Waiwai Coffee & Grinds

2726 Waiwai Loop, Honolulu
(808) 620-0402

Recent Reviews

Maxim C.

Local owned breakfast/lunch spot. Grabbed a breakfast burrito and iced coffee, mind you the breakfast burrito was warmed up and not made to order - but if you go during the morning rush they make them to order! Besides the food the atmosphere really took my back to my grandmothers house - so homey. The lady behind the counter had to have been mother Teresa reincarnated as she gave us some donuts on the house as we were leaving!

Sarah D.

Cute, quiet little spot tucked away near the airport. My kids and I stopped in here while waiting for our vehicle at Safelite. Awesome iced caramel macchiato. I had a chorizo breakfast burrito with homemade salsa that was really tasty. Lots choices of fruit and bento boxes as well. The lady behind the counter was super sweet! Great spot if you're in need of a quick bite and a cup of coffee.

Jacob Moore

Great place nice lady

Sandra Estep

My husband and I were staying at the nearby hotel after moving here from Seattle, and what a great bakery to find. Ono eats, the owner and her patrons were very friendly and made us feel welcomed. Thank you to them all!!


First time here, nice spot, good variety of food and drinks. Comfortable with free Wi-Fi...M A H A L O

Kailees Daddy


Jake K.

We ended up here after learning that our morning flight was delayed 3 hours. The place is in an industrial park, but don't let that deter you! It's very clean and the lady running the place (Tessie) was very, very nice. The food was in ready made containers, but was delicious! The coffee was great, they had normal coffee as well as espresso, iced coffee, everything you need. Fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, energy drinks, it was all stocked and ready. Free wifi which is always nice. Thank you so much Tessie for the great food, coffee, and conversation!

Jeffery Siaris

Great spot! Aunty who runs the store is always smiling and full of Aloha. Convenient and nice spot to stop by for a quick bite or sit down and eat. Daily hot food lunch specials and everyday items like hot dogs and spam musubis care sold throughout the day. Huge variety of drink available. Open Monday thru Friday 530am to 2pm. Perfect for all us truck drivers/warehouse guys who work in the area.

Lani T.

I was a little early to pickup my sister from the airport and needed coffee. I was with my brother and his wife, and we drove around to four different locations in the area in search for coffee. All of them either moved or were closed. When we pulled up to Waiwai, the shop looked opened, but just before we went inside, it was obvious that they were having a Christmas work party. We started to walk back to the car, but then the manager or owner came out and asked us to come in anyways. We crashed their party, got free coffee and even some food. This was the best experience of Aloha and the Hawaiian hospitality that is still present and thriving in the islands. It made our day and we felt appreciated to be welcomed!

Chad R.

Stopped by this morning, what a nice little gem with great coffee at a decent price! Tessie the manager is wonderful, the place is clean and very well stocked.

Douglas K.

Dont judge a book by its cover. Very clean and modern on the inside. Staff very friendly, breakfast was delicious. Cost was great.

Rachel T.

Hidden coffee shop in an industrial park but was a perfect place for a quick bite and coffee when our flight was delayed 4 hours. The staff is exceptionally friendly and the food is pre-made but good. Prices are great too!

Mel M.

My wife and I had to take our vehicle in for an early morning service at SERVCO Toyota, so naturally, we were hungry for breakfast. We initially asked the service personnel what's good for breakfast in the area and were told about a place in 99 Ranch, Masa's and L&L. We, well my wife anyway, weren't up for L&L so we opted for Masa's...only to find out they were closed since the 17th of July for their annual summer vacation. No problem. I remembered the Wendy's along Puuloa by Nimitz so we trekked on further. Once we got there, however, we quickly realized they didn't really have any viable breakfast offerings...so we continued on to Waiwai for our breakfast after seeing nothing but glowing reviews for the place. By now we were sufficiently hungry after walking over a mile...this place better be worth it. Much to our chagrin, this place has pre-packed breakfast items just warmed up...nothing you can order for them to cook then and there. Not wanting to walk any further, we decided to order a breakfast burrito for me and my wife tried their French toast meal (came with scrambled eggs and little sausage smokies) and a couple cups of coffees. The good: - friendly service - free Wi-Fi - bottomless coffee that was decent - good value...our breakfast came out to less than $12 - they have parking available for patrons The bad: - pre-package, warmed up breakfast items not cooked to order - didn't see any bathrooms (didn't have to go so I didn't ask) Bottom line, it was readily apparent they cater to the workers in this mainly industrial/commercial area with pre-packaged/portable breakfast items. I don't know if the same applies for lunch, but we were hoping for cooked to order meals. If you are considering walking to here from SERVCO Toyota (or from anywhere, for that matter), especially with slippers on, I strongly discourage you from doing so...it wasn't worth the long walk.

James M.

Thank God for Yelp to find these little local gems. Screw waiting for a flight. This place is a super little cool spot. Great Hawai`i photos nicely done. Would be good to add ceramic coffee cups and more healthy options but all in time. Way better than supporting McDs or Starchucks.

Will S.

Impeccable, cozy place! Friendly staff! I had the loco moco - good portion, reasonably priced and tasty!!! Good job!

Joanie L.

This is a really awesome place. Terry is so sweet and so nice. Very very cheap eats. Don't expect a lot but the stuff that they do have such as coffee, bentos, burritos, and plate lunches are surprisingly sooooooo very good. The ladies who work here are always so friendly and so nice. I come here every morning for my burritoes, coffee and whatever else that I feel like eating. Especially to talk story with the wonderful women. Sometimes, they give me free food. I'm not giving them 5 stars just for the free food, but because they are very welcoming and their food and drinks are that darn good. I recommend this place to all of my co-workers and everyone. Go see Terry and get one of her shoyu chicken plates.

Staycee A.

Great place for a lunch break ! I went there my first time but just for refreshments.. tho they have some bentos, snacks , drinks, even frozen fridge for ice cream etc... the only reason why I gave 4 stars is because they only have one daily special lunch plate per day, but it's an awesome plate.. today is like a hamburger curry, tomorrow is a shoyu chicken plate.. sounds really good !! Tho I'm in the mood for the breakfast bento they have and even spam musubi which is a big size.. They have a/c inside and it's very clean with the place looking new ! Take out is available .. They are open from 5am - 2pm.. that's a bummer too.. but it's mostly a breakfast/lunch place and that cool... I recommend that you go here if your in the area ! Much more to explore at this small shop ! Did I mention that they have espresso? Check out some other reviews from customers!

Ruth W.

Digging this local coffee shop and the people who run it. Such a nice vibe, kind outgoing and REAL! Easy location with parking out back. I went in for special iced coffees! Found out they were paying it forward, testing a new espresso machine and offering free specialty coffee! Not because it was free but MY OH MY, the first sip of my iced Carmel Machiato was DELICIOUS! Def will go back to try a lunch plate and their Kimchi dip!

Jarrod S.

Great store! Has a lot of different goodies. Plenty juice, soda, energy drinks. Everyday has special plate lunch and they give a lot!!! Great for the price. Perfect pit stop!