The Dirty Goose

913 U St NW, Washington
(202) 629-1462

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Rudy L.

Very disappointed tonight. Generally have had a great time here, but tonight they f*d us over on the charges. They said we had more drinks than we had and by a lot. Maybe they confused us with another table? Been consistently coming here spending a few hundred dollars a week even in Covid times but that is done. Will not come back after the gross over charge tonight. If you come here you better keep count of your drinks. Better to go to Trade or Number 9. They seem care about their regulars. So disappointed. I know it's tough times but this is not the way.

Teodymel C.

Great service but watchout for your receipt. Close the tab every round of drinks in this time of the pandemic. They charged more than what you ordered since it is a table service. Never close at the end. Count your drinks or whatever lee Clownery in the receipt. Got charged 600 bucks for 2 hours. 9/13/2020. 7-9pm.

Wilber P.

Tony the bartender had the nastiest attitude I've ever seen on someone. Even when we were ordering drinks as soon as we came in he had a nasty petty attitude. Soon after our drinks were served we decided to leave. I won't be returning, this was my first and final time at the dirty goose.

Olivares Carlos

Bartenders are super friendly, drinks are great, and it’s a fun hang out place.

Eddie Cook

We made a reservation and Tony was our server. He is such a joy and makes sure everyone is comfortable especially during a global pandemic. He laid down the law/rules as you sit down but makes sure you enjoy your time. Would HIGHLY recommend sitting in his section again.


Super great staff, supportive and a great environment. Proud to have them as a part of the LGBTQ community

Biruk M.

//+1 for improved drinks and customer service. Note: I had a pleasant experience with both the customer service and drink quality. I believe in giving second chances.

Oscar R.

I went here with my boyfriend and the bouncer wouldn't accept his National ID from Taiwan. I said fine and while we were waiting for our Uber, he went on to talk to all the customers who were smoking about how we were trying to get in with a fake ID and that we needed to bring a real ID, while they nervously smiled. I told him that we were right there and that he could say that to our face and he charged up to me and asked me if I "had a fucking problem" and that he was "down." I was thrown aback, I was there to spend money on alcohol, not to be threatened by their staff. This bar was highly recommended by a friend since I had just moved to DC, I will now tell everyone who even mentions this bar about my experience and not to go there. I feel very uncomfortable that their staff threatened me.

james reeves

The Dirty Goose time and time again continues to donate their time, energy, and services to SMYAL, making them a new staple within the LGBTQ DC community. Can't recommend them more!

Kyle Hennies

Best, juiciest lime for my G&T; 10x juicier than expected. If you can see it from the front, wait until you see it from the back. Lime.

Gege Almond-eyez Frazier

It’s was cute little spot.. music was jammin..

The King Robbie Dash

I’m here a lot so that should say a lot...


Got sick from the drinks and found out later from my doctor that it was food poisoning. The place is very dirty and the restrooms are filthy. The staff is rude. Many better options in DC bar.

Cathy M.

This Place is all about money not the well fair of the people that come here , I witnessed a young man so drunk could barely stand get served then later that night the same young man was past out on the first floor bathroom and all the workers did was tell his friends to get him out the club didn't offer water or anything just made his friends drag him out when I asked to speak to a manger the doorman was rude and said I could not return in that is the worst display of humanity I have ever seen. Shame on you #Down with the Goose.

Domina Laura

Omg! Glenn’s chocolate coffee martini is beyond what I dream of! And, Glen was so nice and super friendly!! Definitely coming back to the Dirty Goose to get Glen’s martini!

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