Arby's in Jacksonville

Arby's - 10477 San Jose Blvd

Rating: 4.3

10477 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32257
(904) 260-9156

Arby's almost ALWAYS seems to get it right. I've never really had a bad experience at an Arby's. This is the first visit inside a fast food restaurant I've had in well over a year. It was very clean and kind of reminded me of going into a Chick-fil-A, which is a great thing. Excellent food (Roast Beef and Cheese, more

Arby's - 1024 US-301 S

Rating: 4.3

1024 US-301 S, Jacksonville FL 32234
(904) 266-4281

Always good. They have potato cakes and curly fries. How do you decide between that? Add a jocha shake to finish it all off.

Arby's - 5081 J Turner Butler Blvd

Rating: 4.3

5081 J Turner Butler Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32216
(904) 296-2882

Delish! Great food nice employees.

Arby's - 9361 Atlantic Blvd

Rating: 4.3

9361 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32211
(904) 727-9213

They have the best jalapeno poppers in town!

Arby's - 11190 Beach Blvd

Rating: 4

11190 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32246
(904) 646-3954

A little busy at drive-thru but handled fast. Entrace to restaurant is a little bit tricky

Arby's - 7612 Merrill Rd

Rating: 4

7612 Merrill Rd, Jacksonville FL 32211
(904) 745-0000

Great curly fries and the shakes are rich, creamy and delicious,!

Arby's - 9171 Baymeadows Rd

Rating: 4

9171 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville FL 32256
(904) 448-0254

I like this location. The lady at the drive through was friendly and had good customer services skills. My food was hot and fresh and service was fast.

Arby's - 10206 River Marsh Dr

Rating: 3.8

10206 River Marsh Dr, Jacksonville FL 32246
(904) 641-7251

Haven't been to Arby's in yrs and the curly fries were so good! and the beef n cheddar sandwich and ice tea! Good lunch!

Arby's - 1033 Dunn Ave

Rating: 3.8

1033 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville FL 32208
(904) 751-0036

It was great. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was pleasant. I really was satisfied.

Arby's - 4316 Southside Blvd

Rating: 3.8

4316 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32216
(904) 998-9637

The customer service herw is ery good. Food is always fresh at this location. I ordered the Loaded Italian combo with fries and a diet coke. The sub was an attempt at a Firehouse Sub knockoff and I'm not too sure that it was on par. The combination of flavors were decent but just did not satisfy that classic sub more

Arby's - 13696 Beach Blvd

Rating: 3.7

13696 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32224
(904) 223-4363

Their night shift is fast and their food is great.

Arby's - 4075 Jones Branch Rd

Rating: 3.7

4075 Jones Branch Rd, Jacksonville FL 32219
(904) 786-7714

Nice Arby's in one of the nicer truck stops nearby.

Arby's - 2501 Mayport Rd

Rating: 3.6

2501 Mayport Rd, Jacksonville FL 32233
(904) 242-9545

Stopped in with Dad after a Doctors visit, a late lunch. The service was fast and the food was hot. The counter staff was friendly and professional. An excellent visit.

Arby's - 626 Airport Center Dr

Rating: 3.6

626 Airport Center Dr, Jacksonville FL 32218
(904) 757-0404

They were fast, friendly, my food was hot and fresh!

Arby's - 10160 Philips Hwy

Rating: 3.5

10160 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville FL 32256
(904) 262-9906

The food was just what it is supposed to be, service was excellent and friendly and the place was nice and clean

Arby's - 5660 Beach Blvd

Rating: 3.4

5660 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32207
(904) 396-2420

Friendly service and good food. Had to wipe down table . But in their defense it was just right after the lunch rush


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