Burger Restaurants near Oakley

Oakley Tavern Kebab • $
3685 Main St, Oakley

Customers` Favorites

Tavern Gyro and Salad N Korean Wings
Chicken and Tri-Tip Kebabs
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chopped Beef Burger
Large Waffle Fries
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Combo Kabob Plate
Combo Kebab Plate
Chicken Kebab

“What a good food,i just picked up Gyros plate,Tavern Gyros and Tavern speciality pizza for our Iftar.My son said he never ate better crispier fries and gyros.He usually cooks great food and if it doesn’t come out good he will toss it in the trash.He said this is a place where will get food to go.Everything tasted delicious and fresh fresh.????“

4.7 Superb106 Reviews
Carl’s·Jr. Fast Food • $
915 Main St, Oakley

Customers` Favorites

Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Double Western Burger and Fries
Super Star with Cheese Combo
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
Original Angus Burger Combo
Natural Cut French Fries
Jalapeno Poppers Bites
Fried Zucchini
The Big Carl
Onion Rings

“Go there every now and then. For what you get, it's expensive. But I like the Big Carl the best. I liked the real big $6 burgers. But these places keep shrinking the proportion sizes so I tend to find it's better to make my own. Money wise. Maybe 9ne day they will comeback with the Original giant $6 burgers but they are all about profits so I doubt it. Besides our government is killing all our crops and livestock using bogus excuses to do so. They plan to create an artificial famine. Trying to depopulate. It's mainly affecting the poor and middle class. The rich keep trying to make a giant divide and eliminate the middle class. They want to rule like god's. But Jehovah will soon clean them off the face and underground of the earth. No place to hide, even 6 miles down underground. Their time is short.“

3 Average31 Reviews
Jack in the Box Fast Food • $
2185 Main St, Oakley

Customers` Favorites

Chick-N-Tater Melt Munchie Meal
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger
Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake
Chicken Sandwich
Onion Rings
Two Tacos

“Newly remodeled location, NOW! the place matches the people working there, it's great. Same nice professional service that I've always received. I've visited there all different time in the week And always received great service.“

3 Average45 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
914 Main St, Oakley

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Sandwich
Sausage Burrito

“Service was great! The grilled chicken rolls were amazing and i couldn't be more amazed with the quality of the toenail smoothie. I couldn't be more happy with the service and food provided at toenail inc. Oakleigh

Vegetarian options: Toenails are vegan and gluten free!!

Kid-friendliness: Great place for the kids to hang out!

Parking: 10000000 parking spaces

Wheelchair accessibility: They host daily wheelchair races!

Dietary restrictions: Food for the whole family!“

2.6 Average82 Reviews
Burger King Fast Food • $
2505 Main St, Oakley

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Soft Serve
Onion Rings
Whopper Jr

“The bun on my Whopper was a bit dry. Not stale. Just not "fresh" either. Other than that, the food was exactly as one would expect.It would be great if Burger King would get a larger size shake. $4.69 for what would be a small shake anywhere and everywhere else is ridiculous. Especially if there's only chocolate or vanilla.“

1.9 Poor31 Reviews
Marina Bar and Grill Burgers •
5879 Marina Rd, Discovery Bay

Customers` Favorites

Cheesesteak Sandwich
Coconut Shrimp
Fish and Chips

“Awesome atmosphere! Great food! Awesome owners!“

4.5 Superb68 Reviews
In-N-Out Burger Hamburger • $
4550 Delta Gateway Blvd B, Pittsburg

Customers` Favorites

Animal Dub-Dub ch w Grilled oni0ns Animal F F napole0n Shake
Double Double Animal Style with Animal Style Fries
Cheeseburger Animal Style and Well Done Fries
Double Single Extra Tomato and Grilled Onion
Double Double w Onions & 7up
Double Double w Onions
Hamburger and Fries
Coca Cola Classic
French Fries And
Grilled Cheese

“there's a magician behind the register! my kid loved it.“

4.2 Good106 Reviews
In-N-Out Burger Hamburger • $
5581 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood

Customers` Favorites

Double Double with Whole Grilled Onions Pickles and Chopped Chillies
Regular French Fries and One Animal Fries
Double Double with Cheese and Onions
Cheeseburger and Double Double
Cheeseburger Protein Style
Strawberry Vanilla Shake
Cheeseburger and Fries
Animal Style Burgers
Double-Double Burger
Soggy Tomato Burger

“In-N-Out is always a go-to place for nice ? burger and fries cravings. It's very fresh, affordable and tasty at the same time. This place always very busy and have long queue for drive-thru as well in store service.Good thing is you get fresh fries and you can see them prepare in-store right from scratch.Love their grilled cheese burgers, shake n fries (animal style).

Vegetarian options: Grilled cheese, fries, shake“

4.2 Good102 Reviews
Hazel's Drive In Hamburger • $
1820 W 10th St, Antioch

Customers` Favorites

Hazel Burger with Extra Cheese and Fries
Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe
Hazel Burger and Fries
Willy Burger and Fries
The Burger on a Roll
Linguiça Sandwich
The Willie Burger
Face Chili Burger
Banana Milk Shake
The Willy Burger

“So wonderful, thank you to my wife Shaunna for bringing me to her old hang out. Great food and nice people!“

4.1 Good85 Reviews
Lumpy's Diner Antioch Diner • $
5891 Lone Tree Wy Suite A, Antioch

Customers` Favorites

Gravy Dine in: No Outdoor seating: No Takeout: Yes Delivery: No Curbside pickup: No
Country Fried Steak and Eggs
Breakfast Burrito
California Burger
Country Potatoes
Chili Cheese Dog
Full Breakfast
Eggs Benedict
Cinnamon Roll
French Toast

“I enjoyed it there. It was very busy while on a weekend late lunchtime. Thank you Lumpy's staff, the server and food Service staff helped us eventually. It didn't take very long before we had our meals, & my family and I were happy.????? ✅?????“

4.6 Superb111 Reviews