Restaurants near Bridgeville

Kiwanis Chicken BBQ 4533 Seashore Hwy, Bridgeville Barbecue • $
4533 Seashore Hwy, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

BBQ Half Chicken Platter

“Best BBQ chicken on the eastern shore. Accept no others. This is the real deal. You won't be sorry you stopped. The BBQ sauce that it's cooked with is amazing. Eat it there or take it with you, or do both!”

4.9 Superb14 Reviews
Jeff's Taproom & Grille 416 Market St, Bridgeville Bar & Grill • $
416 Market St, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Biker Burger
Cream of Crab Soup
Chicken Cordon Bleu Ciabatta
Hickory Bacon Cheeseburger
Jeff's Bacon Cheeseburger
Cheese Burger and Fries
Cheese Steak & Fries
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Fish and Chips

“Great food great people! If you want a melt in your mouth burger that's enough to feed 2 then this is the spot. They have games that go on during the week and stuff on weekends. Check em out”

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
Snappy's Bar & Grille 7511 Federalsburg Rd, Bridgeville Bar & Grill • $
7511 Federalsburg Rd, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

French Toast with a Side of Bacon
Scrapple Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Western Omelet and Home Fries
Cheesesteak Sub and Fries
Creamed Chip Beef
Scrapple Sandwich
Turkey & Ham Club

“Ya gotta love Snappy's in Bridgeville for a good down-home-style Delaware breakfast. Ate there with my GF the other day and we both agreed it's like the bar in "cheers" crashed into Mel's diner with a happy result. The staff is like a big family, joking and messing with each other. The food is awesome and the chef always comes out to check on you. If you're a scrapple fan like my GF, you'll love the not one but TWO brick-size portions of scrapple you get with your platter, which is not surprising given that the place is a literal stones throw from the rapa scrapple factory just down the road. the cherry on top is, unbelievably, They don't seem to have raised their menu prices since the pandemic, like everyone has. just can't say enough good things about snappy's!”

4.3 Superb63 Reviews
Tony's Pizza & Pasta 613 S Main St, Bridgeville Pizza • $
613 S Main St, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Cheese Steak
White Pizza
Chicken Pizza
Pizza Twist
Veggie Sub

“We moved from upstate NY to Delaware and finally we have found a great little pizza and Italian restaurant. Friendly people and a nice atmosphere, highly recommended.”

4.3 Superb55 Reviews
Sugar Beet Market 201 Waterside Dr, Bridgeville Bar & Grill • $
201 Waterside Dr, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Potato Wedges
Chicken Tenders

“I was very disappointed that the Sugar Beet Market had no vegan entrees. In this day and age, this is not acceptable. No vegan burger, no sweet potato fries, not even a hummus wrap!I should rate this less than 4 stars, to be fair.They did have a good craft beer on tap, good brewed iced tea, and a lovely atmosphere though.But c’mon! Get your act together and offer good, solid 100% plant-based entrees, and you will enter the 2000s?”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews
Pizza King 9537 Bridgeville Center Rd, Bridgeville Pizza • $
9537 Bridgeville Center Rd, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Pizza Twist
Boardwalk Fries
Boneless Wings
Crab Fries with Cheese
Great Slice of Pizza
Cheese Steak Sub
Regular Twist

“My first time eating at this location in Bridgeville, De. Out of all of their stores this one is the cleanest, and service is very good. The food comes out hot fresh and as ordered. I will eat here again.”

4.2 Good53 Reviews
Jirehs Bakery Llc 113 Market St, Bridgeville Bakery • $
113 Market St, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Pineapple Cake

“I bought a Leche cake from here and it was delicious! It was the 2nd best Leche cake I had between here and NY. One of my friends from a previous job Maria, she makes the best cakes but, this cake was right behind her. I was about to order another but, I'll have to catch them Monday.”

4.3 Superb11 Reviews
Don Chuy Mexican Restaurant 18541 S Main St, Bridgeville Mexican • $
18541 S Main St, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Fried Ice Cream
Taco Salad 12
Two Tacos
Arroz Rice
107 Carnitas

“Everything my husband and I have gotten has been delicious. They even fixed a shrimp chimichanga for me that wasn't on their menu. My husband loves their tamales. The servers are always smiling and kind.”

4.1 Good69 Reviews
Arianna's Mexican Food 11583 Madelyn Ave, Bridgeville Fast Food
11583 Madelyn Ave, Bridgeville

“I’ve enjoyed the meatyfull chicken, beef & shrimp tacos. The chicken tamales. The flavorful rice and plan to continue going back for more! Fresh ingredients and made to order keep me coming back for more!”

5 Superb2 Reviews
Rapa Scrapple 103 S Railroad Ave, Bridgeville American • $$
103 S Railroad Ave, Bridgeville

“I just had some original scrapple delivered to me all the way to California. I had not had any in over 25 years. But it was as wonderful as I remember. Thank you for taking me on a journey back in time... Absolutely the best flavor....”

4.2 Good5 Reviews
The Frozen Farmer 9843 Seashore Hwy, Bridgeville Ice Cream Shop • $
9843 Seashore Hwy, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Peanut Butter Cup

“My husband picked up the Raspberry Sorbet. I like the slightly sour taste from the raspberries. Also like it is dairy, gluten, and fat free. I hope we get more flavors at the WalMart we shop at. Will pick up again!!??”

4 Good55 Reviews
Sonic Drive-In 18757 US-13, Bridgeville Fast Food • $
18757 US-13, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Chili Cheese Dog
Tater Tots
Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger
Beef Hot Dog
Bacon Double

“The employees are always so very friendly, food is always accurate and the entire property is clean anytime I’m ever there. I’m always so pleased with the service I receive at this location and I never leave reviews anywhere good or bad but I just had to show how grateful I am to enjoy my short experiences every time I visit this location and its employees.”

3.8 Good61 Reviews
McDonald's 18733 Sussex Hwy, Bridgeville Fast Food • $
18733 Sussex Hwy, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Happy Meal
French Fries
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Quarter Pounder Hamburger
Breakfast Sandwich
McDonald's Big Mac
Chicken Mcnuggets
Vanilla Cone

“You need to teach the help that a happy meal comes w a drink that is already paid for! The girl yesterday asked the kids would you like a small or medium drink. I said their meal comes w a drink. She said I know - then why are you asking what size. I’m suppose to. No… the meal comes w a drink you don’t add another drink to it. Got the receipt - she had charged for 2 small drinks. She said is something wrong? Yes you charged for too many drinks. She was insistent she didn’t. There was no manger around. She was NOT the sharpest tool in the toolbox! She swore she did it correctly. She was so “dumb” that I ordered sweet tea lemonade and she swore they never had that. I said I’ve ordered it a few times here. Impossible BUT she’d give me lemon. She didn’t AND the tea was empty ALL day! Yes she was informed but she couldn’t comprehend that the tea doesn’t come from the machine. She kept saying you can go over there and get what you want. The tea is empty…..she just repeated you can get whatever u want over there. SMH! She was so new she squeaked and still had her price tag on her! I sat down and figured up everything we had gotten - she had not only charged us for 2 small drinks but she forgot to charge us for a large drink I had ordered but got the cup for. I gave up on her. You guys are so great that more then once you’ve said don’t dig for that 5 cents… but she’s going to get ahold of the wrong person one day and they’ll be a lot of shouting! I witnessed that at Milford McDonald’s months ago. ALL the customer did was ask for her cup and the manager behind her back made fun of her while her boyfriend was standing there. A fight ensued - not fun! The manager was 100% wrong and she set a bad example for the employees.”

3.6 Good50 Reviews


Subway 9577 Bridgeville Park Ctr U E2, Bridgeville Sandwich Shop • $
9577 Bridgeville Park Ctr U E2, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Italian

“My sub was made perfectly by Jenny. Great service with a smile.Parking: Super easy parking. This end of the shopping center is never very busyWheelchair accessibility: Great handicapped spots just about right in front”

2 Poor6 Reviews
China Wok 9577 Bridgeville Center Rd #3, Bridgeville Chinese • $
9577 Bridgeville Center Rd #3, Bridgeville

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Fried Rice

“I'm originally from NY and so there's always some hesitation in trusting Chinese food in more rural, secluded areas. But this place was pretty good. It's not the best Chinese I ever had, but it definitely does the trick compared to places I tried in Salisbury and Seaford. The Lo Mein was great, beef wasn't all fat... my only criticism was the fried rice was a little dry but I also know the recipe for fried rice requires dry rice. They also use dark soy sauce (I've noticed a lot of people here think its the same as soy sauce). Cooks are also authentic and timely. This is my new Go To for Chinese for as long as I live in Delaware.”

2.4 Poor15 Reviews
Nothing Better LLC 14882 Hardscrabble Rd, Seaford Cheesesteaks • $
14882 Hardscrabble Rd, Seaford - 10.74 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cheese Steak Pretzel Combo
Pizza Cheesesteak
Pepperoni Pizza
French Toast
Italian Sub
Patty Melt
Cold Subs
Egg Rolls

“Nick & his family never are without a smile on their face. Food is always excellent, fresh and made to order. I love supporting local small businesses, especially nothing better ✨”

4.9 Superb62 Reviews
Amity Coffee 8 W Market St, Greenwood Cafe • $
8 W Market St, Greenwood - 4.51 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cappuccino and Chocolate Chip Cookie
Bacon Egg and Cheese
Flavored Iced Latte
Blueberry Muffin
French Press

“Simply THE BEST!Don't miss this gem of a coffee spot in Greenwood Delaware. If you're traveling to or from the beaches-it's on the way & will add very little time to your trip on GPS.If you love yourself a cappuccino, as I do, they create them better here than any I've ever had - PERIOD. Baristas in Italy should stop in for some lessons & see the way things are done here in Delaware MF!ALSO! SAVE ROOM THE ESPRESSO CINNAMON ROLLS & other delicious food they make on site. You won't be disappointed. Order a sheet of them for your next office party and get that promotion you've always wanted! ?”

4.8 Superb77 Reviews
Wayback Burgers 501 Market St, Greenwood Hamburger • $
501 Market St, Greenwood - 4.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chili Cheese Tots
The Big Easy
Chicken blt
Onion Rings
Double Bacon Burger
Mac & Cheese Bites
Grilled Chicken - Craft Your Own
Cajun Tater Tots

“Excellent burgers & food!!! Josh & the other workers there were fantastic! We ate with our kids and another family and we were definitely extra! Lol The staff there couldn’t have been more hospitable. Wayback is quickly going to become a family favorite!!!”

4.6 Superb129 Reviews
Vanderwende Farm Creamery 4003 Seashore Hwy, Greenwood Ice Cream Shop • $
4003 Seashore Hwy, Greenwood - 5.36 miles

Customers` Favorites

Homemade Waffle Cone
Chocolate Ice Cream
Black Raspberry
Salted Caramel
Coffee Oreo
Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch

“This is one of the best ice cream shops in Maryland. You can get some great custom flavors for decent price. I made the "mistake" of ordering a double scoop, not realizing they would be giving me a PINT worth in a cup!Ice cream consistency was creamy and full of toppings. Worth the stop if you are heading over to the beaches.”

4.6 Superb96 Reviews
Paula's Place For Cakes 103 Broad St, Greenwood Bakery • $$
103 Broad St, Greenwood - 4.73 miles

“I ordered a birthday cake for my husband. It was nothing fancy, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was amazing! The cake was so tasty, moist, and light. He was very happy and appreciative. Thank you, Paula!”

5 Superb33 Reviews
Applebee's Grill + Bar 22873 Sussex Hwy, Seaford Sports Bar • $
22873 Sussex Hwy, Seaford - 5.59 miles

Customers` Favorites

Fiesta Lime Chicken
Onion Rings
Boneless Wings
Mozzarella Sticks
French Onion Soup
Three Cheese Chicken Penne
Triple Chocolate Meltdown
Chicken Wonton Tacos
Honey BBQ Riblets and Fries

“I was picking up dinner at the car side to go. Jessica met me there and made sure I was up to date with my order. Once ready, she brought it right out so I couldn't be more thankful for her customer service”

4.4 Superb168 Reviews
Dios Provee Antojitos mexicanos 328 High St, Seaford Mexican • $
328 High St, Seaford - 6.98 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada
Al Pastor
Cheese Quesadilla
Torta De Birria
Side of Platano
Various Tacos
Refried Beans
Fried Plantain

“The food was delish. The staff friendly. The wait for the food wasn't terrible. They forgot my smoothie (I did too, lol), so I had to return. They made it promptly and were apologetic. I will definitely return.”

4.8 Superb36 Reviews
Emma's Family Restaurant 12418 Sussex Hwy, Greenwood American • $
12418 Sussex Hwy, Greenwood - 4.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cream of Crab Soup
Mashed Potatoes
Sausage Gravy
Chocolate Cake w Peanut Butter Icing
Chicken and Dumplings
Patty Melt Sandwich
Lemon Meringue Pie
Rice Pudding

“The absolute BEST grilled cheese with bacon and tomato that I've ever had!The service was very friendly and the restaurant itself was rustic, but, really lovely!I highly recommend stopping by ..... you'll be glad you did! ?”

4.5 Superb82 Reviews
Bon Appetit Restaurant 312 High St, Seaford European • $$$
312 High St, Seaford - 7.02 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Mousse
Broiled Sea Scallops with Lemon and Breadcrumbs
Braised Lamb Shank with Rosemary Sauce
Reisling White Wine Sauce
Black Angus Filet Mignon
Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms
French Onion Soup
Bananas Foster
Ceasars Salad

“My fiancee and I had the most amazing time at Bon Appétit! We were celebrating one year of engagement and the whole staff at this beautiful restaurant made our experience above and beyond! Maggie, our server was so knowledgeable about food and wine and just FANTASTIC at her job. Everyone working that night was working so hard to make the atmosphere perfect for all patrons. The place is cute and inviting, clean and well maintained. We did not realize that you needed reservations (it's quite a small place) but Karen, the owner, got us a table anyway. And the food was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! We had appetizers, dinner and desserts, 2 split bottles of wine and a dessert martini each. We paid about $200 (without tip) which I would consider very reasonable for the quality and level of service we got. I could really rave about this place forever. We will be coming back for many date nights in the future!”

4.7 Superb40 Reviews
Smith's Cafe 22939 Sussex Hwy, Seaford American • $
22939 Sussex Hwy, Seaford - 5.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Dumplings
Pretzel Salad
Roast Beef
Crab Cakes
Shepherds Pie & Mac and Cheese
Meatloaf & Mac and Cheese
Pea and Dumpling Soup
Hot Turkey Sandwich
Turkey and Dressing

“Only problem I had was the phone number is very difficult to get through then a young man answered and put me on hold 3 times for 3/4 minutes, gave up and placed in restaurant, food us always excellent.”

4.5 Superb69 Reviews
Davellis Bagel Cafe 201 W Stein Hwy, Seaford Breakfast • $
201 W Stein Hwy, Seaford - 6.73 miles

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast Croissant with Scrapple & Cheese
The Hungry Man Breakfast Bagel Sandwich
The Reuben Sandwich
Fresh-Baked Bagels
Kaiser Roll

“I was in the area visiting a relative and stopped here because I was a little early. Grabbed a cup of their kona coffee and an 8 grain egg, cheese, and sausage bagel sandwich. Pleasantly surprised. The ingredients spoke for themselves. No overdoing it with spicing. I mentioned my stopping there to my aunt, who is a lifelong Seaford resident, and found that she loves the place. It was not my last visit. No pics of the cinnamon rolls, but they were delicious as well”

4.6 Superb47 Reviews
Stargate Diner 23415 Sussex Hwy, Seaford Diner • $
23415 Sussex Hwy, Seaford - 5.97 miles

Customers` Favorites

Salad Bar
Sausage Gravy
Cream of Crab Soup
Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Half Chicken
Fried Flounder

“This place is amazing! I absolutely loved the customer service here and the food tasted amazing. The kids meals are huge! Definitely worth the money. Very affordable we are a family of 10 and when I say the food was affordable it really was. I got the open face turkey it came with two sides,soup or salad bar I got the salad bar with mine. My husband got fried chicken came with two sides soup or salad bar my husband got the maryland crab soup delicious. Our entrée also came with a open of pudding or ice cream I got the mint chocolate icream my husband had the bread pudding. The children got cheese bugers/hamburgers with fries hotdogs with fries and chicken nuggets with fries. I love that they make their own chicken nuggets made my heart so happy! I give this restaurant a 10/10 must try.Kid-friendliness: The kids enjoyed themselves very family friendly.”

4.4 Superb96 Reviews
La Casita 1005 Norman Eskridge Hwy, Seaford Mexican • $
1005 Norman Eskridge Hwy, Seaford - 6.32 miles

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada
Pozole Verde Grande
Chilaquiles Verdes
Fajitas Mix

“I looooove their stuff! Its so cheap for the amount you get, always well seasoned. Their employees are also very friendly. Their flan is also delicious and massive for their price. So much better than the place down the street.”

4.7 Superb30 Reviews
Texas Roadhouse 22850 Sussex Hwy, Seaford Steak House • $$
22850 Sussex Hwy, Seaford - 5.42 miles

Customers` Favorites

Baked Potato
Rolls with Cinnamon Butter
Chicken Critter Salad
Chicken Fried Chicken
Seasoned Rice
Blooming Onion
Grilled Pork Chops and Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Peanuts
Fried Pickles
Cuts of Meat

“Our waitress made our son feel so special on his birthday! She was so sweet, patient and attentive. The steaks all came out just how we wanted and were so tender and flavorful!”

4.3 Superb123 Reviews
Chick-fil-A 22932 Sussex Hwy, Seaford Fast Food • $
22932 Sussex Hwy, Seaford - 5.79 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cobb Salad
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Nuggets
Large Fry
Chic Filet Original Chicken Sandwich
Chick-Fil-A Waffle Potato Fries
Chick-Fil-A Deluxe Sandwich
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit
Chick-Fil-A Chick-N-Strips

“Always great food and service that is nothing short of excellent!! In my humble opinion this company sets the bar as far as how food quality and service should be!!”

4.3 Superb86 Reviews