Jimmy John's

1148 W Wilson Ave, Chicago
(773) 915-6464



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I order from here every couple months. Generally they are very quick and the food is good. But three times now, I have ordered diet Coke and received a regular coke. I always go back to the receipt and confirm my original order was a diet Coke. It feels like a small enough mistake, but after three straight orders it's starting to get annoying. It's expensive to order from here for a sandwich and chips. The least they can do is give me the appropriate items.
I want to say thanks to the nice lady that made a good deed to me and mention that the place and service is a comforting place to be in. Hope everyone else who reads this has the same experience.
The sandwich was scrumptious, the brownie was delish. Both priced right for the portion. I also appreciate the option to choose tip amount when using credit. Not suggestions based on percentage. I just tipped a dollar , it's better than nothing.

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