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Just got out of this place. I cant believe I had to pay 20 cents for extra packages of hot sauce for my burrito. How do you expect to have a burrito with only 1 small package? I have never been charged for condiments at all at this place from other staff until today from this person who I think might be the manager. Originally he didn't even give me my 1 hot sauce package that supposed to come with the burrito. As a fact, I have never been charged for any condiments at full review

I have never been to a fast food restaurant and the food was raw, the meat was not charol broiled at all it was still slimy. My wife is pregnant and was craving a burger, we chose Carl's over the In n Out there fue to the long line. Big mistake, should have checked the meals before driving off.

Horrible drive thru service. When we first pulled up the guy in the drive thru said give me a minute, then a minute turned into 10 minutes and then he told me to hold on again without taking my order and then there was 2 other cars waiting behind mine that backed out and left and went to another restaurant, then when he went to take my order he was very very disrespectful over the mic. So we left and went somewhere else. Horrible service. Never eating there again. Never full review

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About Carl's Jr

For a big appetite, you can't go wrong with the ½-lb. Guacamole Bacon Thickburger. This black angus beef patty is piled high with guacamole, bacon, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and Santa Fe sauce, all on a fresh-baked bun. And that's not even all of the burger menu! There are chicken sandwiches that come in both hand-breaded and grilled form, salads, even healthy options like turkey burgers in a variety of tasty flavors. You can also enjoy your Carl's Jr. burgers in a Low Carb It option which replaces the bun in favor of being wrapped in fresh lettuce. So you get all that burger taste without all that carb heaviness from the buns. If you've never been to Carl's Jr. you need to go now. Especially if you can't decide between burgers or burritos. Because at Carl's Jr., you don't need to choose! Burritos, tacos, taQuitos, Quesadillas, and more are all fresh-made and tastier than those other fast Mexican places. Get a burger and a burrito, and get a side of those natural-cut fries, Crisscut fries, or even Budweiser Beer Cheese Bacon Fries for the ultimate indulgence. And speaking of indulgences, grab some dessert while you're at it. Chocolate chip cookies, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate cake will give you even more reasons to smile.