Phat Ky Mi Gia Restaurant

Vietnamese, Chinese, Noodles

14140 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 530-9228


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Kevin L.
The duck noodle soup here is very sweet and savory. I would recommend getting a soup instead of rice or dry noodles. I ordered this to go and when I took it home, more
Melanie T.
Oh are home to so many happy delights for me. This is home to the famous duck noodle soup. The duck is cooked just right. It's not too more
M N.
OMG can you say expensive! the food is good but wow i cant believe they would charge that much for their dishes. im going to keep this short but just make more

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Monday 9AM - 9PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9AM - 9PM
Thursday 9AM - 9PM
Friday 9AM - 10PM
Saturday 9AM - 10PM
Sunday 9AM - 9PM


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Wonton Soup - Sup Hoanh Thanh
Beef Ball Soup - Sup Bò Viên
Beef Stew - Bò Kho
Crispy Fried Pan Cake - Bánh Tiêu
Fish Ball Soup - Sup Ca Vien
Chả Cá Viên Chiên - Fried Fish Balls
Crispy Fried Doughnut - Dầu Cha Quẩy

Noodles‎: Egg Noodle Dishes - Mì (nước/khô)

House Special Egg Noodle - Mì Đặc Biệt Phát Ký:$6.00
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