Chipotle Mexican Grill

1233 E Putnam Ave, Riverside
(203) 637-0078

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Patricia L.

Chipotle FOR REAL, I love the corn salsa and guacamole it's FOR REAL, and it'll be dinner for US tonight FOR REAL

Johnny W.

Noses out of their masks, dirty gloves, dirty counters, ripped and dripping burritos. The manager is on his phone and his hands are dirty.

Destanee S.

So very unprofessional, me and my husband sat there waiting for ten minutes straight to be helped no one else was being helped. Instead continued to do the Togo orders that were there. Looked us up and down still no help. So we walk out, we go back to look and everyone's been helped. So what was the reason why she couldn't help us? We have masks on? We sat waiting. Wth. Find better customer service employees. This is important today. Coming from a manger to a manager I'd be embarrassed of my location. We serve who is in front of us first. Like come on.

Staceys Way

Never give you the right stuff that suppose to go with your order and under cooked food

Michelle Kelly

Normally we get the carnitas bowl. This day we tried the brisket. It was tasty but a bit dry and overcooked. I will get the carnitas next time.


Not well thought out order pick up system where bags are left on a shelf and everyone can touch all the orders to see if it is theirs. Ours was taken by someone else either mistakenly or deliberately. Went to report to staff and manager was unapologetic, rude. We had to wait another 20+ minutes and even when the replacement order was done, it was left on the counter inside and no one handed it to us until we asked about our order again. Nasty attitude. Corporate customer service is very responsive and responded to our email complaint within two minutes even at 9pm

Am A.

You know that feeling when you're dead tired and you have an even more tired kid who just finished intense sport practice, and all he wants is his weekly Chipotle burrito. I thought my husband put in the online order. He did not.... And my kid, who is awesome, stood with me in line, with no complaints for 20 minutes because he loves his Chipotle burritos (with extra chicken!!). The kitchen and production line looked fully staffed and were working very hard. They were in constant motion. The workers looked exhausted but kept making burritos and bowls. While waiting in the serpentine line, I spoke with moms trying to get dinner for their families, a ton of hungry teenagers, a cute couple on a date.... They all got fed. A big thank you to the staff for your hard work. See you next week!

Mauro Antonio Ayala Rosales

Very good Restaurant in your Head so kind of Friends Cook and recommended some dishes with different prices Okay very good

julianna lajko

Food was made super quick! Delicious and the manager is very professional! For all of you people who are cranky saying they take to long, the place just opened up. Give it some time. Clearly those people have either never worked in the food industry or are appreciative of what the workers go through.

Simona Mel

There's a sign before you order to inform the staff of any allergies. I informed them I'm vegan and therefore am meat and dairy free, and then proceeded to order a veggie burrito. It ended up having a chunk of meat in it that I bit into and chewed but luckily didn't swallow - completely unacceptable. The food stations was messy and there were dirty tables that we didn't see get cleaned off the entire time we ate there (we also had to clean off our own table).

William Gold

Horrendous service. The online order system has to be the worst thing ever created. Almost every time I’ve ordered here online my food is either not made at all or taken by someone else before I get there. I end up spending 40 minutes here waiting for them to figure it out. The food is made sub par. love chipotle always have but this place is a disgrace to the chipotle brand.

Atrin H

Unfortunately this location does not live up to the Chipotle brand. The staff don’t seem to be experienced and don’t care for their restaurant. There were only 3 people in front of us but it took them 10 minutes to start our order. After they started our order it took them another 10 minutes to finish it up with the salsas and the food was cold by the time we started eating. Behind us a line of about 12 people was created and I could here everyone’s frustration. There was only the cashier and one other person on the line, which I thought was not enough to accommodate the rush of customers waiting at the door. Multiple staff members were in the kitchen area but were not even considering helping the line. The food was decent but had much better quality at other locations. Sorry for the bad review but found it necessary because I didn’t have the chipotle experience I was used too.Sincerely,Atrin H


Absolutely horrible! The staff is extremely unfriendly the place is a unsanitary. Ordered a burrito that is the smallest I’ve ever seen in my 5+ years of eating at Chipotle. Don’t waste your time with this location take the extra drive to Norwalk. They don’t disappoint.

Travis Forshey

Just another Chipolte in the Northeast where the food is decent and the people are very unfriendly. I haven't heard a welcome, thank you or have a nice day yet. It is night and day different from the midwest.

John K.

Ordering food from this Chipotle is an absolute nightmare! The food is never made on time and I always have to wait 15-20 minutes past the pick up time. Then, when I try to get the employees attention, I'm shrugged off and ignored. It is extremely frustrating when the food is not only not made on time but the employees do not care if you have to stand there for 20 minutes. I really hope a change is made....

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