Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe

4081 Hollis St, Emeryville
(510) 594-1221

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Brandy W.

Price: Great! The prices here are unbeatable! I swear it is what all small places should do. Taste: Not so great. We ordered vegetarian breakfast burgers with hash browns and all of the food tasted bland. There wasnt much seasoning added. I literally could've closed my eyes and ate different parts of the meal and would not have been able to tell the difference. It makes me sad to leave this but I've tried 3 different occasions- in case it was that day or that meal. Ive been disappointed in all. :(

Señor G.

Quintessential Bay Area eating... 1 of those spots you gots ta hit if you live in the Eastbay, for real for real. It be kinda pricey but if you ballin' & ain't trippin' on makin' it rain a little bit at a diner spot then def come through. The food is pretty gangsta... They definitely serve gangsta ass portions so that's part of the deal... Plus it's got that cool vibe in the atmosphere, that's a chill punk rock Americana kinda izm. The staff hella coo' too. I just smacked down the Deuces Wild breakfast plate, 2 pancakes with bananas & strawberries, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 sausages. You know how real G's do right? We mix the pancake with the syrup & the egg & the sausage & everything. Some of them bites, a playa will take a lil bit of that pancake & wrap it around the egg & sausage & fruit & eat it like that. I'm Latin bruh...

Pete A.

I often went on Friday to get Fish and Chips. Went last Friday and was disappointed to learn that Fish and Chips Is no longer on the menu. Looks like this place has changed hands? The menus are now just paper. Maybe a COVID thing? I left and went to Pier 29 in Alameda for good Fish and Chips.

Chris G.

Great place to grab a tasty breakfast in Emeryville. Located right down the street from Pixar Studios.

Michelle L.

Your local basic brunch place in Emeryville. Called beforehand to see if they offered indoor dining and they did decided to come check it out. The interior gave me an 80s diner vibe with really interesting interior designs (super hero figurines in tables and barbies along the side of the wall). We tried the (1) Monte Cristo which is basically a french toast sandwich with cheese, ham and turkey inside served with hash browns and (2) Deuces Wild which is a choice of 2 pancakes or 2 french toast along with 2 bacon or 2 sausages and i also added a side of hash browns and strawberries/bananas on top of the french toast. The Monte Cristo was extremely mediocre with both the ham and turkey tasting like it wasn't as fresh as the mix between sweet and savory (french toast + ham/turkey/cheese) didn't mix as well as i thought. The Deuces Wild was actually delicious, I loved the french toast texture and loved it even more with strawberries and bananas added to it. The side of hash browns were just ok, could've been more flavorful. Overall this was an ok brunch experience. Prices are cheaper compared to other brunch places but the food was just ok.

Halley Blythe

Safe outdoor dining, good set-up

Eboni Joy Carter

Pancakes were solid, cooked through, but a bit dry, even after butter and syrup. Ordered strawberry pancakes and no strawberries came with it. Fruit cup was one strawberry, 3 or 4 grapes, and all melons- at least they were perfectly ripe.

Kyu Chai

Not bad, but a bit over priced for what quality and portion size.

bryant the guy

I miss having brunch there. Hopefully covid ends soon

Jerry S.

Really good food beef stew and chicken was on point and fast service!!they made time although they were closing. Definitely worth the trip Over. Convienant location across from my hotel

William C.

Tried this place as I was working in the area and I must say I'm glad I did! The food was good however the customer service was great! I rarely write reviews but this place is a must try! I don't know who greeted me as I came in but she was very friendly and inviting. I ordered the Cajun burger and fries which were very good and made pretty fast. I will be going back and trying out some of the other dishes. If you are in the area or feel like going out of your way for some good comfort food, give them a try! Can't fail!

Brian C

Rudy's has long had probably the best french fries anywhere. My kids are crazy for them. That's why we're terrified that they may have changed them. The ones we got February 2021 were NOT right. We don't know what happened but are praying it was a fluke.

Jeffrey S.

So good! I ate hear a few times like 5 years ago and loved it then, and we just ordered delivery from here for bunch and it was as excellent as I remember it (plus the food was quite warm and fresh even after delivery!). The breakfast burrito (with bacon) was huge with a side of black beans. The burrito had a good amount of all the ingredients and the flavors were lovely (though I did add my own hot sauce to it). The Deuces Wild plate was also huge with lovely sausage and eggs and super tasty challah French toast (that we added lovely bananas and strawberries too). We also got an extra side of hash browns cuz they're so good and crispy.

Ada H.

This is definitely one of my favorite brunch places. The waitstaff are attentive and professional. The portions are big and delicious. I also had the daily fresh juice which was tasty. Definitely worth a return trip; it has a great atmosphere.

Brenda Evans

Had dinner at bourbon today and I could say I was very pleased with the food and service. All staff was kind and professional, food was delicious and came out in about 20-30 minutes. I could honestly tell you it was worth the wait I ordered the lamb shank and it was delicious our wonderful waitress even brought out some complementary fries which were a delight to snack on while we waited for our lamb. Overall I had a great time here. Will be back!

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