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3367 W 10th St, Indianapolis
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Food may be cheap in price , but it's not worth it. They tried charge me something I already paid for. What a rip off. I highly recommend going to the steak and lemonade on kessler st and 30th.

First of all they need to stop frying the chicken in the fish grease (basically if I was allergic to fish; lawsuit!!!!!) Then second of all, why when you order a 30 piece family, you only get enough fries to feed 5 people? Stop being sooo stengy with the more thing, if I call my order in, that means I am on my way and I do not want to have to wait 20 mins., why is my order not ready? Boy, I miss Sharks( Northwest Indiana Chicken and Fish)

Indy Steak & Lemonade was one of the best experiences that I ever had I have ordered a special 25 wings and fries with a drink Magnificent the wings with Crispy fries with hot lemon pepper got a 2 liter drink I mean it was his magnificent was enough food to feed 6 and still have leftovers I would advise anywhere in the neighborhood or in the surrounding area to go and check out in the Steak & Lemonade I kid you not it is one of the best things to do is quite a new full review

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