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27316 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward


Reviews for Taco Bell

Not sure if the staff is being trained correctly or what but i just did an app order and the chips were stale and the cinnatwist weren't even coated with sugar SMFH like really if your going to work in fast food know how to do job and FIFO your products!!

Worst Taco Bell!! Always messing up orders! I was the only one inside and my order was the only ticket on their screen but they still managed to leave a part of my order out. I didn't bother checking because I trusted the employees working since there was no other pending order but nope, still messed up. Always check what's inside your bag before leaving the shit place! Forsure will drive all the way to the alvarado location just for better service cus this ain't it.

I often go there as I'm a student at a nearby college. The managers are rude and made me wait long because they aren't organized. I wouldn't mind waiting in a long line, but apprantely they want me to wait in a line twice, after making me wait so she could call a different manager and ask her if she did offer me a 5 dollar discount the next time because I received completely burnt fiesta potatoes in one of my visits.

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