4270 Minton Rd Unit #101, Palm Bay
(321) 723-3043

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nicky l

I waited a little…then a young girl finally came out apologizing she said she was in the freezer made my sub very good. good job to this young lady . i think she’s new

Tammy DuShane

Went in and waited 10 for the girl Maddy to make 2 online orders and wouldn't take my order. I was the only person in subway but she ignored me and continued the online order. I thought the customer in front of you should be the priority. Not at this Subway! The online order could have waited for me to get my one sub. Finally a girl came out to make my sub, she was so unfriendly. I even thanked her for making my sub and she said NOTHING. How about a little customer service people!!!!


We recently enjoyed their free subs promotion for their new sub series and it was pretty delicious

Donna McClarke

Walked in and the two man employees never acknowledged that we walked in. Kept on with their conversation like we weren’t standing at the counter. Both had uncovered facial hair which was not appetizing. After about 4 minutes of standing there awkwardly, we turned around and walked out. I would never waste my time Stopping there ever again.

Anthony Carfagno

Kevin was really professional and nice and made our sandwiches amazing!

Donna C.

Walked in and 2 men behind the counter, both with facial hair uncovered completely ignored us. They carried on their convo and walked toward the back like we weren't even standing there. Not a word. We left. Too bad the staff is costing the owner to lose business.

JoAnn Warden

Terrible. 1/2 scoop of chicken for a footlong and charged full price. Added ingredients not asked for.

philip karanovich

Guy did great first thing in the am, appreciate the service and sub was great!

Yailyn J.

God that lyle guy is so stoned every time I come he talks like a mouse can't hear a thing he says and he doesn't follow instructions, well how could he , he is so high I don't know how he is working . Then they have dumb ass new girl who isn't helping him, walking around like she ain't got no brain cells maybe lyle whatever his name is burned her brain cells idk. The tea station is dirty I bet there's mold in there. I am not coming back here. The meat falling on the vegetables and the same gloves are used for meat and then for the veggies definitely don't recommend eating here if you do not eat meat. It's a shame they still haven't found good employees. Look at this sorry ass salad

Lui TheBarber

New guy with the dreads carelessly puts the sandwich together. Way too sloppy. And his hair was everywhere. I suggest tying it up.


Horrible service, they didn't know how to enter coupon, nasty attitude.

Ciera Arruda

Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had. Waited exactly an hour for a mobile order. I don’t even understand how that’s possible. Only one guy was working, an absolute disaster. Received my food and wasn’t even hungry any more from waiting so long.

Steve Ward

I was there during rush hour tonight and Christine was making our subs. I was so impressed in the way she handled all the orders took care of the delivery orders all while the place was mobbed. She was super polite, Uber professional, and it’s people like her that make me go back to businesses. Great job!

Jim Boyd

I’d give them zero stars. Order a sandwich that apparently they are out of don’t call of anything just charge me and send some random sandwich to my house. I call and complain and get hung up on. Never will I get anything from subway.

Teresa Fulgham

As we know everyone tries to do their best at timing. Unfortunately with low staff all things are backed up. Food wasn't ready at designated time.

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