Miyabi Shabu

15435 Jeffrey Rd #119, Irvine
(949) 551-0200

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Zachary Balaban O.C. Realtor

My family loves Shabu! Recently just experienced Miyabi Shabu & Grill in Irvine. It was AMAZING! We both had the Prime New York beef with our choice of flavorful broth. There's plenty to choose from. They also have a selection of meats you can grill right at your table too!If you're looking for a fun dinner spot make sure you add this place to your list?

Darren Tung

Keeping this brief - will cover both good and bad in this review.The bad: has unadvertised minimum orders (not dollar amount - a specific entree size) per person that we were not made aware of when we were being seated ot the menu was being explained (and was not printed on the menu)To be clear, I have no issue with minimums if they are clear and upfront about it, as the ordering strategy changes to best optimize the different items sampled.The good: Food and service by our server were wonderful, the meats were very high quality and flavorful, and the vegetable combination included in the Shabu servings was tasty.

Mel Nguyen

Our server was informative about the menu and how to mix up the sauces with the green onions, daikon onion on the table. He was kind enough to investigate the loose plug on our table which was causing the heat to not turn on the hot plates for the broth.I always get the Kurobuta Pork Belly regular serving with Sukiyaki broth. There was also happy hour while we were there past 5. We got the $6 fried squid legs in addition to our dinner.The Sukiyaki broth isn't as rich as it once was. It's a little watered down now but the food still tasted good yesterday.Please bring back the Curry broth!Parking: The lot does get packed but there's plenty of space.

Michael Hayashi

Miyabi is probably one of the top meat quality shabu in Irvine (look at the marble on the meat!!) The service is also great. It’s best to go there early if you’re trying to get seated for dinner or be prepared to wait!!

Radley Obligacion

Great shabu shabu place the service was great and the food was good. We ran out of vegetables and they quickly refilled it for us. The garlic on top of the rice was very good.

Christine D.

Nothing hits the spot quite like Miyabi does. The quality of the meat here is amazing and the broth selections are endless! Tommy, our usual server, always delivers excellent service considering how particular we are with our order. I also appreciate how quick and attentive he is when it comes to our needs. Thank you Miyabi and Tommy for continuously fulfilling our excessive shabu cravings!

Linh M.

When it comes to comfort food, shabu is ranked at the top of my list. It's a complete hotpot meal with soup broth, protein, veggies, noodles, and rice. We were in the area and stopped here for an early dinner. Miyabi Shabu and Grill is located in the Irvine Village Center. The plaza is shared with several businesses so parking can be a challenge. Upon arriving, they just opened for dinner so there was no wait. We were greeted by the friendly staff and seated right away. The interior is typical of a shabu restaurant with bar seating and tables. The regular table has a grill for Japanese bbq as well as the shabu option. Our server was pleasant and attentive throughout our meal. He offered to explain the menu since it was our first time here. We opted for the shabu meal. We chose the miso broth. They do have several unique flavors such as miso tonkotsu, curry, pho style, and garlic pepper. The protein choices are endless including wagyu cuts. We had the wagyu karubi (short rib) and angus ribeye choice. The meat quality is excellent and tender. Each order comes with a bowl of veggies - napa cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, winter squash, mushrooms, tofu cubes, and a fish ball with roe. The ponzu and goma sauces are very tasty. At the end of your meal, you get to enjoy your choice of noodles with the broth. If you're not in the mood for shabu, you can go with the bbq menu. You can also order the half & half which comes with two proteins for shabu + bbq. We enjoyed our meal and will come back for sure!

Astyr K.

4.5/5 It was pretty empty on a Monday afternoon which was nice! I enjoyed the lunch special $19 for the larger meat portion. The menu states 14 slices but they now do it by weight which was 10 slices. The special also comes with a green tea that was quite sweet but not bad. I wish they gave more vegetables, but I appreciated the variety. You get a choice of noodles, broccoli, Napa cabbage, fish ball, tofu, and mushroom. The beef belly melts in your mouth! Some beef belly is so fatty and chewy that it takes forever to break down, but this was not like that at all. They top the rice with a sesame/garlic topping that adds so much flavor! I also loved the ponzu sauce here. Service was great and they were quick to answer our menu questions and top our water. Would definitely recommend!

Sebastiaan V.

Excellent shabu with generous portions and some tasty broth. The staff was very attentive and made sure we were enjoying ourselves

David S.

Great food never disappointed. Definitely one of the better shabu shabu that's around.

Connie T.

Party of 2 for Friday, 8:15PM * Parking and Location * Miyabi is directly in front if you enter the plaza from Jeffrey. It has "bar seating" and individual table seating, but overall isn't a large restaurant so they can be pretty busy at times. They do have a waitlist, but surprisingly, we didn't have to wait much at all. * Food * Toro (Beef Belly) with Taiwanese Spicy Broth - The beef belly was amazing. It's fatty enough that it just melts in your mouth. It's so soft and absolutely delicious. The broth caught me by surprise. When it first arrives, it's more herbal, and I don't like herbal. It first reminded me of some traditional herbal soups, but as you put in the meat and the other ingredients, the broth takes on those flavors more and the initial strong herbal taste disappears. By the end, I was actually really enjoying the broth. Lamb with Sukiyaki Broth - Again, the meat was so high quality tasting and so tender. The sukiyaki broth was great, maybe a little bit more on the sweeter side than other sukiyaki broths. I wish this came with the egg dip like the one that Mokkoji gives, but the sauces here are unique. My boyfriend highly enjoyed their version of ponzu. It was more nut-based and it actually went pretty well with the sukiyaki broth. He won't stop mentioning this sauce whenever we're getting shabu anywhere else. Grilled Squid - Even though the beef belly, lamb, and broths were incredible, the grilled squid was unfortunately subpar. It wasn't seasoned or flavored, and it was chewy. I probably wouldn't order this again. * Service * It took a while after we were seated to be presented with a menu, and then it took another while before anyone was available to take our order, but any interactions we did have with the workers were pleasant.

Elyzabeth P.

This is my goto Shabu place for lunch when I'm in the mood for hot pot but don't want to wait in a line for the trendiest spot. It's in an older plaza with less frills but the food quality is as good as any. They have this garlic sesame topping for their rice that makes it just that much better than the other Shabu places. Portions of protein are generous. Good value. Tip: If you go alone get the lunch portion but if you have a group of 3+ just get the normal Large portion of 3 kids of protein and split it. You get to try more variety and it's about the same value. Like so many businesses, They've struggled with staffing and had a lot of turnover so I'll hold back on my service critiques until later. The servers used to be amazing and on point before the chaos of the employment market.

Jenny N.

First time here & this will have to be my new favorite Shabu spot! I love that there's an option to dip the meat in the broth or grill it. So we got the "half & half" shabu & grill. I got sukiyaki as my broth, it was was very flavorful & savory. For the meat grilling we got the 3 combo option & it was all tender. It comes with a dipping sauce that I dipped all my meats with. It's bombbb! Our server was Tommy who was very accommodating & made sure we had a good first experience. We will be requesting for him the next time we come! Thanks Tommy!

Mayham Nishikida

Over priced ..menu needs to be updated…. And the employees are always treated badly. Won’t be going back . Food was ok

Ji T.

I came here for lunch on a special day and did not disappoint. Miyabi serves high quality shabu shabu and this restaurant proved its worth. Sure, the menu price could look daunting if you aren't used to seeing more than two dollar signs but the meat quality is top notch. The service here is also impeccable and attentive. I ordered rib eye and the marbling was so fatty and rich. Best of all, the broth was not filled with scum after I eat which tells me they actually take care of cleaning the meats here. Also, their miso soup is pretty good too, def not too salty

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