El Pollo Loco

1565 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 539-9347

Recent Reviews


So delicious food to eat!

Kenneth Kato

I like this El Pollo Loco because every time their chicken is flavorful and tender compared to other ones that I have eaten at.

Studio2Radio Studio2Radio

Lilly is great! No complaints with this place!

Janallyn V.

The young girl working drive thru around lunch time is TERRIBLE. I come here often for lunch and I always cross my fingers hoping it's someone else but her at the window. She is so unpleasant and it's quite evident she hates her job and doesn't want to be there. I'd recommend walking in instead of drive thru to avoid her and her major attitude!

Lance Y.

Worst service ever. If I could give 0 stars I would. 10 people were in store, no one in line, and no one asked if I needed help or if I was ready to order.

Alfonso Resendiz

Great place to get grilled chicken i practically have eaten everything in the menu. Sometimes the drive thru can get packed but it doesn't take long if you already know what your going to order.

Andrew G.

Came here on my lunch break for a chicken avocado burrito and two churros. Burrito had burnt chicken pieces and a boat load of cabbage. Churros had ZERO cinnamon sugar on it. Will not come back here; would rather drive the extra miles to the Hawthorne Blvd location. Extremely upset at how they prepared the food.

Sean M

Inconsistent results. Last week, I got a classic chicken burrito, but there ended up being no chicken in it. This week, there was some chicken in my burrito, but my Dr. Pepper had absolutely no flavor. I'd rather come here than many other nearby fast food places due to cost and health, but poor results make me just want to wait to eat dinner until I get closer to home in Orange County. Dinner on my commute home is important when I have to go to bed soon after getting home from work at the hospital.

Patty W.

I'll start by saying that the food is generally tasty, the service is on par with other fast food restaurants and generally my orders are accurate. I drive through or order delivery from this location quite often because it is a healthy food choice. When I need help I can't get it from this location. On more than one occasion, I have called for help and the phone rings and goes unanswered. If they are too busy to answer at this location, they should have a centralized customer service number to call. I often do not get the receipt with my order (I keep forgetting to ask for it) and I want to speak with someone to document my call and perhaps document that I wasn't given my receipt. This location is in a crazy busy strip mall with inadequate parking but it does have a fairly lengthy drive through lane. For some reason, they close off the beginning of the drive through and the orders are taken by someone at very beginning of the drive though. You cannot see the menu board but are expected to read a laminated paper menu which I would rather not touch during this pandemic. Cars often have to turn around to get in the right direction to place their order. While waiting to place an order and while ordering, cars block one lane of the small, highly trafficked, general parking lot two lane area. People get upset with having to wait due to blocked traffic and people trying to turn around. They block traffic while the drive through lane is almost empty. The poor order taker is at the mercy of people to pay attention. I hope to never hear that someone was hit by a car there. I have complained to the manager at the store twice and have been told its a corporate decision. I have made several complaints online via the survey and no one has ever contacted me. I have tried parking and going inside and I sometimes order delivery but those both entail their own set of problems which I will save for another day. I have contacted EPL numerous time for various reasons and no one ever calls or emails back to me. EPL please think of the safety of your customers and employees. Please be accessible and responsive to your customers. I've spent a great deal of time hoping to making doing business with EPL much more pleasant and more importantly safe but EPL is 0-0 for showing any concern on their part.

Michael Wilkinson

The food was ok, but I ordered corn and got rice instead, and I didn't receive any plasticware

Top 10 C.

This specific establishment is run greatly and has a friendly environment for youngsters and for any other category. The quality of the food was excellent and the service as well. The management was to most professional that I can ever believe.

Mark C.

I had a coupon so I decided to use it to get $2 off of a chicken guacamole burrito loco box. The loco box also comes with small rice and beans, chips, and one churro. I asked for salsa but the worker said it was already in the box. I regret trusting him because when I got home, I wish I got more and was denied by the bad customer service. Unfortunately, the amount of chicken in the burrito was so paltry that I don't really remember tasting any when I ate it.

Andre Zepeda

Ordering out front is fine. But having vehicles make a turn that is impossible without backing up 2 to 3 times to enter the driveway is ridiculous. I watched a f150 almost wreck his truck all 3 times. Management/ owner someone needs to rethink this!!! It needs to start at the other direction first if all. Not going into on coming cars. Service was fine..


Poor customer service. I usually stop at this location for dinner at least once or twice a week because it's the only one on my way home, but they need to check their orders before handing them to the customers. I have had to return to them because my orders have not been filled adequately. One time they "fixed the order" and gave me some free tacos to make up and I got the order and drove home, didn't check it thinking it was right since I had to go back and tell them it was wrong. When we get home we noticed that again the order had not been filled correctly. I was so mad called several times to complain and no answer. Another time I asked can you please make sure my order is correct and they said yes. What was my surprise? Again! Wrong items! I could say that or of 10 visits only about 2 orders have been correct and sometimes the person at the drive thru has an attitude when you ask for salsas or other items. Management should make sure to bring this up to the employees, so that we a customers can really enjoy our food.


I drove 20 minutes to get here and I have five dollars on the app which I haven’t used. I went to scan it and I hit redeem now and it said I couldn’t use it it was already used I never used it that messed up and now I’m at lunch because that was my five dollars. the cashier already scanned something else I didn’t get to eat today and I don’t know what happened to the five dollar reward because it still showing that on my phone so that messes up he couldn’t call a manager don’t get to eat lunch today.May you should a disclosure in your app if it messes up you don’t get to eat and it’s not your fault it’s called technology and guess what technology happens,so your company if they want business they should back the customer up not the app.?He could have called a manger for help....

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