers talking to a friend who came in and just sat in one of the booths. She was there just chatting away for over 30 minutes. Overpaid employee if you ask me because .... In this time, another customer is waiting by the cash register with no employees to be seen or wanting to help serve. This customer has to yell to the back to let them know she's been waiting and is trying to pick up an online order. I wish I video recorded it but was writing part of my yelp response at the time. I mean if I was the owner of this place I'd be ashamed, angered and frustrated. You've got four employees and hardly any of them are doing their job. A burglar could easily come in the restaurant, break open the cash register and run. None of the employees would have seen or heard what happened. That's how long no one paying attention to the front of the house. Quite irresponsible. The girl with glasses was nice and the one making the pizzas worked. Our crust was burnt on one side but that I won't complain about since the rest of the pizza was cooked well. I do like the many amounts of tv screens they have. The decor is updated though the last row of the salad bar is hard to reach. They should let you go on both sides, especially if you're pregnant. Or they should update the salad bar like other locations that make the third row easier to reach. That's the only reason I even give this place 1 star. Fix the management of employees and maybe even cut back on employee hours. Not sure why four of them were working when our pizza took so long to make as well as take out orders not being fulfilled. Will I be going to this Round Table in the near future ? Probably not.

Ross Spiritosanto

This is the third time in a row I have been here and they have forgotten part of my order or made a mistake, and take 45 minutes for a take out order. This is the worst service from any pizza place ever. Very poorly run establishment. This never ever happened at the previous round table in South Davis. They make no attempt to make things right. No discount, no coupons, nothing. Just "oh sorry". Just received my pizza and it was burnt to a crisp!!!!!

Orooj S.

Ordered a large specialty pizza online for pickup about 15 min before getting there. Once I almost there, I asked if I could make it a dine-in, and they said less than 5 minutes. I went in and no one was there, neither at the registers or visible in the back. After waiting and calling out, someone comes out and says a bit more time. So we seat ourselves and wait another 10 min, nothing. By then, it's already been about 40 min since ordering, with the original wait time being 15 minutes. Finally we go back to the register (where our pizza is visible sitting there waiting to be boxed), yell out excuse me a few times until someone comes out and realizes the pizza is ready to be served. And that's how we finally got our pizza, which DID taste good.

Chris James

Good value, slow service, round table is awesome in general, but the employees here were disenfranchised.

Jansen Wendlandt

Upscale interior helps distract from the price of the pizza.

Gabriel E.

I have no qualms about the food. Overpriced mostly, but I go for the lunch buffet which is fine for its value. This review is more about the work ethic of the employees, or lack thereof. The past 3 times I've been here, I've seen a group of employees idling in the kitchen while failing to bus their tables in a timely manner. One time, we didn't want to make a hassle and cleaned off food from the table ourselves. But the worst experience was the last time I visited, where despite having only 2 other customers in the restaurant at that time, EVERY SINGLE TABLE had dirty dishes, leaving us with no place to sit. My friend had to tell the cashier to bus the tables, even though customers shouldn't have to remind employees to do their job. But to make things worse, the group in the back made a big show of groaning and complaining about how they had to literally just do their job. I've worked in food service before, and believe me, I totally understand relaxing when things are slow. But these employees relax to the point where they're not doing the simplest of tasks. It takes 5 minutes to bus tables, but it makes a huge difference for the customer. This, plus the fact that one time they forgot my friend's order (we had to remind them that time too...), makes this location pretty disappointing considering it's fairly new. Idk if we've just been unlucky every time we've been here, but I'm kind of done with unpleasant experiences with the staff.

Bobby C.

Simple pizza buffet and a beer. Not so simple. Beer was dead flat. Pizza was almost cooked. This is the second bad experience. The last time I spend a dime there.

William C.

Yeah no. I am willing to pay for Round Tables over priced pizza, but generally it is really good. This location struggles. Ordering over the phone is an exercise in futility. Delivery times are unpredictable. This time, the pizza was as if they stopped off at the Domino's just down the road, picked up a quicky order, changed boxes, and delivered to my house. Not worth the effort or price for this product. Go elsewhere.

Mike Dewey

Slow and pizza was undercooked

Keith R.

HAVE AGAIN: Maui Zaui and Pepperoni are my absolute favorites - 5 stars. The lunch buffet is a great deal and there are a number of different pizzas, but it is just not quite the same - not sure why.

Greg D.

This is insanely overpriced. In the 4-5 times I have been here there were only 2 or 3 tables with people at them, well except for the buffet and we will get to that.. The salad bar is like one you would find at a Chuck E. Cheese and while this place is large enough to seat about 200 or more people, it's always empty because it is insanely overpriced. But I guess when you sell $30 pizzas you do not need to sell that many. The lunch buffet is a good value at $11 or so yet if you want their premium ingredient (linguica) you will need to ask for them to make more and then there isn't that much linguica on the pie. The pizzas are pretty good if you have no concern about paying $30 for one.

Carlos P.

Order pizza. Was just about pulling up. They called me with an issue. Apparently they only have so many XL pan trays they make daily. So I had to wait for them to clarify the issue and get my blessing. They made it fair in my favor and just sucks I had to wait longer since my pizza should've been done already when I got there. We got the Friday night special which included the pizza and Free twists!!!! Pizza was really good and well made so it was worth the wait.

Luke C.

I am a HUGE fan of Round Table Pizza - IMO it is the best big chain pizza place you can go to. Their specialty pizzas are so great! I love the perfectly balanced Italian Garlic Supreme as well as the surprisingly poppin' West Coast Combo. The Round Table at this location is new and well decorated. It has an extremely inviting dining room that is clean and is a pleasure to eat in. I came here for the lunch buffet and was pleasantly surprised at everything here. The pizzas were well stocked (there were 6 to choose from including a couple specialty pizzas) and the salad bar was maintained nicely. Sometimes at a pizza buffet there is a severe lack of choices. The buffet here is not that case. Besides the standard pepperoni, cheese, and sausage varieties, some of the pizzas had jalepenos on them. It was a great mix of classic and creative! There were also mini garlic twists and cinnamon bites as well. My only complaint about this location is that the pizza's crust was a little softer than I'm used to at Round Table. I'm not sure if I'm just used to the crust being a very certain way, but I did wish for this textural element here. All-in-all I'm very pleased by this Round Table location. I'd happily come here to get my pizza fix anytime!

Alison B.

Very disappointed they closed the South Davis location. Usually order the triple pepperoni pizza and the entire pizza is over lapping in pepperoni. However, the one I ordered at this location looked like a frozen pepperoni pizza you buy at the grocery store. Very sparse on the pepperoni!! Guess I have to find another pizza place. Not to mention they never told me the Davis location moved.

E Mac

I have visited this location with coworkers for the lunch buffet a few times now, we kept giving it â??anotherâ? chance... We have not been there when theyâ??re busy & yet the salad bar is still not well kept, this week we had to wait 10 minutes for lettuce. The pizza is not very tasty, as it does not have much sauce. Honestly this is the worst Round Table Iâ??ve ever been to & will probably not go back anytime soon!!

Daniel F.

Finally, a Round Table in David that tastes like other Round Tables. In fact; this location loads up pizzas toppings more so than others and they have great crust. The Garlic Twists are also very good and thick, but not too thick. Staff is a pleasure to communicate with. Don't change anything, keep doing what you are going!

Jonathan S.

This is a good spot for all you can eat pizza lunch in Davis. The place is brand new and is super clean and well maintained. The people working here are very friendly as well. My main problem is the lack of readiness for the food. I went in at a busy time during lunch hour and there was always a wait for the food. It was never ready and there were constantly people waiting for the food. Super annoying when doing an all you can eat. Ended up being in the restaurant for almost an hour because of all of the waiting. Food was good but most likely will not be returning soon because of the wait times.

T C.

We should of waited a least a few months before trying it. Grand opening should be where you should be shinning but it was a bit of a let down. We went there for lunch buffet but nothing was ready and what was looked sad and not appealing. The staff didn't seem like they had the proper training. The pizza toppings fell off as soon as you picked it up. The cinnamon twist bread was over baked and the Parmesan twist didn't' have much cheeses. We might give it another try down the road once they get it together.

Elena T.

I made a to-go order from this location a week or two ago (12 garlic Parmesan twists, yuuuuummy!) and the girl working at the cash register was super friendly :) The food basically tastes how you would expect Round Table to taste when they make your food correctly, so no complaints there. The atmosphere and decor are also really nice! I don't go to that many Round Table's, but this location looked super modern and clean. Sadly, the place was completely empty when I went there. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the only customer, so hopefully they get more traffic soon. Seems like a great places for families to hang out :)

Christopher Rauschnot

Your friendly local pizza shop in Davis. If you want a meaty pizza, Round Table is the place to get it from.