Pollo Tropical

10989 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 288-5990

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Bryan L.

I waited in line for 45 mins when I got to the window to get my food they said only cash. How am I supposed to know it's only cash. So basically wasted my time for 45 mins only to not be able to get my food because they wouldn't take card. Absolutely ridiculous. Never again.

Eric A.

The lobby is closed and the drive-through takes it over 7 minutes per each car to move through the line I don't understand what their problem is.

Niko Omilana

First of all the food is good. This 1 star is for the experience. What is the point of ordering on the app for inside pickup when you close the inside at 8pm? Lights are off and doors locked. No one wants to wait in a long drive-thru line for 20 mins to get cold chicken. All of the Pollo's in the area have 1 star service. Guess I should stop coming.

Paul Manfra

I was really pleased with the food here. The staff was great the food was delicious and even better than expected. I will eat here again.

Hope Recinos

I order half of chicken with yellow rice beans on the side see the picture what I got for half of chicken I wait 35 minutes for this never again

Angie Y.

I'm not sure why the dining room isn't open to even order? Is this a new trend with pollo tropical? It's honestly pointless to make people wait 45 mins to an hour for food and have to beg for sauces at the window. Get it together!

Charlotte Strickland

On vacation in Florida, ordered online to save time and have order ready. Went to restaurant and still waited in line 45 minutes. Finally got to the window and was told they had no more chickens left and would not make our order. Then was told that they would not refund our order, and we would have to call to get refunded. Called that night and NEVER got refunded. This was the first week of June. Still as of writing this (end of June) have not gotten refunded. As far as I’m concerned that’s theft.

David Bigguy

You guys need to get it together. Out of three drinks I've asked for and your drive thru line is insane. Did you guys forget that your fast food? It's 2pm. No excuses!!! Don't see them being around much longer. Send them back to Miami!!!

Nicolle F

I've eaten here a few times over the past year. The build a bowl is good and so are the sides. When I order the chicken it's always dry and hard. I live right down the street but Pollo Tropical is not one of my choices to eat at. Price is good but quality isn't always good.


After waiting over an hour in the drive thru for only a couple cars ahead of me, I received my order. Upon checking white stuff was sprinkled on it. We asked what it was and told it was Parmesan Cheese. I had ordered shredded. I asked for it to be remade and the white female rolled her eyes at me and spoke with a black female. The black female stated they were out of cheese and slammed the drive thru window closed. We stayed at the drive thru and they opened the window. I asked for their names and they refused to give them to me and stated they would get a manager. A manager came and stated she could remake it and co formed they were mot out of cheese the black female made it up. The girls then stayed in the background laughing about the situation.

Aida Hernandez

We usually get it every Saturday, it is always a hit or miss as far as taste. When it’s good it’s good but every other time it’s salty or rice is stale. They are only doing drive through and it probably takes about 30-40 min to drive off. So as long as you know it’s going to be a wait. Employees are not rude but communication is lacking. I waiting at the window about 75-7 min today to get my food, I have no idea why. ??‍♀️ A simple “hey we are waiting on ___” would of been nice.

Krystal Cook

Well where should I start? me and my clients went to the pollo tropical on San Jose Blvd.. A lady(probably a manager) told us we had to sit outside on the patio because of the covid-19 policy.. so we went outside.. other customers started coming in and she didn't say anything to them as they sat in the dinning room(not outside) I didn't worry about it because I didn't wanna get my girls all winded up so I left it alone.. then we got our food? it was disgusting ? the chicken was burnt and nasty.. long story short I will never come back to that location ever.

Kelly E.

Why can't this place get their shit together?? First time, out of corn. Second time, out of curry sauce. Third time, menu wasn't loaded on the screen and the manager didn't know how to get it up so I just ordered a small plantains. The inside of the restaurant is FILTHY every time I've gone. Garbage overflowing, tables dirty, sauce station and drink area a mess. It took 8 minutes for someone to come to the register. It's just absolutely ridiculous. This place needs to be shut down, cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom, replace all employees, including the manager and just start over.

Tim Chappell

This is a pretty decent place wasn't the fastest in the world, but they did get the order correct. However they were out of sandwiches when I doubt there which was surprising since it's a brand new menu item. Food was of good Quality and did not seem overcooked

Sally Fuentes

The last time I visited this place was about two years ago. Today I went back. Now I remember why I never went back. Food is terrible. Service is poor. Food is cold and just not fresh. I hope I never have to go back.. sorry to give this review but I can't lie. I wish they take pride in service their customers and things improve. Good bye!

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