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4267 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach
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i enjoy subway. it's not often i can shove foot longs in my mouth without the public judging me. then get ready for paintball with your butthole and the back of the toilet because these ingredients run through you like marshawn lynch on fourth down. sandwiches are average but you can't expect much, it's subway.

Horrible workers there there an petite Asian woman who hard to understand she looks away while talking to her buddies and doesnâ??t bother to look at our sandwiches and to note this I had three purple onions on my sandwich and I hate them!! Barely any meat as well and not enough product on sandwiches this is an horrible location to order a sandwiches in my opinion

Dont waste your time on that subway they dont know what theyâ??re doing, i been waiting an order from doordash for 1 hour and they never prepare my delivery Lina she got really confuse, they need people espeaking 3 ore 4 languajes...... really bad service.....

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About Subway

If you want to eat fresh, eat at Subway. Here, you'll find tasty footlong subs filled with fresh meats and vegetables just the way you like. Fresh-baked bread makes for the best foundation for which to enjoy your sub. Get a classic tuna Subway sub and stack it high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, olives and more! Or make it into a salad for a low-carb option. There are so many choices to make your meal at Subway fresh just the way you like it!