Phở Loan

1114 W Argyle St, Chicago
(773) 334-4500

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Mya Nino

This place has the cleanest and most flavorful pho broth I have ever tasted. Try their rib broken-rice dish too, it's amazing.If you have fish allergies, make sure to tell the server and they will leave it out of the pho.Food: 5/5

Albeast 1 (Papi Guapo)

Good pho! Fast service! Very friendly and helpful waitress!


NO STAR - EXTREMELY RUDE OWNER!!! We came in 30 min before closing and ordered & paid for our food right away. Waiter(daughter) and owner(mother) missed communicated on us dining in or not. Owner gives attitude after we asked for a large to go bowl for the assumed to go meal. After lots of back and forth between owner and waiter on being indecisive if we could dine in or not, owner and staff demands us to dine in when we asked for a refund. She refused at first because the food had already been made. We expressed due to the rude treatment and poor customer service they will refund our card.

Rebecca peng

Their soup is very light, like plain water with a little monosodium glutamate, the amount is very small. The price on the menu is not the same as the actual charge. There weren't many customers, but we waited 20 minutes to be served. A terrible dining experience.

Max Spread

Was delivered as a gift. The chicken and beef pho options were delicious! Highly recommend.

Marina C.

The service here is below par, and the food doesn't make up for it. The restaurant owners had their two teenage sons serving us, and they did not make much effort. The restaurant was empty when we went, so they weren't busy. However, instead of providing good service, they were on their phones or wrestling with each other in the restaurant, and when they did talk to us, it was very unfriendly and curt. I don't think I would come here again.

Karasa K.

Gave us a dirty table and the spoon was dirty Didn't even bother to clean are table even though they where cleaning other table. Don't eat here

Iris McCall

A wait time but that's because my food was cooked to order. A different spin on shrimp fried rice, which included carrots, string beans and corn but very tasty. I will be visiting again.

Henry Alfaro

Excellent fresh Pho n shrimp ? spring rolls

Ignacio Gonzalez

Best pho on Argyle. The regular size is pretty big already, but the large is massive. Totally recommend the upgrade.

Catherine L.

I eat here a lot but it's been a long time that I have a huge portion of my order like this. Unfortunately, they cooked both meals with the same broth and they put the shrimp paste into wrong order which is my husband order Banh Canh Cua. I ate Bun Rieu and I supposed to have the shrimp paste instead. The chef was not very perfection about the foods or they didn't care.

Hai P.

The service was standard. I do want to highlight that they served a bottle of water instead of a cup of water. Parking is easy after 6PM, as everything is free. Overall, the food was GOOD. The dishes I ate were: [4/5] Dishes --- #94 | Com Tam Loan Dac Biet 7 Mon Classic Vietnamese dish with the several different types of meat you can get with the dish. It is a good value to try the different proteins you can get. I thought the highlight was the pork chop and nem nuong was the most savory. The rice was a bit drier than to my liking, but good dish overall. You'll be able to taste what pork skin and the other specialty meats taste like. I enjoyed it and thought it was on par with the other local restaurants. [3/5] Dishes --- #13 | Tom Chien Bot Tasty and crunchy. I may have liked it overall because the sweet chili sauce is good, but I imagine that you can buy any fried shrimp and dip it in that suace (likely store bought) and get it to taste as good. The size was moderate, as expected of an appetizer. Overall the place is good. I would definitely come back to try other dishes. #94 is definitely worth a try if it is your first time here!

Tinayen N.

The waitress here does not wear a mask. She then, asked me "do you have vaccine card" seriously!? At least put on a mask before asking me this question. I wouldn't be back. I don't feel safe.

Rajan Patel

Ordered delivery from here and got a large pho. It was the size of a small and had barley any meat. I’ve had pho delivered by many other places, this is by far the worst. I did like the broth so I’ll give them a star for that.

Alex N.

Small Vietnamese corner restaurant but loaded with delicious authentic flavor Food: Pho - 5/5 - excellent savory but clear broth, fantastic cuts of meat, ideal textured rice noodles, fresh veggies Com tam 7 mon (broken rice with 7 sides) - 5/5 - delicious broken rice served with amazing delectable 7 types of protein with the grilled pork chop being the real standout Banh canh cua (Crab udon soup) - 3.75/5 - only 2 crab meat balls, instead they gave shrimp sausage and snail sausage plus tofu and congealed pork blood Bun bo hue - 4/5 - very good spicy savory broth but not outstanding nor regards to the cuts of meat which could also be improved Hu tieu my tho - 5/5 - chewy textured tapioca noodles, clear savory broth, slices of tender pork, shrimp, squid/cuttlefish, fish balls and ***few slices of organ meat - definitely optional or try it if you're adventurous Bun rieu cua oc - 4.5/5 - not generous enough with crab nor snail; however the broth is deliciously savory and on-point Canh bun - 3.75/5 - generous on the crab paste, but too stingy or not generous enough on the water spinach and pork meat... also the broth tasted too similar to bun rieu and this restaurant's version decided to put in tofu, congealed pork blood and tomatoes even though this is NOT supposed to be bun rieu!!! Bun tom cang - 3.5/5 - the prawns were unfortunately very small and so it was unimpressive even on a bed of rice vermicelli and veggies with fish sauce Bun thit nuong tom nuong - 5/5 - well done classic of rice vermicelli with grilled pork and grilled shrimp Canh chua ca - 5/5 - spectacular perfected Southern VN classic of sweet and sour soup with fish Ca kho to - 5/5 - amazingly delicious caramelized catfish, a popular southern VN classic dish Soda chanh muoi - 5/5 Rau ma - 4/5 Sinh to bo/mit/dau - 4.5/5 Banh bot loc - 4/5 - good but not outstanding Banh khot - 4.5/5 - the restaurant's own spin... doesn't have the classic yellow turmeric Ambience: Seating enough for smaller parties Service: Mediocre; but no complaints just that there's no itemized receipt***

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