Mission Kitchen Bar

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52 Mission Cir #111, Santa Rosa
(707) 708-2669



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Lady A + The Kareoke Revival is a drama queen. Whoever the short dude standing next to her all night is, a prick. Not only insulted my brother for his race but wanted to fight 3 guys to himself outside after we told him he's worthless and should go home

I walked in and sat at the bar for nearly 5 minutes with no acknowledgment from bartender before leaving thirsty. I got the vibe that managment was walking around on the phone distracted and other staff seemed to be eating at a table near the bar with no concern of waiting customers. In my brief time there the bartender was having trouble with overcharging one bar patron and not knowing the difference between rum and whiskey for another. Probably won't be back.

Worst run bar I've ever seen. The weekend pm bartender is about the worst I've ever seen. Completely ignores guests while she dances and hugs her friends and coworkers; apparently she's really feeling herself. I've never waited less then 20mins just to be acknowledged let alone get a drink. There are a few sweaty security guys that are really nice hanging about who try to help but aren't even allowed to pour a draft beer. Last time I was there I waited...read full review

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