Nellie's Sports Bar

900 U St NW, Washington
(202) 332-6355

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Natasha Wills

On 10/3/2020 a friend and I out on the town. Decided to grab something to eat. My friend wanted to go to Nellies, I was against it. Due to the horrible reviews I read. So I gave in and we stood in the ridiculously long line. We grab us some drinks from the outside bar, to make the wait tolerable. Derrick the waiter set us down and walked away. Two other individuals came in and they were seated. Derrick got them some water and proceeded to take their orders. Before he could wa

Bailey Evams

Im not much of a sports fan but as far as a place to hang out and take in a game, this is a pretty good spot. They have an assortment of games around the place to keep you busy (PLEASE BRING BACK THE Nellie's Sports Bar!) lots of beer on tap and the food is surprisingly good.

Savilla M.

I first came here excited to learn about queer history sand my community, as nellies is one of the oldest queer establishments still in existence. However, despite being open to all, the staff was super rude and dismissive, talking down to me and my friends. Of course maybe it was just a bad night or something so I was gonna let it go, until recent events. Nellies has since been alienating and disregarding the DC queer and poc voices telling them that hanging cop flags, and inviting local PD, who this month in particular have been brutalizing and targeting BLM and anti brutality protesters, particularly poc queer protesters, makes their neighborhoods unsafe. They continue to support the thin blue line, at the expense of the community that fought for their right to exist in the first place, from stonewall to today. It's sick. Also the food sucks.

Matt E.

Somehow on every trip to DC I end up at Nellie's. I'm definitely not complaining. It's always a good time, even now during all of this COVID mess.As with everywhere else, you've got to sit and stay at a table. You'd be well advised to make a reservation, or else you'll be like the folks on the sidewalks complaining to the drag queen hostess. And I tell you what... she ran out of effs to give about your no-reservation-having ass LONG ago. Just make a reservation, people.Once inside, you're safely at a distance but there's enough people and fun enough music for the place to still have a good energy. People are here to have FUN, and it turns out that watching people have fun is fun. Plus, the staff is all great. Sure, they might have forgotten one of our drinks, but did you see how he looked in that skimpy tank top???? I digress...Food is pretty standard bar food. I had chicken tenders, and they were A-OK. Drinks are sweet and fruity, much like the patrons. Maybe a bit too sweet for me (the drinks, not the people) but it seems to work for what they're going for. You don't come to Nellie's for a culinary experience. You come for fun vibes, cute boys, and more cute boys. And they've got that covered, even during COVID.Yay Nellie's!

Jaimee W.

I have been to Nellies on many occasions. Tonight I had a reservation set for 9 pm. They cancelled. I also mad a reservation for 1010 pm and it was cancelled. I made the reservation for 9 pm at 1259 pm earlier in the day. I am upset to see that I was told they were capacity. How could they be at 1259 pm? I really wanted to celebrate my birthday there was was denied.

Kyrra D.

The vibe here is great. We waited over an hour and a half for a table and had horrible service. The first drink barely had liquor in it, the second drink had an entire bottle of whiskey in it. I only had 2 drinks in the 3 1/2 hours I was here because the waiter kept forgetting when we reordered. We waited over 20 minutes for our final ticket and almost walked out because we thought he forgot about us AGAIN. Even when he did come by the table we had to yell our order because he would be walking away as he was talking to us.

Fab EFEL / Florida

I loved this place. The atmosphere is really good. The bartenders are nice. Very correct prices .... there are balconies. This is for me the best gay bar in DC (but very good for everyone)

Rosalyn A.

This review is for NELLIE's pandemic review let's get into it nellies not only the only sports bars that delivers shots during this mess the food is tha bomb thank u so much for shining in this crisis

Angel Christine Trent

Had to cancel due to corona virus and was shorted over half of ticket price. Very unprofessional, and unacceptable due to the current pandemic.

Fab Efel / usa

I loved this place. The atmosphere is really good. The bartenders are nice. Very correct prices .... there are balconies. This is for me the best gay bar in DC (but very good for everyone)

Fab Efel

I loved this place. The atmosphere is really good. The bartenders are nice. Very correct prices .... there are balconies. This is for me the best gay bar in DC (but very good for everyone)

Donyiel C.

*Drag brunch review* I've only ever been here for their infamous drag brunch. My first time was several years ago and back then I remembered the brunch way cheaper and included bottomless mimosas. I had the pleasure of seeing "Epiphany." During my most recent visit, this past Sunday, we were celebrating a birthday. It was a bit more expensive and now guests only get one complimentary bloody mary (no thanks) or mimosa. I opted for the mimosa which to me wasn't super strong, but fyi - my tolerance is pretty high so don't listen to me. You're welcome to buy additional mimosas at $4 or a carafe for $22. Our group of 13 had tickets for the 1:30 show, but we weren't seated until after 2. When you arrive there is a sign directing you to go upstairs to wait. There's a full bar. We definitely got drinks while we waited. Frozen slushies all around. This event is very popular and sells out! Don't be late. Take into consideration that parking around here is pretty tight. I ended up finding a spot two blocks up. This brunch is really all about the entertainment. Those queens come out to slay and to play! How do they change so fast?! Amazing!! This isn't your typical buffet where you want to come hungry. You wait to be called by table number for food that's pretty basic (no shade). There's also no going back multiple times. Well at least I didn't notice or see why most would want to. Let"s see if I can remember what they had. There's pancakes, fruit, salad, grits, hummus, pita, empanadas, ribs, pasta, and some other stuff. To my recollection, there's not much options for vegans, if at all. A guest in our show was ill and the way the staff handled it was beyond professional. They immediately paused everything, remained calm and an ambulance arrived on the scene within minutes. I hope that person was ok. Then the show continued. The staff was wonderful! Everyone is super friendly. The servers, the bartenders and of course, the hostess with the mostest, Chanel Devreaux. Again, this experience is all about the show! That in itself is totally worth the price. Bring your cash for tipping.


If you want to relax, enjoy a good meal and see friendly servers, this is the place to go. Emphasis on don't get the rush-out feeling from other places, and enjoy a delicious menu.

Darlene Copeland

The food and drinks were great! It was packed, but the seating was organized well. The show was fabulous! I will return!

Monte' G.

I'm a big fan of a good time. I love great music and positive vibes. There's an insane amount of fantastic energy at this place. I believe it was a Friday night, when I was doing a bit of bar crawling. Such a positive atmosphere! Stopped by for a few drinks and ended up on this amazing rooftop dance floor. The DJ was great and had a great playlist!You can definitely have fun here. The first floor hosted restrooms and a bar pero the above floors host the party and mor bars! The drinks were excellent and the bartenders here are very friendly. Prices on both food and drinks were extremely wallet friendly. The crowd was a very mixed crowd. Thanks for the great time while in the area!

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