The Lechon King - CLOSED

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692 Mapunapuna St, Honolulu
(808) 520-7030



Reviews for The Lechon King

A friend had recommended this person to me so we had ordered a whole lecheon from them. It was one of the BEST Lecheon's I had EVER!!!! If your looking for a whole roasted pig, I would HIGHLY recommend this person!!! His name is Eddie, very cool and nice guy! Thank U!!!

Bro.....How many times have you walked into a Filipino restaurant ordered Lechoen and get a plate of burnt, dried out broke your teeth skin parts???? Never with braddah Eddie. Moist, skin crispy, bonus Tanglad, corn and rice. Broke da mouth, ears nose and throat bull !!!

Finally able to get a few plates from thus place. Always past it on my way to Kau Kau Grill and the line was always long and I wasn't about to stand in the sun. Today I got lucky, only 2 people in front of me. Got 3 plates, 2 lechon and 1 lechon chicken. Took it back home to Aiea to devour, felt like a long drive as the aroma of succulent pork filled my car. We were not disappointed. What was meant to be soft was soft and juicy, what was meant to be crispy was perfectly crunchy, full review

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