Burger Restaurants near Oglesby

Brennan's Gastropubs • $
139 E Walnut St, Oglesby

Customers` Favorites

Popper Mac and Cheese Quesadilla
Spring Salmon Salad
Breakfast Burger
Broiled Cod

“Brennan's serves excellent food with large serving sizes, including favorites like French dip, buffalo chicken wrap, and loaded nacho platter. The chef expertly seasons dishes to perfection. The friendly and attentive staff provide great service, recommending local spots and engaging in conversation. The fun, upbeat atmosphere features classic music, making it a great spot for travelers and locals alike.“

4.7 Superb43 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
115 N Lewis Ave, Oglesby

Customers` Favorites

Mccafé Caramel Iced Coffee
Mcflurry with Oreo Cookies
Steak Egg and Cheese
Breakfast Sandwich
Hot Caramel Sundae
Chicken Mcnuggets
Big Breakfast
French Fries

“McDonald's is a popular restaurant, known as one of the best in the area. The food is fresh and visibly well-maintained. The staff is commendable for their kindness, friendliness, and patience, even during busy hours. While there may be occasional issues with certain menu items, such as the original chicken sandwich, other options like the Big Mac remain a reliable choice. This location is wheelchair accessible and is a convenient rest stop, especially for those traveling on the highway.“

3 Average75 Reviews
HARDEE'S Fast Food • $
1001 W Walnut St, Oglesby

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Tenders

“HARDEE'S is a restaurant with mixed reviews. The staff is generally friendly, but the service can be slow due to low staffing. The food quality varies, with some enjoying the burgers, while others find the fries old and the sweet tea unpalatable. Overall, the experience at this HARDEE'S location seems inconsistent.“

2.8 Average51 Reviews
Uptown Grill American • $$$
601 1st St, La Salle - 2.98 miles

Customers` Favorites

Salemville Blue Cheese Topped Tenderloin
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops
Slow Roasted Prime Rib
Seared Tuna Nachos
Half Pound Burger
Marinated Ribeye
French Onion Soup
Grouper Sandwich
Mashed Potatoes

“Uptown Grill is a restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. The food is consistently delicious, with options like seared tuna nachos and perfectly cooked steaks. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the servers provide excellent service, ensuring that guests' drinks are always full and their food arrives in a timely manner. While the prices may be a bit higher, the value is well worth it, as the restaurant provides a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. However, the menu may not cater well to those with dietary restrictions.“

4.5 Superb116 Reviews
Smitty's Bar & Grill Bar & Grill • $
308 Gary St, Leonore - 8.43 miles

Customers` Favorites

Smitty's Prize Tenderloin Sandwich
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Breaded Pork Tenderloin
Pork Tenderloin Deluxe
All You Can Eat Cod
Chicken Sandwich
Sweet Heat Wings
Fried Mushrooms
Grilled Chicken
Smitty's Burger

“Smitty's Bar & Grill offers tasty wings and generous pork tenderloins, with affordable food and drink prices. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and a spacious outdoor dining area, making it a great spot for socializing with family and friends. With popular wing nights and delicious appetizers, Smitty's has earned its popularity.“

4.7 Superb64 Reviews
Jorge's Margaritas & Grill Bar & Grill • $
101 1st St, La Salle - 3.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Tacos and Taco Salad
Spicy Cheese Curds
Cowboy Corn Bites
Jalapeno Poppers
Chicken and Steak
Grilled Chicken
Ribeye Sandwich
Chicken Strips
Classic Burger
Queso & Chips

“Jorge's Margaritas & Grill is a warm and friendly restaurant with outstanding service. They offer great food, including fried cod, fried chicken, coconut shrimp, and Mamas Rice. The margaritas are a highlight, especially on $10 Wednesday nights. The atmosphere is inviting, with a cozy bar and dining area, clean bathrooms, and ample parking.“

4.8 Superb48 Reviews
John's Place American • $
1802 5th St, Peru - 4.28 miles

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger
Chipotle Burger
Taco Salad

“John's Place is a hidden gem with a simple and pleasant atmosphere. The Dougie sandwich with pepper jack and chipotle mayo is addictively good. The chicken taco soup is a must-try, and the grilled ham and Nick is a unique twist on a classic. The staff is friendly, and the prices are surprisingly low. A highly recommended spot for a delicious and affordable meal.“

4.9 Superb36 Reviews
Skoog's Pub & Grill Bar & Grill • $
155 Mill St, North Utica - 4.09 miles

Customers` Favorites

Jumbo Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Burger and Fries with Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Italian Beef Sandwich
Tavern Fried Chicken
Honey Mustard Wings
French Onion Soup
Garlic Parm Wings
Reuben Sandwich
Chicken Tenders

“Skoog's Pub & Grill is a Utica, Illinois staple serving good pub food with a decent beer selection. The friendly service and chilled vibes make it a great spot to visit. The menu boasts amazing burgers, tenderloins, and fries, with generous portions at reasonable prices. It's a family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of space inside and out, making it an ideal stop after a day of hiking or a quick bite on the go.“

4.3 Superb109 Reviews
Wahlburgers Hamburger • $
1651 Midtown Rd, Peru - 5.04 miles

Customers` Favorites

Our Burger Bowl with Side of Tots
Crispy Onion Rings
Sweet Potato Tots
Impossible Burger
The Our Burger

“Wahlburgers is a restaurant with a focus on delicious burgers, located in a Hy-Vees store. The burgers are known for their big size and flavorful patties, with options including the "Our Burger" and the "Impossible Burger". The restaurant takes pride in serving fresh meals, as all items are prepared to order. The menu also includes sides such as fries and tots, which are highly praised for their crispy texture and seasoning. The service is known to be friendly and attentive, although there may be a short wait for the food due to the meals being made-to-order. The dining area is described as pleasant and welcoming, featuring several TVs and a bar. Some customers have noted that the tots may have inconsistent flavoring, but overall, Wahlburgers has received positive feedback for its food quality and dining experience. Many customers express their intention to return and recommend the restaurant to others.“

3.7 Good32 Reviews
The Dog House Hot Dogs • $
848 1st St, La Salle - 2.86 miles

Customers` Favorites

Wisconsin Polish D Fries
Chili Cheese Fries
Chicago Dog
Italian Beef

“The Dog House is a small, family-owned restaurant that offers great service and a variety of unique hot dogs. Located on Main Street in LaSalle, IL, it is an ideal spot for a quick, delicious meal. The restaurant stands out with its offer of around 40 different varieties of hot dogs, inspired by cities across the country. The hot dogs are the main attraction, with options including the Las Vegas, San Antonio, Portland, and Chicago Style dogs. The toppings are carefully selected to represent each city's signature hot dog style. The restaurant also offers burgers and cheese fries, all of which received high praise. The service is prompt, friendly, and attentive, enhancing the dining experience. Prices are reasonable, with two hot dogs and drinks costing only $10. The casual setting includes a few benches for on-site dining, making it a perfect spot for a quick, tasty meal while traveling or passing through the area. In summary, The Dog House is a delightful hot dog and burger joint that offers unique, carefully crafted hot dogs, good value, and a friendly atmosphere, making it a recommended destination for anyone in the area.“

4.7 Superb32 Reviews
Igloo Diner Diner • $
2819 4th St, Peru - 4.89 miles

Customers` Favorites

Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Dinner
Double Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Homemade Chili & RAVS-N-Broth
Pork Tenderloin Horseshoe
Beer Battered Cod Dinner
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Sandwich of the Month
Chicken Strip Salad
Philly Cheese Steak
Double Cheeseburger

“The Igloo Diner is a restaurant that offers a delicious cheeseburger with tomato and grilled onions, which has been compared positively to In-N-Out Burger. The hand-cut fries are also a popular choice. The pork tenderloin sandwich is flavorful, although it may not meet all the hype. The diner offers freshly made food with fresh-tasting ingredients, although some customers may find the service to be a bit slow. The atmosphere is unique and cool. For dessert, try the Snickers shake, which contains full Snickers minis. Overall, it is recommended to visit the Igloo Diner instead of a fast-food joint, as the prices are similar and the taste is better.“

4.4 Superb56 Reviews
Culver’s American • $
1600 Midtown Rd, Peru - 4.91 miles

Customers` Favorites

Butter Burger Cheese Curds
Chocolate Frozen Custard
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Cashew Salad
Ice Cream Sundaes
Chicken Fingers
Chocolate Shake

“Culver's offers a mix of opinions from customers. While some find the food delicious and the customer service excellent, others note smaller portions and dryness in certain dishes like the fried chicken sandwich. The spicy chicken sandwich is popular, but considered mostly mild in flavor. The custard is a highlight for some.“

4 Good77 Reviews