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21540 Hawthorne Blvd space 514c, Torrance
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Question? Why do you wait until you're out of pretzels to stick a new batch in? Makes no sense to me. A 15 min wait for one pretzel when you just want a quick snack to grab in between your shopping. They could be more productive i think.

I echo other Yelpers in stating that this location does not care about customer service. Our pretzels were tasty enough, but I would not eat here again. There was one employee lazily helping all the people that wanted to order, one employee making pretzels in the back where you could only view her head, and 3 employees visibly sitting around on their phones in the back. It seemed like a long wait for a simple pretzel. They must get enough mall traffic to not have to full review

Ordered an almond with no butter. Ten minute wait. Cool. I understand. It has to be freshly made. But to wait ten minutes for a BURNT pretzel? That's not cool. Unfortunately I didn't look until I got into the car :( see pic for sad burnt pretzel

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the pretzel that built an empire.
Cinnamon Sugar
what better way to spoil dinner than with this sweet treat.
raise a toast to this pretzel coated with toasted almond toffee crunch, raise it high. (then dunk it down in a caramel dip).
mamma mia, this is a savory treat. pair this pretzel with the marinara dip for a taste of the old country.
nine slices of pepperoni and a savory three-cheese blend transform the original pretzel into a tasty pepperoni pretzel.
Sour Cream & Onion
because sour cream and anchovies would have been...well... silly. sour cream & onion genius.
go on, feel the heat. the jalapeno peppers make this a hot, spicy treat. jalapen-yes!
it's a sweet treat when raisins are baked into an auntie anne's pretzel. add an order of sweet glaze, and you've found the perfect indulgence - for breakfast or any time
coated with sesame seeds, baked crispy and delicious, this is the pretzel recommended by ali baba and 39 of the 40 thieves.
these on-the-go snacks are pushovers. push 'em over your lips and past your gums.
Cinnamon Sugar Stix
the original stixs younger, sweeter sibling.
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets
nugget of wisdom: all is delicious in cinnamon and sugar.
Original Pretzel
bite-size pretzel perfection.

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Pretzel Dog
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