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“Very consistent and always very delicious with a great diverse menu.One of my favorite things is their PB&J wings they are too damn good.Awesome restaurant, awesome staff, awesone service.Also just tried delivery from them for the first time today and its just as good as dining in, very happy with my food!!!Kid-friendliness: Has a small arcade for kids to have fun while awaiting food to be served.Parking: Plenty of spaces.”

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“I waited entirely too long to try this place. Granted, the idea was for my older brother to introduce me to their wings for the first time, but I just couldn't wait any longer. First, I was determined to hold off on the wings for a game day with the eldest, so Mom was my dining partner and we split their Potato Bites. They're not skins and they're not fries. They're random shapes actually seems to help catch the cheese and bacon better than fries without all the good stuff just sticking to the top. Served with sour cream, you can also order any of their sauces for dipping.Though I am admittedly a Ranch lover, any Ranch lover will tell you that not all are created equal and Decisions definitely serves up the kind we all prefer. Side bar, I had my Mom try a taste and she was actually looking forward to the next visit so she could order a salad... just to have the Ranch dressing on it. She's not a Ranch on pizza kind of gal, which is what she ordered and it was delicious without any need for dipping. But I am a dipper and I like sauce, so my Grilled Ham and Cheese got the treatment from everything we had in front of us. Our follow up visit with their Burger and Fried Chicken Sandwich, tossed in Hot Buffalo sauce was another welcome choice. Not a bite survived. The Salad, with Ranch for Mom, another Cheese Pizza, Wings, Fries and everything that comes with let you know why Decisions Bar & Grill is a staple of local eating for Lakelanders.While the menu is not small, they don't sacrifice quality. It's "bar food" done right; no nonsense and straight forward. It definitely reminds you of your OLD favorite place before they started going down the drain. This place hasn't lost a step.Vegetarian options: Their vegetarian options dominate the Appetizer menu. You find the usual suspects like regular Cheese Fries, Jalapeno Poppers and Mozzarella sticks, but you also find some creative standouts, like those Mozzarella Sticks tossed in Buffalo Sauce and Fried Mac and Cheese, with Corn Nuggets, Fried Pickles and Mushroom Bottle Caps rounding out some of your Southern classics.”

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“Look!!! I don't club, I don't party, and I don't hang out. I'm too grown for that, but I will definitely be back them Sweet Lemon pepper wings. Thank you Mrs. Krystal for being my host and to the Lady in the back my the Lord add favor to you life cause you flavored mine. Support Black Business.??✊? Love y'all Barside!!! I'll be back like the Terminator.❤️”

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“Shout Out To My Bartender Tonight's..."DUDE / Dude-O-Lious"He Is Absolutely Wonderful.!!! I Received Great Personality, Amazing Customer Service And Handles His Entire Bar This Way All At Once. Couldn't Ask For A Better Bartender... && This Is My First Time At Lucky's . I Will DEFINITELY Be Returning && Recommending To AnyOne In The Area Who Hasn't Ever Been, Due To His Impeccable Service Alone.”

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