Latin American Restaurants near Manchester

La Toquilla Latin American • $$
21 Oak St, Manchester

Customers` Favorites

Passion Fruit Juice and Blackberry Juice
Churrasco Manaba Manaba Skirt Steak
Tigrillo de Queso Cheese Tigrillo
Chicken Soup a La Minuta
Encebollado de Pescado
Breaded Chicken Breast
Beef Soup a La Minuta
Ceviche la Toquilla
Sopa De Mariscos
Chicken Tenders

“La Toquilla offers excellent food with a taste of Ecuador. Despite being busy, the service is friendly and attentive. The empanadas and Lomo Saltado are highly recommended. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff creates a pleasant dining experience. A must-visit for delicious food and great service with an Ecuadorian touch.“

4.6 Superb79 Reviews
Dosè of Dess Latin American •
59 Cooper Hill St, Manchester
0 Na0 Reviews
Favela Aroma Brazilian • $
1014 Main St, East Hartford - 6.24 miles

Customers` Favorites

Lamb Beef Chicken Rice and Beans
Garlic Beef and Chicken Wings
Potato Salad and Rice
Churrasco N Sausage
Rotisserie Chicken
Brazilian Pudim
Fried Rice
Salad Bar
Corn Cake

“Favela Aroma in East Hartford is a great Brazilian restaurant known for its complimentary rotisserie meats. The buffet-style service charges by plate weight, offering a satisfying meal for around $20. The food is fantastic and authentic, with a surprise dessert for kids. Despite the less appealing location and restroom, the friendly staff and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit spot. Plenty of street parking available. A place worth returning to for the full experience of Brazilian cuisine.“

4.5 Superb42 Reviews
Humacao Restaurant & Lounge Spanish • $
775 Silver Ln, East Hartford - 4.64 miles

Customers` Favorites

Arroz Con Gandulez Habichuelas Guisada Y Carne D Cerdo Frita
White Rice Beans N Fried Chicken
Mofongo Y Pernil Asado De Tira
White Rice Beans N Fried Pork
Mofongo Churrasco Camarones
Relleno De Papa Potato Ball
Mofongo Con Pollo En Salsa
Mofongo De Marisco Mixto
White Rice Con Sancocho
Monfongo De Camarones

“Humacao Restaurant & Lounge is a popular Puerto Rican restaurant in CT, known for its delicious food like beef and cheese empanadas. The service is top-notch, even when busy. Recently under new ownership, the food has improved, and the bartender Melissa provided excellent service. Customers enjoy dishes like Mofongo Criolla and chicken stew, accompanied by great music. A highly recommended spot for a delightful dining experience.“

3.7 Good40 Reviews