4575 Sonoma Hwy Bldg A, Santa Rosa
(707) 539-1010

Recent Reviews

Carla Jean Blackburn

I never waited so very long for a coffee. Made me late for an appointment.

Patricia Gromer

Thanks for being open during power outages.

Nadra Mlynarczyk

So easy with the Starbucks card to purchase!

Marilyn Engstrom

They were busy but only 1 person making drinks. There was a 3rd person but he was cleaning then he started to restock

Doreen Van Leeuwen

Pumpkin spice latte is here again. Tasty, very sweet so watch out! Pleasantly quiet on a Thursday at lunchtime.

Kimberly Elmer

Awesome customer service here!! Will be coming back for sure. Thank you so much for making my morning good from the start!

Zulla Haile

Real busy and a bit slow. But nice people!

M S.

Made a review a year ago, service still the same, POOR! One barista has to make iced and hot drinks. Maybe only 2-3 people in line, but numerous mobile orders. Lately, every cashier is handling food (even when using tongs), and money!!! Will never order food there. The cashier today was also rubbing her nose many times with her hands. Disgusting!!! Going back across the street to McDonalds where it is cheaper too. Only go there because I receive many gift cards.

Nadine Howard

Love all the Starbucks! Hyou can count I n them being as efficient and friendly as possible.

Pilar B

It was great. Fresh good customer service and really fast and friendly service.

Tammy Mulligan

I dont go often, but when I do the are friendly and fast

Maryjane Segundo

Great service, well stocked, lovely seating even outdoors,very clean ,restrooms

Tina Escandon

Seems like every time I come here they are out of the nitro cold brew

Orland R.

Always very slow, mixed up on orders & not good customer service! Go somewhere else! Horrible place to get a cup of coffee!

marc j.

By far this is the worst Starbucks I've ever been to. This review is solely based on the customer experience and service at the location. Twice before I have placed a mobile order for this location as it's the closest to me employer. The 1st visit I placed my mobile order 5 miles out. I arrived about 8-10 minutes later to this location, and only found 1 person barely working the mobile bar. There were a few drinks on the bar, but around 15 people standing and waiting for their beverages. I waited approximately 15 minutes when I asked where my order was. The woman said their computer went down and they were having issues. I replied with ok, and said take your time as these things happen while using electronics in today's world. The 2nd time ordering was last week, same drink and this time I ordered 10 miles out. I arrived 20 minutes later, again to hear that they were training someone new. Again 20 people waiting and just a few drinks on the bar. Today my last attempt I ordered when I got off at Airport because traffic was so bad. I arrived 35 minutes later to this location to find 30 people waiting and nothing on the bar. I asked the barista, her responce was" I'm not working the bar today, but its gonna take a while. I lost my mind and asked for a refund, I also will never come to this location again. I will be placing a call to Starbucks corporation to report this, this location needs either better equipment and or better training

Julieanne Harrison

This is one of my favorite Starbucks. The staff really make a point of knowing their customers and they already work through a long line really quickly.

Jenn Stewart

Super friendly, Never a complaint, always made perfectly perfectâ??.

Chad Davis

Always love my morning coffee and very nice customer service. Thank you gals

Michelle Ortiz

Friendly staff and quick on service.

Daksh M.

Good staff. Great ambiance. Tasty coffee and croissant. This place is peaceful and lively too.

Lisa D.

Every time I go here they never fill my cup. I pay $5 for a venti mocha and only receive a grande at best. I have gone and spoke to the at least 3 times hoping they would start filling the cups, but they never have. Don't go here if you want your money's worth. I just want what I pay for.

Summer B

This was hopefully my last visit to this Starbucks location. I have had horrible coffee here multiple times and they do not represent the chain's quality coffee.

Mike T.

Came here and got a latte. After waiting as long as I did, I took my drink and left. When I was miles down the road, I found out that on the sticker tab they put on the drink that it said "decaf". Why it said this, is unknown. I didn't request anything decaf. This made me extremely upset since I was already having a really bad day. Would prob avoid this location

David H.

This is the best Starbucks in Santa Rosa. They never mess up my order, and have even remade cold drinks for me if I order ahead of time and it starts melting before I pick it up.

Lisa Dabbs

Order online they never get a correct. 3rd time in a row it was wrong. Cup is never full. Pay $5 for a cup of coffee and only get 3/4 of a cup

Desiree Lenox

Quick service doesn't cheat u out of coffee by giving more milk!ð???

Jennifer Johann

Coffee was nice and hot, staff was very friendly just a very long line and little parking.

Carolyn Wesson

The employees are polite and drinks are great.

Christina M.

So improved at this location thank goodness it must be the new manager Christina ! Maybe in this case they took the reviews to heart and actually talk to their staff because they are more friendly and attentive, as we all know Customer Service goes a long way I've gone from giving them 1 to 2 stars to four let's hope it stays that way because this is now my local Starbucks. They were always busy so I mostly use the app to order ahead order is always ready quickly and correct. If there's a problem which there isn't often I have gone in and spoken to someone and they've corrected it right away. Only drawback is parking can be tough there's no drive-through and weird one way System to get in and out of the shopping center they're located in next Coldwell Banker and a mattress store. There's a huge homeless element also at this location and you often find them outside asking for money or asking for food, not a good location to bring your dog to because there's really no seating area outside and only service dogs are allowedInside the café area. Thumbs up today to most improved Starbucks chain never thought I would see the day that they prove me wrong keep it up!

Robin Giglio

Ordered a donut online. Got there and empty bag. Five people behind counter, couldn't get anyone's attention-talking to each other. Usually don't have this problem at this store.

Tara G.

I am a lover, and come here 4/5 days a week. Most everyone is nice. One lady said yesterday " What do you want". That is so rude. How about " What would you like"?, or " How may I help you". I respectful and paying good money. All I ask in return is the same friendly curiosity.

Jashua P.

I love this location. It's very busy, but the staff are always friendly. At least when I've been around;). I am currently sipping on a reserve roast of coffee that gets processed through their "Clover" machine. When they told me that it was being made on the Clover, I was excited to see what new contraption this was. Googled it, and see it is a process that mimics a French press with custom timing and temperature depending on the beam. This is the only location up here that has a Clover machine that I am aware of and is a great way to offer coffee lovers like me something new. I can't just drink Pikes every day can I?!

Ursula Samuels

We'll what can I say?!?!

Brent Goodman

This is our go to Starbucks and the servers always make our drinks to perfection.

joanne dube

Very popular location. Great & friendly service.

Me Non

Clean and easy to get to. No problem making dairy-free chai latte

Jenny M.

I come here mostly because of location convenience but I love that my order is always accurate and consistently tastes the same. This is a guaranteed way to keep us picky coffee drinkers coming back.

fatt m.

Told the people there it was the second time this week that they have skipped or missed my mobile order and had to wait 15-20 minutes for my coffee when my wife got hers 10 min earlier. Not happy with this one

Alison Carrington-Tardif

This is easily the best Starbucks on this side of town. The employees always get my drink right and are quick and friendly. I go out of my way to avoid other coffee shops just so I can go to this location. Very happy I live so close to these guys!

Andrea Mendoza

I love this Starbucks location! They always seem to have my preferred food choices in stock and the staff is always friendly. It seems to be very busy every time I go, but I think there is enough staff to handle the crowd and they tend to prepare my drinks fast.