Taco Bell in Long Beach

Taco Bell - 3125 E Broadway

Rating: 4.5

3125 E Broadway, Long Beach CA 90803
(562) 438-7635

Eh affordable but it's taco bell what'd you expect

Taco Bell - 2545 Long Beach Boulevard

Rating: 4.3

2545 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach CA 90806
(562) 427-1441

Taco Bell on long beach Blvd can get busy for lunch. Place gets packed. Also people that show up are a mix of family and hard workers and those that well don't need to be at here at all. Place like a zoo. Crazy here but we good. Get you food here have fun!!!

Taco Bell - 1822 Santa Fe Ave

Rating: 4

1822 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach CA 90810
(562) 983-1520

This is one of the best Taco Bell locations. The wait might be a little slow but it’s a historic spot and the staff is great!

Taco Bell - 3398 Norwalk Blvd

Rating: 4

3398 Norwalk Blvd, Long Beach CA 90808
(562) 493-5851

Got a #7. Chicken quesadilla, crunchy taco & large drink. Quesadilla was good, although they definitely toned down the spice to it; they now have rice? I like it. The taco was actually bad. The meat had a weird taste to it. That weird taste stayed in my mouth for a while after. The staff have a lighthearted way of working...read more

Taco Bell - 2500 Pacific Coast Hwy

Rating: 4

2500 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach CA 90804
(562) 498-7283

They make great tacos and have great soda Occasionally, offer limited meals like the chicken chalupa, and naked egg taco. Their Baja blast soda is very sugary, but very filling.

Taco Bell - 6730 Cherry Ave

Rating: 4

6730 Cherry Ave, Long Beach CA 90805
(562) 630-0944

their food is so good!!!! if you havent tried taco bell, today is the day to try and eat taco bell for the first time.

Taco Bell - 6407 Stearns St

Rating: 3.8

6407 Stearns St, Long Beach CA 90815
(562) 431-1285

It's Taco Bell, quick food that tastes good when you need it. The employee was nice too.

Taco Bell - 5395 Atlantic Ave

Rating: 3.8

5395 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach CA 90805
(562) 428-1329

One of my favorite places... Love the Doritos taco and the cheesy gordita

Taco Bell - 228 E 7th St

Rating: 3.3

228 E 7th St, Long Beach CA 90813
(562) 432-3660

Clean n business is good. I was really happy. to service is good prices are ALWAYS to high. except for coffee LOVE COFFEE. Good Mqdonald.

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