J. Zhou

Dim Sum, Seafood, Cantonese

2601 Park Ave, Tustin
(714) 258-8833



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Four of us went for lunch-dim sum on a weekday. The Mastro's of Dim Sum has arrived! Parking: easy for a weekday, large parking lot in the Tustin District Shopping Center. It was full for a weekday, weekends it would probably be crazy. Getting into the lot was challenging with a long line. 4/5 stars Service: pretty good, none of us had any complaints. Responsive, decent timing, polite, dressed formally in suit and tie. 5/5 stars Ambience: beautiful classy space, elaborate...read full review
I see a lot of haters of this place. I see a lot of bad reviews of service, the "no dim sum" carts, and the price. I get it. Bad service sucks. Dim sum carts breed authenticity. Price of Chinese food should be cheap, but somehow mind-blowing. OOOO-K. What I don't get is how you can rate J Zhou's dim sum LOWER than the other dim sum places in Irvine. The key words: In Irvine. Not in Hong Kong. Not in LA. Not in China. But Irvine. China Garden. Capital Seafood....read full review
Parking here is more crazier than going down bolsa. Literally went in circles a few times before finding a parking spot in this plaza. Some people were parking in the handicapped when they are not handicapped. Whole Foods is in the same plaza with many other stores. This is madness, a fight for your own parking spot. Moving on, food here is mediocre. You don't see workers coming around with fresh hot shopping carts with your food. Ordered most of your common dim sum dishes....read full review

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