Waffle House in Douglasville

Waffle House - 9464 Highway 5

Rating: 4.3

9464 Highway 5, GA-5, Douglasville GA 30135
(678) 838-7198

The young man was awesome. Hes 17 and just graduated this year. Very nice and awesome. He made my day

Waffle House - 6133 Fairburn Rd

Rating: 4

6133 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville GA 30134
(770) 920-6668

Great service great people

Waffle House - 2111 Hwy 92

Rating: 4

2111 Hwy 92, GA-92, Douglasville GA 30135
(770) 577-0946

Praising God!! Great!! But the person that blesses my brother and I a ride to ONE Baptist Church and purchase our lunch wanted biscuit with gravy and it was going to take 30 minutes for the gravy he was highly disappointed because he did tell her he wanted exactly what he ordered and he was unable to get that!! We do understand...read more

Waffle House - 7100 Concourse Pkwy

Rating: 3.7

7100 Concourse Pkwy, Douglasville GA 30134
(770) 949-0585

Best Waffle House I have ever been to. Great staff throughout. Walked in with a staff member holding the door and greeting us. Directed us to an empty booth and served quickly. Food was great. Best experience yet!

Waffle House - 2812 Chapel Hill Rd

Rating: 3.7

2812 Chapel Hill Rd, Douglasville GA 30135
(770) 489-8899

Made a recent late night visit to this Waffle House on a business trip. Tori was an excellent cook & extremely sweet. Best Texas Bacon, Egg & cheese toaster yet!

Waffle House
Waffle House

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