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Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, Donuts, Frozen Yogurt

5650 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago
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Reviews for Baskin Robbins

Horrible service. The staff pays more attention to people who go through the drive thru then the people actually inside.. not to mention their disgusting attitude towards the PAYING costumer just unbelievable. Period.

Worst costumer service ever! I was waiting to purchase a cake for over 10 minutes while there were 3 employees who were too busy having their own conversations, laughing and on top of that an employee was using her phone! I called out multiple times to ask if I could purchase the cake and I was ignored so I began to ask loudly until finally I got the attention of a male employee who asked how I would be paying I replied with "Cash" and a second employee(female) came full review
If I could give zero stars I really would.. I literally walked in all the workers looked at me then went back to just looking at the Machines never asking my order then one man walked close and stared to stare at me from the coffee machine and just stared at me as if I was an unwelcome visitor. Mind you they were not busy what so ever... so I asked the man if he was going to take my order and her literally looked back at the machine and ignored me as if I wasn't there !!! full review

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Popular Items

Pre-Packed Quart$7.36
Enjoy a Pre Packed Quart of your favorite ice cream flavor- enough to share....or not!
Double Scoop$4.81
2-4 oz. scoops.
Brownie Sundae$6.58
Top off a brownie with two of your favorite ice cream flavors, your choice of wet topping, chopped almonds, and a cherry.
Fresh-Packed (Regular)$9.03
24 oz. of your favorite ice cream flavor - enough to share...or not!
Medium Milkshake (24 oz)$6.85
Your choice of ice cream blended with milk and simple syrup.
Banana Split$8.55
Three of your favorite ice cream flavors, two banana slices, your choice of wet topping, all crowned with chopped almonds, and three cherries.
Single Scoop$3.15
4 oz. scoop.
3 Scoop Sundae$7.23
Your choice of 3-2.5 oz. scoops of ice cream topped with your choice of wet topping, chopped almonds, and a cherry.
Single Ice Cream Sandwich$4.43
Your choice of cookies warmed with your choice of a 2.5 oz ice cream scoop.
1/2 Sheet OREO® Cake$35.03
Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream over white cake.

Ice Cream

Scoops will be delivered in a cup with a lid. If ordering a cone or waffle bowl, it will be packaged separately.
Kid's Single Scoop$2.61
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