Cafe Gabriela

988 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 763-2233

Recent Reviews

Lola S.

Stopped by here a few days ago and got the pulled pork sandwich that was recommended. The sandwich was delicious and the service was quick!

Ashley Wallace

Hands down the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. Wish I lived close by so I could eat them all the time!!

Ava L.

My sister recommended this place to me three years ago and I have been coming here ever since. I call in advance for my sandwich every time and they always have my order ready in 5-10 minutes. They are super fast and their egg sandwich is to die for. I honestly can't speak to anything else on the menu other than the egg sandwich because that is all I've ever had. I've never checked out their Yelp page and never thought to try anything else other than their egg sandwich, but now the pulled pork adobo sandwich has caught my attention and I'll probably be trying that next time!

Natalie K.

I've only had 2 things off their menu and they are -SO- tasty so I keep on coming back. I always get the half salad/half sandwich with the Tomato and Mozzarella salad and the Sopressata and Fresh Mozzarella sandwich. So fresh and tasty. I add extra mozzarella to the salad because I love cheese - worth it!

Howie L.

Expectations might have been too high for the pork adobo sandwich. It's good, maybe little messy. But not sure I'd go out of my way again for it.

Sara Ketcham

Super easy to order online and pick up the food! It was even yummier than I remembered! The tomato and mozzarella sandwich is outrageously good. I’ll order 2 next time ?

Noelle C.

Cafe Gabriela has always been a top-knot here lunch spot, but I'm impressed by their service during COVID. Everyone is gloved and masked, they have sanitizer available for after you sign the credit card authorization on their card reader, and they leave nice thank you notes on your boxes of delicious food. Highlights include the pulled pork adobo sandwich, which is a MUST if you eat pork, the caprese sandwich or salad, and the alfajores. Genuinely happy every time I can stop by a get lunch there.

Franklin K.

This is a fantastic little cafe! They were willing to serve me coffee even though they hadn't technically opened yet which says a lot. Ordered an Americano, and it's tremendous. It is so light and sweet. Bright notes of holiday cooking spices which have calmed down as the coffee has cooled. As a drip coffee drinker, this really tastes like a treat. It's so flavorful and rich. Even the texture of the drink has more of a full body than normal drip coffee without being overly intense. I will certainly be back here! Big fan!

Connie Randall

This is conveniently located near hotels and the convention center. However, it has a very local, independent feel. The staff is very friendly. Both the sandwiches and coffee are good. I enjoyed their specialty breakfast sandwich with fried egg and ham and greens on a baguette. Also, the cafe is reasonably priced.

Christine Vertiz

Great food. Covid safe. Food for the people by the people... doesn't get much better than Cafe Gabriela.

Ces Lorenzana

Sopressata sandwich is awesome!!


I really wanted to like this place because is right next door to where I work but unfortunately I was served a latte with milk that was spoiling. Even in a latte the sour milk can't be disguised. There is no excuse for that. $5.00 down the drain that could have gone towards a good lunch. It's not much but when you're barely getting by you count your pennies and when there's a little extra I like to treat myself to a coffee and pastry once in a while. Also, this place serves no pastries.. not sure if it's just due to a pandemic but their original menu does not mention them either.

Hannah P

Lovely service, perfect espressos and coffee, delicious sandwiches.

Lucina P.

One of my go-to lunch spot that I have on rotation! The pulled pork sandwich and tomato and mozzarella salad is my favorite combination. Their fried egg sandwich is also incredibly delicious. I love supporting this amazing, WOC owned cafe anytime I'm nearby. Gotta keep them alive during COVID. They absolutely deserve it!

Kimberly Wesley RN

Unfortunately, there was a hair in my salad! I’m going to take a photo of it. Yucks

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