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Restaurantji Rating

This is a situation where I wish I could provide 2 different ratings. 1. my server Brie was amazing, 5 stars for her. She was attentive, helpful, and friendly. thank you so much! :) 2. The place was freezing. I'm sure it's handled by corporate somewhere but maybe this can help them make an argument for controlling their own AC. even the staff mentioned how cold they were. 3. The kitchen did NOT do Brie any favors today. We ordered Onion Rings as an appetizer so we could get then first and have something warm for our kiddo. when our actual food came out (brought by someone other than our server) there were no rings. by this time, the baby was hungry and the snacks we brought were not enough. I mentioned to the guy who brought our food that we ordered rings ans he did NOT care. I also ordered Jammin Jalapeno as the sauce for my wings. They are listed pretty high on the spice chart were NOT spicy enough to be that high on the list. They were also half cold. for a place with wings in the name... eh, so many other and better choices in town. finally 4. this one was the most enfuriating. I asked our server to get the manager so I could speK with them. I wanted to tell them how much we liked Brie and how much if a disservice to her the rest of the restaurant seemed to be doing. She advised she asked for the manager but about 10 mins passed while we were standing in the doorway before we finally left without seeing the manager. I went to tell Brie how much we liked her and none of this was her fault but it was terribly disappointing that a manager couldn't take a few minutes. I pass bww all the time and kind of wonder why I don't go there more. this is the reason why.

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Arrived to dinner at 7:15 as a party of 8 was told wait was 20 minutes. We were seated by 7:50. Waitress and a trainee immediacy came and took our drink orders and appetizer order. The night was going great. My husband, myself, and son ordered 10 piece bone in wings, then 2 kids cheese burger meals, chicken Cesar salad, adult burger meal, and order of 20 Asian bone in wings. The kids meals came out in like 15 mins. Then the salad and adult burger meal came 15 minutes later. By this time it’s almost 8:50 (approximately an hour after ordering) no wings. Every few minutes waitress would come by with trainee and tell us wings will be ready in a few minutes. We were told this several times. 30 minutes pass and still no food. Being a hypoglycemic I went to front station to ask the manager how much longer it would realistically be. The initial interaction was ok but right off the bay the manager appeared disheveled and agitated. I explained that our entire party except myself, son, and husband had already eaten all their food and at this point we just want our food to go. I explained how it was not ok to do this to bring food out in a way that leaves others without theirs. Legit the manager asked me the customer what I would like her to do. At this point I was frustrated and told her to get it together and not have a wait staff blatantly lie knowing there was a delay on foods being cooked. I return to the table to the Asian wings being delivered. Still not my , my husband, or sons food. I told the waitress we had told the manager to just box up our food whenever it becomes ready cause we’re not gonna eat in front of everyone, my husband told her to not even bother with his cause he just wants to pay and leave. Husband asks me if I was ok and I said my blood sugar is dropping I just wanna go home and told him what the manger said about what I wanted her to do. More time goes by still no food or box food, so my husband goes to the front station now speak with the manager. The table next to us made a comment that they to couldn’t believe how poorly the service and management was. I replied we just wanna leave. As that’s happening I hear my husband loudly speaking. What happened next is what I can only conclude was a very racially motivated incident involving the manager. My husband had to ask her 3 times to please just give him the bill so we could leave. She kept trying to interrupt him and explain she had spoken to me, so after being interrupted several times my husband did have to yell that he just wanted the bill no longer interested in the food and wanted to leave. The manager then replies for him not to be rude after she had berated and poked him for simply wanting to just pay and then leave. She even took out the phone and signaled she would call 911, for what? Because you poked and berated a customer who wasn’t gonna take your crap and allow you to abuse him verbally? After the manager decided to berate him, my husband got very upset. The way the manager clearly treated him vs me made it obvious she was profiling him. I was the rude one initially not him he just wanted to pay but instead of allowing him she poked and poked. My husband walks back to the table to get me and my son so we could leave and you could hear the manager continue to speak in a very rude way. The table next to us also told us that the servers were mocking us every time they walked away from our table which further upset my husband. Between that new info and the manager continuing to spew her rudeness to include making comment of “YALL can just leave we don’t need the 12 dollars that bad” excuse me what? That really angered my husband and because he’s entitled to meet the disrespect with the same level of disrespect, a waitress then came from behind my husband and bumped him with her body and started yelling “don’t be disrespectful you people can leave, we don’t need your kind here” which further escalated the situation. I grabbed my husband and began taking him outside to leave forgetting the bill the manager still had not brought because instead of b

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