Waffle House in Indianapolis

Continental Grill Family Restraunt - 3815 W Washington St

Rating: 4.2 - 49 Votes

3815 W Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46241
(317) 241-4867

Great food, great price, staff is usually pretty nice and take great care of customers, sort of an old 60's diner feel to the atmosphere with the wood paneled walls, like an old truck stop

Waffle House - 4141 S Emerson Ave

Rating: 4.1 - 61 Votes

4141 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis IN 46203
(317) 780-1717

I love this Waffle House. The staff is excellent; always accurate, always lively, always sociable, always friendly, always authentic. My dad and I have our father-son time over meals here, and this place is very close to my heart. The prices are absurdly affordable, the food is delicious and accurately prepared to order,...read more

Waffle House - 4937 Knights Way

Rating: 4 - 49 Votes

4937 Knights Way, Indianapolis IN 46217
(317) 788-1523

We stopped foe breakfast before heading out on an 11 hour car ride. Our waitress was awesome and it was her 1st day. She was attentive and very sociable. Bacon was suoer crisp which is how we like it wish we had these near us in Delaware county area hint hint

Waffle House - 2621 S Lynhurst Dr

Rating: 4 - 77 Votes

2621 S Lynhurst Dr, Indianapolis IN 46241
(317) 244-5262

Had a little mishap at the airport so passed the time at 4:AM. Our waitress, Helen, was super friendly as she took our order and delivered the food. Food was cooked as we ordered and delivered pretty darn quick. I'm not a frequent visitor to Waffle Houses but this was a great experience versus their reputation. ...read more

Waffle House - 2107 N Post Rd

Rating: 3.9 - 53 Votes

2107 N Post Rd, Indianapolis IN 46219
(317) 897-0781

Hey let me tell yall something man.oh man. U ai t.going.to believe this. Now for one I'm not a fan of going to eat at the Waffle House, but ok I'm in Indy on business was on my way to jack I N the box over by post plaza. Saw WF and changes my mind. Go inside and I was ridiculously impress with the CS. AND THE FOOD WAS...read more

Waffle House - 4031 E Southport Rd

Rating: 3.8 - 82 Votes

4031 E Southport Rd, Indianapolis IN 46237
(317) 865-1265

Oh my Lawdy! We don?t have Waffle House up north but how I wish we did. The 4.5 years I lived in AL, The Waffle House was one of mine and my daughter?s fav eateries. You can order breakfast all day long. Let?s talk about those line cooks though! They are incredible to watch. They receive the order from the waitress that...read more
Waffle House
Waffle House

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