21712 Hawthorne Blvd #229a, Torrance


Reviews for Sweetosaur

This is definitely more a place that I'd come for a cool Instagram pic. Is it cute? Well, of course it is! A scoop of ice cream served atop a little baby dinosaur - who can resist that? Certainly not I. But, ultimately, the ice cream flavors are just standard and nothing special. It's also a little bit of an issue that they'll serve the ice cream to you in a dinosaur cone that's still warm, so the ice cream begins to melt right away, which kinda ruins the...read full review

I don't know what all the hullabaloo is about. Went there and got a macaroon carrot cake ice cream sandwich with my girlfriends after dinner at Robata Jinya. There was a line. Some of their more popular flavors were sold out. It was no better and no worse than store bought ice cream, but a whole lot pricier, that's for sure.

This place is absolutely amazing! The icecream is delicious and oh my. I have to say thank you to the woman helping me! Myself and the person I was with could taste the love and hard work! I am not exaggerating either! It was two ice creams with o e employee and there was 5 people behind us! I know she was stressed so I gave her a tip! Check the photos of this delicious treat! I hope they give her some more help because that was ridiculous!! I work in fast food and it did not...read full review

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