Baskin-Robbins - 1900 N Federal Hwy

Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, Frozen Yogurt

1900 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale
(954) 453-7745



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Baskin-Robbins has good ice cream its not the best ice cream place ever of course there is no more optical ice cream restaurant you can go to but as for just the ice cream shop on the corner its probably the best choice and has very fair price is my wife and I love taking my nieces to best of Robbins for a treat

I ordered a Birthday Cake for my sons Birthday. I went inside to order it and they said I had to order it online. Then I went to pick it up they didn't write his age on the cake like I ordered and paid for. When I asked them to do it they just said sorry. They didn't even write it on the cake after they messed up. Also I ordered and paid for candles to go on the cake and when I got there they said that they didn't have any and to go to another store. I asked for full review
There is no better ice cream place that I know of on this planet. So many great flavors. I love the Chocolate Chip & mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, bubble gum, rock road, etc, etc, etc. This place is very clean. They are always busy but help you in a timely fashion. They also have tables inside to eat. They have prepacked quarts. Also this is a split operation with Dunkin Donuts on one side. I am happy they do not have a drive thru, so you get personable customer full review

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Popular Items

Pre-Packed Quart$6.78
Enjoy a Pre Packed Quart of your favorite ice cream flavor- enough to share....or not!
Double Scoop$4.41
2-4 oz. scoops.
Brownie Sundae$6.1
Top off a brownie with two of your favorite ice cream flavors, your choice of wet topping, chopped almonds, and a cherry.
Banana Split$8.11
Three of your favorite ice cream flavors, two banana slices, your choice of wet topping, all crowned with chopped almonds, and three cherries.
Fresh-Packed (Regular)$8.33
24 oz. of your favorite ice cream flavor - enough to share...or not!
Medium Milkshake (24 oz)$6.36
Your choice of ice cream blended with milk and simple syrup.
3 Scoop Sundae$6.24
Your choice of 3-2.5 oz. scoops of ice cream topped with your choice of wet topping, chopped almonds, and a cherry.
Single Scoop$3.03
4 oz. scoop.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza$19.99
An ice cream treat you eat like pizza! A chocolate chip cookie crust with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, topped with cookie dough pieces and rainbow sprinkles, and drizzled with marshmallow topping.
1/2 Sheet OREO® Cake$33.64
Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream over white cake.

Ice Cream

Scoops will be delivered in a cup with a lid. If ordering a cone or waffle bowl, it will be packaged separately.
Kid's Single Scoop$2.43
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