Burger Restaurants near Sandwich

Johnny K's Hot Dogs • $
125 Duvick Ave, Sandwich

Customers` Favorites

Readed Chicken Sandwich
Double Cheeseburger
Chili Cheese Fries
Submarine Sandwich
Peanut Butter Cup
Breaded Mushrooms
Soft Waffle Cone
Fresh Cut Fries
Raspberry Shake
Ice Cream Cone

“Johnny K's is a great spot with friendly staff and a family-friendly atmosphere. Known for their perfectly crispy fries and delicious Chicago dogs, this restaurant also serves the best ice cream around. Customers appreciate the kind interactions with the staff, who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant experience. A visit to Johnny K's guarantees tasty food and great service.“

4.1 Good90 Reviews
Olde Tyme Inn Bar & Grill • $
109 S Main St, Sandwich

Customers` Favorites

Smothered Open Face Steak Sandwich
Grilled Buffalo Chicken
Hot Ham & Cheese
OTI Cheeseburger
Chicken Wrap
Olive Burger
Club Salad

“Olde Tyme Inn is a restaurant known for its delicious and flavorful burgers, including the olive burger. The service is excellent, with staff who are attentive and dedicated, ensuring a great dining experience. The owners and their family contribute to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel like they are part of it. The onion rings are a popular side dish. Overall, it's a recommended spot for a satisfying meal.“

4.2 Good39 Reviews
Burger King Burgers • $
1210 E Church St, Sandwich

Customers` Favorites

Whopper Patty
French Fries
Onion Rings
Dr Pepper

“Burger King serves Whoppers and fries, but customers have experienced inconsistent food temperatures and quality. While some appreciate the kid-friendly Happy Meals and wheelchair accessibility, others have been disappointed with their orders, receiving lukewarm food and incorrect preparation.“

2.8 Average34 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
120 Indian Springs Dr, Sandwich

Customers` Favorites

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Mcflurry with M&M's Candies
Sausage Mcmuffin with Egg
World Famous Fries
Chicken Mcnuggets
Egg Mcmuffin
Happy Meal
Big Mac

“McDonald's offers a downsized fish sandwich which was a bit disappointing, with a bun tasting like Wonder Bread and fish filet like rubber. However, the iced tea was good. The 6 PC nugget meal was fresh and delicious, with the best fries ever. The staff was friendly and the service prompt. The renovated restaurant has a gracious atmosphere where customers can enjoy their meals brought to the table.“

3 Average62 Reviews
Chick Fry Fast Food • $
133 E South St, Plano - 4.61 miles

Customers` Favorites

4 Pieces Mix of Broasted Spicy Chicken with Fries
Broasted Green Spicy Breast Wing with Fries
Broasted Green Spicy Leg Thigh with Fries
Brosted Salty Leg Thigh with Fries
Spicy Tikka Leg Thigh with Fries
Broasted Tender Reg 6 Pieces
Pop Corn Chicken with Fries
Honey Hot Tender 6 Pieces
Mighty Zinger with Fries
Fries Chick Fry Seasoned

“Chick Fry is a popular restaurant known for its delicious chicken dishes. The chicken is consistently well-cooked, never dry, and comes in various flavors like honey hot and BBQ. The fries are a crinkle-cut variety served with a homemade sauce. While there is no indoor seating, the restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer service.“

4.9 Superb68 Reviews
Six19 Kitchen + Bar Bar • $
242 Mitchell Dr, Plano - 6.25 miles

Customers` Favorites

Korean Pork Tacos
Seoul Bowl
Ace 2 0

“Six19 Kitchen + Bar is a restaurant that leaves a lasting impression with its delicious food and cozy atmosphere. Although they do not take reservations or have a phone number, the service is commendable, especially for larger groups. The restaurant is compact, but during summer, they add outdoor seating. Their menu offers flavorful dishes with unique twists on classics. Notable mentions include their smash burger, Seoul bowl, adult grilled cheese, tater tots, and crispy fries. The ACE burger has earned recognition, but their classic cheese burger is highly praised for its perfect balance of soft bun, well-seasoned meat, and crispy fries. For seafood lovers, the fish sandwich special comes highly recommended. The steak sandwich and Seoul bowl also receive excellent reviews. Six19 Kitchen + Bar has consistently impressed customers, who keep returning with friends to share the wonderful experience.“

4.8 Superb50 Reviews
The Friendly Tap Bar & Grill • $
14 N Center St, Plano - 4.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

5 Burger and Fries Only on Tuesday
5 Cheeseburger and Fries Tuesdays
5 Cheeseburger &Fries on Tuesday
Cream Cheese Poppers
Miller High Life
Grouper & Fries
Cod Dinner

“The Friendly Tap is a welcoming spot that serves up delicious food and drinks. Their menu features unique items like "SMELT" and incredible burgers made with locally sourced meat. Daily specials and $1.50 beers make it a great value. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed during the day, but can get lively on weekend nights. Despite the crowds, the staff remains friendly and attentive, making it a great spot to grab a bite and catch up with friends.“

4.5 Superb35 Reviews
Culver’s American • $
6400 Lakeside Rd, Plano - 3.21 miles

“Culver's offers delicious burgers, salads, and soups in a kid-friendly environment. The employees provide amazing customer service. Expect quick service at the drive-thru, although food quality can be inconsistent, with some items, like the Walleye sandwich, being soggy at times.“

3.9 Good61 Reviews