23 Best Mediterranean Restaurants near La Verne

Diplomat La Verne Mediterranean • $
2091 Foothill Blvd, La Verne
5 Superb2 Reviews
Kebab G Stop Mediterranean • $
2855 Foothill Blvd Building B, ste 102, La Verne

Customers` Favorites

Beef Shawarma with Rice and Salad
Chicken Shawarma Special
Beef Kebab Plate
Kabob G Fries
Chicken Kebab
Garlic Fries
Chicken Kafta
Spicy Hummus
Garlic Paste
House Salad

“Kebab G Stop offers amazing service and outstanding Mediterranean food, with indoor or outdoor seating available. Customers praise the delicious kebabs and shwarma plates, although some wish for larger portions and more variety in the menu. Despite occasional order mix-ups, the friendly staff makes the dining experience enjoyable.“

4.6 Superb78 Reviews
The Grill House Mediterranean • $$
1204 Foothill Blvd, La Verne

Customers` Favorites

Vegetarian Dolmas Grape Leaves 4 pcs
Grill House Kebab Combo Plate
Taj Mahal Vegetarian Curry
Mixed Grill Plate for One
Falafel Vegetarian Plate
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Beef Shawarma Sandwich
Single Flavor Hummus
Ultimate Kabob Plate
Baba Ganouj Mutabbal

“The Grill House is a cozy restaurant with a covered outdoor patio area. They serve delicious Mediterranean cuisine including hummus, hot appetizers, chicken kabobs, and BBQ filet mignon. The homemade hummus is a standout dish. The high ceilings and great service create a comfortable atmosphere. The menu offers a variety of fresh and tasty options like beef kabobs, spicy chicken bowl, and salmon bowl. Start your meal with pita chips and tzatziki dip or flavorful grape leaves. A perfect spot for a meal with friends or family.“

4.5 Superb113 Reviews
Cafe X2O, La Verne Mediterranean • $$
2445 Foothill Blvd, La Verne

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma Plate with Rice
French Fries with Feta Cheese
Chicken Kebab Sandwich
Beef Shawarma Fries
Kebab Combo for Two
Chicken Kabob Plate
Beef Shawerma Fries
Chicken Kebab Plate
Kebab Hallabi Plate
Lamb Chops Plate

“Cafe X2O consistently serves amazing food, including their new shrimp appetizer, in a great ambiance. The people-oriented staff provides excellent service, regularly checking on customers' needs. Their hookah, including the popular "Wifey blend" flavor, and desserts like chocolate cheese cake, are also highly praised, making it a highly recommended spot.“

4.5 Superb149 Reviews
Argo Mediterranean Grill Mediterranean • $
2313 D St, La Verne

Customers` Favorites

Beef Kabob Plate
Chicken Kabob
Pita Chips
Lamb Lule

“Argo Mediterranean Grill offers delicious Mediterranean food with big portions. Customers enjoy perfectly cooked meats like chicken kebab and flavorful hummus. The restaurant has clean restrooms and ample seating. Some diners appreciate the murals, while others find the pita bread a bit thinner and tougher than preferred. Overall, a great spot for satisfying Mediterranean cuisine in a well-lit, friendly environment.“

4.3 Superb57 Reviews
Damasquino Mediterranean • $
535 W Baseline Rd #4803, Glendora - 6.13 miles

Customers` Favorites

Beef and Chicken Shawarma Split Platter
Hummus with Beef or Chicken Shawarma
Hummus with Chicken Shawarma
Broasted Half Chicken Only
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
Falafel 2pc with Tahini
Beef Shawarma Sandwich
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Waffle Potato Fries
Beef Shawarma Plate

“Damasquino serves unforgettable, delicious, and flavorful food that leaves a lasting impression. With huge portions at reasonable prices, this Mediterranean restaurant offers fresh salads and dishes in a laid-back environment with friendly and helpful servers.“

4.7 Superb163 Reviews
Pomona Bakery - Mediterranean, Pizzas, Flatbreads, & Sandwiches Mediterranean • $
3168 N Garey Ave, Pomona - 1.17 miles

Customers` Favorites

Mini Lahm Bageen Flatbreads with Cheese
Mini Lahm Bajeen Flatbreads with Cheese
Mini Sojouk Flatbreads with Cheese
Vegetarian Pizza with Sojouk
Chicken Chipotle Dozen
Pepperoni Cheese Pizza
Cheese Boat Dozen
Single Mini Pizza
Chipotle Chicken
Cheese Flatbread

“Pomona Bakery offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including pizzas, flatbreads, sandwiches, and vegetarian options. Customers can enjoy fresh and tasty meals, such as the Lafta wrap, Kafta plate, and Kafta sandwich. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and attentive to dietary needs. The restaurant is clean, has wheelchair accessibility, and serves freshly baked bread. Customers appreciate the wide menu selection and fresh, hot food.“

4.9 Superb68 Reviews
Sphinx Egyptian Kitchen Mediterranean • $
1311 S Grand Ave, Glendora - 6.12 miles

Customers` Favorites

Macarona Baschamel
Falafel 5 Pieces
Mixed Barbecue
Egyptian Rice
Lentil Soup

“Sphinx Egyptian Kitchen is a family-run restaurant that serves exceptional Egyptian cuisine. Their shawarma is highly praised, with customers considering it the best they've had. The restaurant offers generous portions, fast service, and excellent customer service. The chef is happy to provide recommendations, including pairing molokhia with rice, which is a must-try. The falafel is also a standout, with perfectly blended flavors and a crispy exterior. Overall, Sphinx Egyptian Kitchen provides a sublime dining experience that is worth trying.“

4.8 Superb80 Reviews
Mito's Döner Kebap Mediterranean • $
168 W Willow St, Pomona - 1.73 miles

Customers` Favorites

ZaZa Wrap Aka Lahmajun Turkish Pizza
Döner Kebap and Side Dishes
Garlic Cream Sauce
Walnut Baklava
Grape Leaves
Lavash Wrap
Lamb Tandir

“Mito's Döner Kebap serves huge, delicious wraps and offers accommodating service for dietary restrictions. The restaurant provides top-notch service with friendly and welcoming staff. Their food is praised as the best among many Turkish, Mediterranean, and Central Asian restaurants visited. The establishment is conveniently located across the street from Pomona Valley Hospital and offers ample seating space. A recommended visit for those who enjoy Turkish cuisine, especially the chicken lavash wrap.“

4.6 Superb168 Reviews
Luna Grill Chino Hills Mediterranean • $
3660-A Grand Ave, Chino Hills - 7.22 miles

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Kabobs Mediterranean Salad Hummus
Spicy Hummus and Pita Bread
Beef Kabob Plate with Rice
Chicken Kabob & Gyros
Harissa Chicken Plate
Chicken Kabob Plate
Side of Pita Bread
Family Meal for 4
Apple Walnut Wrap
Gyro Meat Plate

“Luna Grill Chino Hills offers a delightful journey through Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is praised for its flavorful dishes, such as the juicy and delicious flat cut chicken kabob plate and the recommended bistro beef plate. The service is consistently excellent, with attentive and helpful staff like Janelle and Delilah, who ensure a great customer experience. The clean and welcoming ambiance, along with the amazing management by Sterling, contribute to the overall memorable dining experience at Luna Grill Chino Hills.“

4.6 Superb127 Reviews
JF Mediterranean Grill Mediterranean • $
105 W Arrow Hwy # 10, San Dimas - 2.28 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Kabob Plate
Vegetarian Sandwich
Beef Kabob Plate
Beef Shawarma
Chicken Kabab
Falafel Plate
French Fries
Beef Kabab

“JF Mediterranean Grill is a delightful restaurant with great food and reasonable prices. The Beef Filet Mignon plate was tender and came with a small salad, hummus, rice, and pita. The vegetarian panini and BBQ chicken sandwich were delicious, with generous portion sizes. The owner was hospitable, cooking quickly with amazing service. A must-visit spot for delicious Mediterranean cuisine that will have you coming back for more.“

4.7 Superb76 Reviews
Bakery King: Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe Mediterranean • $
559 E Arrow Hwy, Glendora - 4.89 miles

Customers` Favorites

Lahm Bi Ajeen Flatbread
Hummus with Shawarma
Chicken Kabob Plate
Cheese and Zaatar
Rice Pilaf
Beef Kabob
Made Fresh

“Bakery King: Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe is a family-owned restaurant with delicious food and great service. Customers love the Veggies and Cheese dish, the tender and juicy beef kebab, and the amazing hummus. Despite initial hesitations, visitors are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and service. The restaurant offers the best Mediterranean cuisine, with zataar being a must-try dish. Whether dining in, taking out, or catering for a party, Bakery King guarantees a delightful experience for you, your family, and friends.“

4.8 Superb30 Reviews
The Diplomat Junior Mediterranean • $
171 N Glendora Ave, Glendora - 6.16 miles

Customers` Favorites

Kebab Combo for Two Chicken Beef and Lule Kebabs
Hummus Special with Sautéed Fillet Beef
New Zealand Lamb Chops 4 Pieces
Appetizer Sampler Combo for Two
Fillet Beef Fattoush Salad
Lentil Soup and Salad Combo
Chicken Kebab Platter
Salmon Fillet Platter
Grape Leaves 4 Pieces
Beef Shawarma Fries

“The Diplomat Junior offers delicious Lebanese cuisine with friendly service. The restaurant accommodates large groups and has a nice outdoor seating area. Customers recommend the fattoush salad with chicken, Lule kebab, Cod filet, and Falafel plate. Vegetarian and vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. While some dishes may lack a bit of flavor, overall, it is a good place to enjoy traditional Lebanese food like chicken kebab plates, beef kebab plates, hummus, and wraps.“

4.4 Superb91 Reviews
Cafe X2O, Claremont Mediterranean • $
1 N Indian Hill Blvd D102, Claremont - 2.8 miles

Customers` Favorites

Beef Filet Kebob Plate
Hummus and Pita Bread
Chicken Kebab Plate
Kebab Hallabi Plate
Grilled Vegetable
Falafel Plate
Garlic Fries
Garlic Paste

“Cafe X2O is a delightful restaurant that offers delicious food and great service. Popular dishes include the garlic fries, salmon plate with veggies, rice, and garlic paste, and the chicken kabob plate with perfectly seasoned and tender chicken. The staff is welcoming, and the atmosphere is pleasant. This Mediterranean eatery is wheelchair accessible and has both booths and tables with chairs, both inside and outside. It also offers a great view of passersby. Overall, Cafe X2O is a great spot for a meal with friends.“

4.5 Superb54 Reviews
King Falafel And Grill Mediterranean • $
1386 E Foothill Blvd # M, Upland - 7.81 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma Beef Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Mixed Shawarma Wrap
Beef Shawarma Plate
Shawerma Sandwich
Combo Kabob Plate
Hummus and Pita
Chicken Kabob
Beef Wrap

“King Falafel And Grill serves great Mediterranean food, including kabobs, shawarma, and tabouleh, at reasonable prices. This family-owned restaurant offers fresh and delicious dishes made to order, with excellent customer service and a welcoming ambiance. Although waits can be long, the food is worth the wait, and the lamb leg is a must-try.“

4.4 Superb84 Reviews
Waffa's Kitchen Mediterranean • $
221 W Foothill Blvd, Glendora - 6.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Falafel Balls with Tahini Sauce and Pickles
Chicken and Beef Kabob Plate
Chicken Kabob Plate
Tabbouleh Salad 8oz
Chicken Kebab
Falafel Plate

“Waffa's Kitchen is a hidden gem in the area, serving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Their generous portions feature fresh ingredients, with options like the chick kebab plate and chicken kabob. Sides include crispy salads and buttery rice, accompanied by a perfect grape leaves and hummus. Their garlic sauce is a must-try, available by the tub for take-out. Despite being a small business, Waffa's Kitchen consistently delivers high-quality food.“

4.4 Superb67 Reviews
The Red Lounge Crepe Cafe Coffee Shops • $
222 N Glendora Ave, Glendora - 6.17 miles

Customers` Favorites

Zaatar and Cheese Roll
CK brq Flat Bread
Hummus with Pita
Goddess Salad
Flafel Wrap
Gyro Wrap

“The Red Lounge Crepe Cafe in Glendora is a favorite spot for many. The outdoor patio is perfect for hanging out, and the tomato soup and grilled cheese are must-try items. The inviting staff provides excellent service, with hookah service and clean facilities. Customers appreciate the friendly owner and delicious food options. Despite the quiet atmosphere at times, the quick service and charming outdoor lounge make for a pleasant experience. Be sure to return to sample more of their tasty offerings!“

4.4 Superb57 Reviews
Limoné Mediterranean Mediterranean • $
905 E Arrow Hwy Unit 103, Glendora - 4.49 miles

Customers` Favorites

Limoné Chicken & Fries
Limone Chicken & Fries
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Harissa Steak Plate
Extra Limoné Sauce
Israeli Street Corn
Falafel Plate
Falafel Wrap
Feta Fries

“Limoné Mediterranean offers a fantastic dining experience with impressive food presentation, vibrant flavors, and a variety of ingredients. The menu features healthy options, including the Chicken Shawarma Plate with Feta Fries and strawberry basil lemonade, which is seasoned to perfection. Other recommended dishes include the roasted chicken, salmon, and steak plates, as well as the Limone Chicken and fries, a whole half-chicken meal that's sure to satisfy. Even their Feta Fries, enjoyed hours after preparation, remain delicious. With its authentic Mediterranean flavors, Limoné Mediterranean is a must-visit destination for a guilt-free and satisfying meal.“

4.2 Good152 Reviews
Shamieh Bakery & Deli Mediterranean • $$
1451 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas - 4 miles

Customers` Favorites

Grape Leaves with Meat
Frekeh with Chicken
شامية Shamieh
Spicy Grilled Fish
Manaeesh Pie
Fried Kibbe
Spinach Pie
Mix Grill

“Shamieh Bakery & Deli offers a true taste of delicious, efficiently cooked Arabic food in a very clean environment. The friendly staff, led by Mr. Ayman, provides top-notch service. Specializing in Arabic bakery items like shamieh and cheese pie, as well as lahmajine, this hidden gem in Glendora comes highly recommended for its tasty food and excellent catering options.“

4.5 Superb11 Reviews
Georgie's Mediterranean Cuisine Mediterranean • $
326 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar - 6.05 miles

Customers` Favorites

Hummus with Beef Shawarma
Cucumber Yogurt Tzatziki
Mediterranean Salad Side
Kefta Kabab Skewer 1pc
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Beef Kabab Skewer

“Georgie's Mediterranean Cuisine in Diamond Bar offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine, with options like chicken kebab plate, Mediterranean salad, tzatziki, pita bread, and garlic sauce. While the ambiance is casual, the food stands out as the star of this take-out spot. Vegetarian options are available and highly recommended. Despite the lunch rush, orders are efficiently prepared for pickup. The chicken shawarma wrap is a must-try, although some may find it a bit dry. Overall, Georgie's is a great spot for a healthy meal.“

4.2 Good40 Reviews
Oasis Grill Mediterranean • $
20766 E Arrow Hwy, Covina - 4.62 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Sandwich
Falafel Plate
Tahinah Sauce
Chicken Kabab
Grape Leaves
Greek Salad
Hummus Side
Beef Kabab
Lamb Kabab

“Oasis Grill offers the best Mediterranean food in the San Gabriel Valley, according to reviews. The restaurant's food is consistently delicious, with highlights like the lamb and kafta kabobs, falafel, and kibbeh. However, the service can be hit or miss, with some staff members being described as unprofessional and rude, particularly a "small old man" who is reported to be a "pain in the neck." Despite the occasional staffing issues, the restaurant is generally clean and cozy, making it a suitable option for takeout or casual dining. Overall, Oasis Grill is a solid choice for those seeking authentic and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine in the area.“

4.2 Good31 Reviews
Saca's Mediterranean Cuisine Mediterranean • $
248 W 2nd St, Claremont - 2.93 miles

Customers` Favorites

Square Finger Triangle or Queen Baklava
Mediterranean Chicken Salad
Beef Kalamaki Sandwich
Vegan Falafel Platter
Original Falafel Wrap
Mediterranean Salad
Falafel Sandwich
Pickled Turnips
Veggie Platter
Falafel Side

“Saca's Mediterranean Cuisine offers affordable and tasty food with friendly service. Customers can order plates with a choice of fries or salad. The generous stack of pita bread is a hit. Online ordering for pick-up is available. The Greek Falafel sandwich is fantastic, and the dessert morsels are delicious. Saca's is known for the best falafel, ratatouille, fried cauliflower, hummus, and baklava, especially the birds nest variety. They have many vegan options and loyal customers who enjoy the diverse menu.“

4.1 Good62 Reviews
Cafe Moderno Mediterranean • $
9197 Central Ave, Montclair - 4.65 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Beef Kabobs
Chicken Souvlaki Plate
Chicken Kabob Plate
Mediterranean Fries
Lamb Gyro Plate
Chicken Wrap
Gyro Wrap

“Cafe Moderno offers tasty dishes like gyro wraps, chicken, Greek salad, and steak wraps. Customers enjoy the fresh vegetables and flavorful Basmati pilaf rice. The staff is friendly, and the prices are reasonable for the quality of food. The simple decor provides a cozy atmosphere, with enough space between tables for comfort. Overall, a great place to try something different and worth a return visit.“

4 Good66 Reviews