Taylor Lane Organic Coffee - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

390 Coddingtown Center, Santa Rosa


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Taylor Lane is one of my all time favorite coffee shops, I even got my boyfriend hooked on their vanilla lattes! We were excited when the SR location opened up so we wouldn't have to go to Sevastopol every time we wanted one of their signature coffees. I am so disappointed in this location, their lattes are awful - Luke warm, not frothy, not sweetened (and I don't like a lot of syrup in my coffee), it's rather watery even. This location is nothing like the Sebastopol...read full review
I have to downgrade my review unfortunately. I came back and ordered a pour over and an avocado toast this time. The coffee was great. However, the avocado toast had a bitter, acrid flavor that made the whole thing unpleasant to eat. First I thought it was the sprouts, so I took them off. Nope, it was the avocado itself. My wife also remarked how overly salty she found her toast. In comparison to Acre, Taylor Lane's avocado toast gets no recommendation from me any longer.
Stopped by closer to the lunch time and there were two couples in front of me. The line moved quite fast though and the person taking order was very friendly. I ordered an advertised Lavender Latte and the Avocado toast. The wait time for them to be made was good. The Lavender Latte is quite unusual. Haven't had such a latte anywhere else. Especially appreciate the ratio with the milk, and that it was not overly sweet (unlike the SB store in the same mall). The avocado...read full review

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Taylor Lane Organic Coffee - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

390 Coddingtown Center, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
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