The Avenue

4822 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 654-1423

Recent Reviews

Claudia Corrujedo

Incredible, Hard working staff that makes the best drinks. This is a awesome place the decorations are next level, and the perfect spot that leaves you feeling like you’ve never seen it all before.

Jerry Javier

Loved the pinball game and the AMI music machine is a favorite for changing the vibe to whatever YOU want.Great decorations and different seating options. Grab a table or go to the cozy back.A nice place to go after having a nice foodie meal in Temescal.

Ed Negrotto

My new favorite bar. Dark, cool, and good music. Staff seems nice, but don't bug you too often.

Diego Gerena-Quinones

one of the cleanest non dive, dive bars ive ever seen in my life. This concept isnt supposed to be so well executed and yet it is.Everything in this place should be dusty and gross, but its shockingly immaculate. With so many knickknacks and objects cleaning this place should be a headache. The toy collection is out of this world.Well done!


Great prices great drinks awesome staff

Steven Cantrell Zen Room

Man I f#cking love this place. The music you can pick on your phone or inside. Patio in front and back. I loved the specialty cocktails

leland reed

Great place, cozy dimlett bar with Gothic metal pirate ambience and outdoor seating

Ms. Mage

Ambiance is amazing. Drinks and prices are solid. Lots of space with their new parklet, inside and back patio. Bartenders are straight to the point and efficient.What more could you want from a bar?

Katherine Miller

Always loved this place, was very happy to see it reopened and taking customers!

Andrea S.

Love this bar! Definitely a must if passing through Telegraph Ave! Right now the bar has outdoor seating for drinks. You are able to sit inside for food. Nicest staff ever!

Paige Crouse

Best bar in the area! The prices are amazing! Bartenders are on it! They have a local food vendor outside most nights, if not all, that usually have a vegan option!

Michael Tillery

If you like a good bar with some amazing horror memorabilia and a chill vibe - this is the place for you. 10/10

Tiffany Davis

Yeah. This place is dope af. Don't sleep on it

Carl L.

bartender here gave me the flu back in early 2019. The health standards at this bar are way sub par. Great decorations but high odds this place will get you violently ill so if you wanna miss 2 weeks of work and almost die then come on down to the avenue

Stephanie Ames

Fantastic halloween themed bar, decently priced drinks, great bartenders, amazing people. The Ave is home away from home. Words cannot express my love for this place

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