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8511 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove
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Reviews for Arby's

The staff were so nice, and the wait wasn't long even though they were extremely short staffed. The only issue that I had was that the curly fries in my Arbynator (roast beef sandwich with cheese, horsey sauce and curly fries all inside) were cold. It didn't detract from the overall taste of the sandwich, though, which was splendid. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone, because the Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich is amazing, as well as the chicken sandwiches.

A delicious roast beef experience, this particular arby's is right next to a barbecue joint. In my opinion that says a lot for the arby's. It's been here for a while ,as far as understand, and in my opinion it is the cleanest tastiest Arby's I've been to. Great place to stop for a snack we had beef & cheddars and they were as delicious as always. If you're in the area and have a hankering for some delicious fast food roast beef I suggest trying this arby's.

The establishment was nice, clean and modern. I got the Turkey smokehouse BBQ sandwich. It was not hot at all. I was trying to see if it was supposed to be a deli style sandwich. The brown sugar bacon was just that, bacon with brown sugar granules packed on it. It was baked on, caramelized but plain brown sugar and strips of bacon. Ummm I was not a fan at all.

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About Arby's

They have the meats you want to eat! Arby's has long been famed for serving up fast meaty sandwiches that go way beyond burgers to give you sliced meats piled high on buns, chicken sandwiches, and perhaps most famed of all - Curly Fries! Grab some Horsey Sauce and you're golden! Beef N'Cheddar has never been better. Make sure you get a Jamocha shake too. There's nothing else like it anywhere! To delight your meaty senses, head to Arby's now!