Taco Bell

1601 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 735-7702

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Evan S.

wow literally the worst experience of my drive thru life. the miserable retarded cross eyed, ball-less guy princess in the deive thru taking orders is a miserable s.o.b. i asked him a question about an item and he got annoyed. when i asked him to give me a sec to look at the menu he replied with a rude "excuse me" and "huh, huh". when i know he heard me, i just backed out. never again. to all employees: its not our fault that you didnt want to go to college and get educated to get a better job!! so get over it and stop taking it out in us

Carmen G.

Stopped by Taco Bell over the weekend to get a few tacos and a 3 layer nacho off of their dollar menu. Needless to say, I found a hair in my taco. BARF. Properly disposed of the food after that. Will never be eating there again. YUCK.

Laura Lynn Lance

Why do you add so much chipotle sauce?

Leonardo Brown

The food was good. The best part were the chicken tacos.

Christina Burghard

This location is a joint KFC and Taco Bell. The KFC fried chicken was so delicious! Perfectly fried and fresh, and was ready immediately. Staff is really nice.

Nia Belisle

Customer service is always great. But it's still just fast food nothing special.

Sergio Sapien

It was ok, staff is great but it's a really small place especially to have 2 restaurants there.

Hoyt Battles

loved it! their service was courteous and quick, they didn't leave anything out. you'll know I'll keep going back. cause they also have KFC!

Ronnie Stephen

Service was good. The employee at the counter was nice, but the food was old.

Jennifer Chan

Good food but wait time is long and service is slow. Understaffed.

caiela criego

I enjoyed my meal everything was fresh and delicious

Blaire M.

Oh Taco Bell. For this location you deserve no stars. Let's start with your miserable employees. Who are so busy yelling and screaming about their long shifts at the drive through to other employees, to get orders right. Add in the fact that you'll get NO RECEIPT when you come here so it makes your coming back to correct any order all the more difficult. And... wait for it. When you come back for more than half your missing order, you come to find out the manager on charge was the drive through employee yelling at the window who got your order wrong to begin with! Yes, Sharon. I'm talking about you. Who, when an employee was having computer troubles and he asked you to help him, you walk as slow a possible out of what looks like a side break room or office. Mumbling "ugh what the fuck" Under your breath instead of offering any sort of real help. And when he say that someone needs to speak to the manager you basically scream "WHAT" before walking out. This place is a joke Don't bother asking for any management contact info. That would be far too rich for Sharon to handle and She'll try to pawn off customer service / corporate number instead of handling the situation. Bottom line: pathetic, beyond unprofessional, trashy establishment. And if Sharon is the shift supervisor you can expect her to be the root cause. Save your time and money. Go anywhere else but here.

Bobby Bigsbee

More than 6 minute wait after paying. Disgusting service. Lazy employees. this is an example of the push for A.I. and robots. How can we fight for human workers when they all are unprofessional, not dedicated and not hard working. Truly let down today

Alice T-B

Love their $5.00 meal boxes!

Ellie F.

Worse Taco Bell EVER!!!!! Guy who took my order gave attitude because he messed up my order. I ordered two of something and the gave me one of that order. He made me reverse my car back a bit just because their timer was going!!!! I've had problems here already but this is far the worse! My food looked rushed, AGAIN!!! Don't Go Here

Sree R.

Completely botched my drive thru order. Hung up when I called to tell them. Did not give me a receipt to boot.

Ross Curtis

Yeah the food's good, but I can't get over the horrible act of erasing Latino culture from a genre of food that originated from various Latin cultures. It's like taking AMERICAN CULTURE out of the hamburger! The slogan used to be "Run for the Border." Taco Bell had good food, but the existence of this entire chain is blatant disrespect towards all Latino cultures.

Barbara Martinez

Just thought I'd leave a review for the fine AF male employee working the drive-thru this afternoon. Didn't catch a name but you know who you are.

Andrew Cole

Not a full taco bell, does not have all deals or items advertised. And the dude who took my order seemed really stoned, which it's taco bell and I'll normally shrug it off but this guy asked me to repeat my order twice.(it was only a chicken burrito, nachos and a caramel empanada they didn't have so I said that's fine just the burrito and nachos)

Jin Chun

Check your oder before you leave. I oredered a box meal ($6.49) and an extra taco supreme. Added sour cream to my tacos for $.30 each. I get home, after the girl at the window says I got everything I oredered. I should think so after paying everything she charged me for, $9.72. But, no.... no extra taco, no sour cream, and the twists are stale. And she didn't give me my change until I asked for it. And her attitude doesn't want me coming back.

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