Waffle House in Tallahassee

Waffle House - 5022 Capital Cir SW

Rating: 4.5

5022 Capital Cir SW, Tallahassee FL 32305
(850) 309-1111

This place is superb great fast delicious food.

Waffle House - 1670 Capital Cir NW

Rating: 4.2

1670 Capital Cir NW, Tallahassee FL 32303
(850) 575-1932

Gave me my drink order soon as they took it. Food was cooked to order and service was fast. Nothing to complain about except they are now closed for renovations so had to suffer at a different one that wasnt nearly as good.

Waffle House - 3210 N Monroe St

Rating: 4.1

3210 N Monroe St, Tallahassee FL 32303
(850) 562-1991

Delicious, fast and made to order. Waffle House is one of the nation's longest running diners and do not disappoint as it comes to a decent meal for a reasonable price.

Waffle House - 3090 Walden Rd

Rating: 4.1

3090 Walden Rd, Tallahassee FL 32317
(850) 671-1446

Quick service. Great prices. Very friendly staff.

Waffle House - 1939 W Tennessee St

Rating: 4

1939 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee FL 32304
(850) 224-4922

Waffle House is the classic southern place. You can't visit here without eating there. I'm pretty sure there is a law or something about that.

Waffle House - 3470 Thomasville Rd

Rating: 4

3470 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee FL 32308
(850) 894-9797

I was surprised to find a Waffle House on here with such a high rating. I've been to many Waffle Houses, but this was probably the best experience I've ever had. The waitress (Stephanie) was attentive and accommodated splitting checks for our large group. Our order was taken immediately and the food came out quickly....read more

Waffle House - 3500 Apalachee Pkwy

Rating: 3.8

3500 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee FL 32311
(850) 219-1756

Food was good, as usual. Order came quickly, again as usual. Did take some effort to get coffee refill though. Waitress just wasn't as attentive as she could have been given the relatively few other customers there at the time.

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Waffle House

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